Tested for you: „The Better Body Serum“ from LAB to BEAUTY

In summer I find a light body serum much more pleasant than a body cream, which is always a bit richer. The American prestige skincare brand from the Clean Beauty category is based on the active ingredient that is currently on everyone’s lips: CBD (cannabidiol) from the hemp plant is considered to be anti-inflammatory and calming. The body serum...

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Tested for you: Pillow „My Neck“ from Hefel

Because I sit at my desk a lot – as I do now – I often struggle with tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. Sleep also suffers. A problem that is due to our modern everyday life and affects many of us. Some time ago, my physiotherapist recommended a special ergonomic pillow to relieve and support my cervical spine while sleeping. It is...

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Tested for you: Shimmer Oil „Natural Glow“ from Björk & Berries

I’m always very careful with shimmer oils. I don’t like to shine like a Saturday Night Fever disco ball from the 70s and I also find glitter particles all over my clothes rather annoying. However, I am positively surprised by the shimmer oil from the Swedish Eco Luxury brand. First shake well so that the shimmer particles are well distributed in...

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Tested for you: The genius concealer „Nudefix“ from Nudestix

I’m always looking for the perfect concealer for my naturally dark skin. Several have worked to cover small bumps on the face, but not under the eyes. The color was either too light or too dark. I’m tired of mixing different shades – too impatient. Sometimes I would like to pull a bag over my head, as in the photo. Now, I’ve finally...

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