Tested for you: Eyebrow Serum „ukbrow“ from UK Skinlabs

Thin and plucked up, that was once the fashion for the eyebrows. I still suffer from this sin of youth today. The trend then eventually went to a more natural look with thicker brow arches. But the “holes” in mine simply could no longer be closed. I then got my brows tattooed, which didn’t really hide the bald spots. When the eyelash and...

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Tested for you: “Lifting Gua Sha” from Rose Quartz by Payot

I’ve always been skeptical about massage tools like the Gua Sha and others. And I also have to admit, being too impatient. I tried most of them a few times and then put them down again and left their fate to be forgotten in some drawer. But recently I experienced a facial in Dr. Miriam Rehbein’s office in Munich, as you may have read on my blog,...

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Tested for you: Hair Care Set „Nourishing Shampoo and Serum“ from Hair Cure

This hair care makes me curious. It already passes the haptic test: the elongated, rounded shampoo bottle lies comfortably in the hand. It’s neither too soft nor too hard, so it conveniently delivers the right amount of liquid. The flip lock lid is easy to open and still closes tightly. The slightly brownish-transparent “Ultimate Nourishing...

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Tested for you: Teeth „Whitening Collection“ from vVardis

Two sisters, one vision. The two dentists Haleh and Golnar Abivardi want to successfully combat tooth decay, the most widespread disease worldwide, and improve oral health for everyone. To do this, they offer a strong alliance of Swiss purity and precision with state-of-the-art science. The founders of the innovative line are convinced that the right oral...

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