Tested for you: Eyeliner „Tattoo Pencil Liner“ from KVD Beauty

KVD sounds so official, so I wanted to know what was behind the three letters. KVD stands for Kara, Veritas, Decora. These are the Latin expressions for value, truth, beauty. Fits well to the brand. Because all products of the innovative make-up range are not incredibly powerful and ingenious in colors and pigmentation. They are 100 percent vegan, free of...

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Tested for you: Make-up capsules „Milky Boost Capsules“ from Clarins

Little make-up capsules. What a great idea, I thought to myself when I received the transparent jar with 30 small, skin-colored capsules for testing. I liked it right away because such small doses are ideal, especially when traveling. You can put the capsules loosely in the cosmetic bag without any mishap. I also tried this out immediately. It worked! One...

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Tested for you: Lanserhof Medical Experts’ cookbook „Die heilende Kraft der Ernährung“ (The Healing Power of Nutrition)

I like to eat, but I don’t like to cook. But I enjoy being cooked all the more. Fortunately, I have two sisters and friends around me who not only cook excellently, but also love to cook. Despite my lack of love of cooking, I make it a point to eat healthy and as plant-based as possible during the time when no one is cooking for me. For this reason...

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Testet for you: Fine Fragrance „27 in Macao“ from Len Histoire Privée

Normally, I don’t like to test fragrances because the sensations and associations that a perfume evokes are something very individual. That’s why it’s difficult to recommend a fragrance to someone. You have to experience fragrances, sniff them out. The fact that I make an exception in my product tests today is not only due to the fact that...

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