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Full of charm: Magdalener Hof in South Tyrol

The Magdalener Hof above Bolzano is a recommendation from the heart. Because with really good hotels it’s like with a new love: You can’t get enough of them, want to tell the whole world about them and would prefer never to say goodbye. The four-star hotel in the midst of the Dolomites is just a ten-minute drive from Bolzano, the center of South Tyrol’s capital. Close enough, then, for extended shopping and sightseeing tours. And yet the Magdalener Hof is far enough out to be able to really switch off from daily routine. View of the mountains, jump into the pool And there are plenty of opportunities and locations to do so: for example, at the freshwater pool, which at 4×12 meters is large enough for you to swim your laps in peace or doze on an air mattress. For additional refreshment, the pool service provides delicious drinks from the hotel bar. Enjoy the view of the vine-covered mountains. You can also relax in the stylish lounge corner with jungle wallpaper in a wonderfully manicured garden. It is especially romantic in the evening with a sundowner in hand. Those who like to relax indoors retreat to one of the new exclusive deluxe rooms and suites in the adjacent annexe with the significant name “More Magdalener”. Its construction marked the beginning of the constant rejuvenation that the Magdalener Hof has undergone in recent years. It all started with the new annex. After its opening, the double rooms in the main house were completely renovated. The former conference room became a cool and modern gym in 2018. Food and beverage at Magdalener Hof The leafy panorama terrace is also a dream for relaxing – and for getting your fill with pleasure. Mediterranean dishes such as homemade pasta and pizza, seafood salad, tartar from South Tyrolean beef and a paella, which also has its fans outside Bolzano, ensure this. The cuisine of Magda, as friends affectionately call the Magdalener Hof, is market fresh, seasonal, mostly regional, very refined. In short: it tastes excellent! The perfect complement to the culinary fireworks comes from the hotel’s own wine cellar, which dates back to the 14th century. Italian and French classics are stored there, along with top wines typical of the country. Tip: For a nightcap, the lounge & bar in the adjacent building, which is designed in the style of the twenties, is a wonderful place!… weiterlesen

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