Deauville has Magic in the Air

Carlo Rampazzi Thinks and Feels in Colour

Namibia: 4000 Kilometres in Three Weeks

New York Insiders Reveal their Favorite Places. Part 1 – Robert Gerstner

Robert Gerstner, Entrepreneur in the West Village At age 25, Robert Gerstner moved with his partner Karl Bradl from Munich, Germany to New York City. For over  20 years now, they run in the heart of Greenwich Village a destination store for fine fragrances and candles. „Aedes de Venustas“ is known as the mekka for perfume lovers, celebrities,...

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New York Insiders Reveal their Favorite Places – Part 3: Megan Marsanico-Byrne

Megan Marsanico-Byrne, Director Global PR von Nars Cosmetics Her temperament owes she her Italian, Irish and German roots. Megan was born in Denver, Colorado and lived in Toronto, Canada briefly before the family moved to Brooklyn, New York when she was three. She has been with cosmetics brand Nars for 2.5 years and in her current role as Director, Global...

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