3 x 3 For More Defined Facial Contours

Three renowned beauty experts explain three ways to optimize facial features. What you can achieve with hyaluronic acid filler, makeup contouring and face yoga… Accentuated cheekbones, a defined chin line and a youthful V-shaped face is the desire of many women. To regain the “top model” look with defined facial features when it has been...

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Filler Injections: Beauty as a Craft

They have long been the gold standard in aesthetic dermatology. Even if the hyaluronic acid fillers that are injected today are adapted in their molecular structure to the various facial areas or tissue structures, an experienced doctor is still needed. He oder she is the best guarantee for the desired result. Real craftsmanship and experience is required,...

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What are the Benefits of a Face Mist?

Now, after the summer, one often has the feeling that the skin is drier than usual. Simply spray moisture on, that sounds very tempting. But can these face mists really do anything? The small spray bottles containing face mist are touted by the beauty industry as the perfect freshness kick and stimulant for every occasion. Regardless of whether you need a...

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Fool-proof: Bronzer for Every Skin Type

It was 1984 when Guerlain launched the first pressed tanning powder. Terracotta (Italian: burnt earth) was its name, and some woman who wore it often looked exactly like it. At that time, the powder was spread generously over the entire face. This often had the effect of tinting your skin faster than you would like, as if you wanted to perform at the...

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