Tested for you: „Zero Waste Cubes“ von Team Dr Joseph

Hand-made cubes for body, hands and hair in South Tyrol. Soap free. Plastic free. That sounded promising and was worth a test for me. Because 100% soap-free means that the products have all the ingredients of a liquid counterpart, but are not made with a lye, they have simply been brought into a solid form. 100% plastic-free protects our seas and is...

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Tested for you: Dry Shampoo Mist” from Bumble and bumble

II love cozy beanies. But they have the same problem as their bourgeois relatives, the hats. Put it over your head once and quickly walk around the block during your lunch break, and then you look like you’ve had an hour of Vinyasa Flow behind you. The face is rosy, slightly sweaty, and the hair flat. It goes without saying that you can’t wash...

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Tested for you: Gehwol „Soft Feet Butter“

My pedicurist lady gave it to me for Christmas. Since then I’ve been addicted to the “Soft Feet Butter Cocoa & Mandarine”. Better still said after the scent. On the cream jar it is described as “wintery”. For me, the enthusiasm is certainly not over with winter. Because the texture is also a real treat. Creamy and soothing...

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Tested for you: Eucerin „Vitamin C Booster“

A few fine lines, especially those above the upper lip, have bothered me for a long time. And vitamin C is known not only to be a powerful antioxidant, but also the key to the synthesis of collagen in skin cells. That’s why I came across the “Vitamin C Booster” from Eucerin. It contains 10% pure vitamin C, ten times as much as an orange,...

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