A Pilgrim’s Joy and Suffering in Portugal

I, too, wanted to be off then!

Threads plus Ultrasound = Tighter Skin

Ayurveda Cure in Sri Lanka

Diary of a Conversion Ayurveda – a word that I, as avowedly non-esoteric, had initially filed away in that drawer. I listened benevolently to reports of the many wonderful experiences, but it never occurred to me to try it myself. Until one day the perfect moment came: I was stressed, my boyfriend was gone and my old job had come to an end. I started...

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Dubai attracts Tourists with its many Superlatives

The desert state where nothing seems to be normal A city is a city. That does not apply to Dubai. It's a place of superlatives. Higher, bigger, more eccentric when it comes to constructing new buildings—which is constantly. An ocean of spectacular skyscrapers. In this ocean you will always find one that is still under construction. They are pointy,...

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South Tyrol Teaches You the Art of Slowness

How a new nature retreat celebrates „Moments of Calm“ South Tyrol (in Italian: Alto Adige) stands for Mediterranean joie de vivre, good wine, fantastic landscapes and an idyllic mountain atmosphere. We won‘t mention here that the northern and southern parts of Italy are not always in full agreement . Fact is that the South Tyroleans speak a charming...

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Professor Bader mobilizes Stem Cells

How a scientist intends to rejuvenate our skin Through and trough a scientist and a physician, that’s him. Beauty was not something that Professor Augustinus Bader used to be concerned with much – so far, that is. Being one of the leading scientists in stem-cell research, he has succeeded in finding a break-through development in the area of...

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