Tested for you: „Lavender Hand Wash“ from March

I love lavender. Its scent has something so calming and comforting. It brings back memories of childhood. Grandma’s homemade lavender sachets, the purple bar of soap in my parents’ house. When my dog is restless, I spray some lavender on his pillow. I treat sleep problems with lavender in capsule form. And of course I have planted lots of...

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Tested for you: „Detoxing Body Oil“ from Pharmos Natur

Today a body oil: With recommendations it is always such a thing. Especially when they go into the health area. So-called health claims may not be made by the companies, so many good “side effects” of products often remain hidden. One such case is the product we’re talking about here today. An exception at #me, because it is not entirely...

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Tested for you: „Vegan Vitamin D3“ from Foondiert

Dietary supplements like Vitamin D3 are currently flooding the market. But which ones do you need, and which ones don’t you need? And what is the bioavailability of the individual products, can the body utilize them at all? These are questions that no one can answer conclusively for most dietary supplements. That always leaves me a bit frustrated....

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Tested for you: New trend – lip oil „Huile à lèvres“ from Typlogy

I want to be honest: colored lip oils have never been my thing. Either I use lipstick or I use lip care. And when I wear lipstick, I want to have color on my lips that lasts longer than half an hour, if possible. That’s why I don’t wear lip gloss. When I do use lip care, it’s usually in the evening when I go to bed, and I don’t need...

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