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Tested for you: Eye Care “Nutrient C” plus Tool “Micro-Firming Wand” by Kat Burki

Eye care with vitamin C has a brightening and decongestant effect. Vitamin C is primarily responsible for lightening dark circles and pigmentation under the eyes. “Nutrient C” contains eight percent of the encapsulated vitamin, which is also known as a potent antioxidant. Vitamin E, caffeine extracted from green tea, and minerals from the sea have a visible decongestant effect and also possess antioxidant power. Extracts from the reishi mushroom, an Asian medicinal plant also known as the “divine mushroom” in Japan, and neem oil fight inflammation and swelling. Neem oil, also known as Nie oil, a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the stone fruit of the Indian Nie tree, is an important fatty acid for the skin that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and aid in collagen formation. Eye Care „Nutrient C“ The delicate fluid comes out of the dispenser lightly barked (vitamin C!). One drop for each side is enough. I apply it after cleansing in the morning and evening around the eyes, including the upper lids, and gently pat it in with my finger. It melts into the skin immediately. Nothing creeps into the eye, because the texture of the clean beauty product is free of petroleum jelly and mineral oil. Of course, there are also no parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances or gluten sulfate. The eye care of the American brand Kat Burki is a true multitasker: It refreshes and makes the eye area awake, especially in the morning. After four weeks of use, I notice in the mirror that the skin under the eyes has also become brighter and firmer. “Nutrient C Eye Cream” by Kat Burki, 15 ml, US$ 90 Micro-Firming Wand The latter success in my test, i.e. the firming of the thin skin under the eyes, can certainly also be partly attributed to Kat Burki’s handy micro-tightening device. „Wand” is the English word for “magic wand”. Indeed, there is something magical about the lightweight and travel-friendly tool. It is a transdermal system of iontophoresis and micro-vibrations. They increase the absorption of the applied care product and allow anti-aging active ingredients to penetrate 30 percent deeper into the skin. Application: I apply a drop of the eye care product to the applicator tip of the micro-tightening device. The device starts automatically when the massage head comes into contact with the care product and the skin. With circular movements I go around the eyes until the product is completely absorbed.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Vitamin C Booster“ from Noble Panacea

Vitamin C plays a major role not only in nutrition. It has also become indispensable in skin care. Of course, because it is the top active ingredient when it comes to the coveted glow. But not only that -the water-soluble vitamin is one of the most important cell protectors. “Vitamin C as a serum can support sun protection and prevent pigmentation disorders,” confirms Munich dermatologist Dr. Christian Merkel to me. He therefore recommends that I also apply a vitamin C serum in the morning before sun protection, for example. I’m looking forward to my test product, the “Vitamin C Booster” from Noble Panacea. The Test The product I’m testing contains more than 20 percent stabilized pure ascorbic acid, as well as other natural sources of vitamin C such as acerola, camu camu and cockatoo plum. Unfortunately, this is not fully developed in many products, because the vitamin C is sensitive to light and air and thus loses much of its potential. In Noble Panacea, however, a special technology (OSMV) is said to take effect, encapsulating the active ingredient and thus protecting it. It also allows the the water-soluble vitamin to be delivered to the skin not all at once, but continuously throughout the day. This also multiplies the effect. 20 percent sounds quite a lot, and I know that vitamin C can also irritate the skin. Since my skin is very sensitive, I am therefore cautious. I first test in the crook of my arm. As there is no redness in the evening, I start my 30-day cure the next morning. And indeed: no redness, no tension, actually my skin feels quite good. Afterwards, I apply my usual care with SPF 50, as I do every day. I don’t quite trust the peace yet, so I slowly increase the dose. First I use the vitamin C product only every other day, but after a week I use it every day. Conclusion: My sensitive skin tolerated the vitamin C serum perfectly. And already looks really fresher after a few days. And the glow? Yes, that also appears gradually. Does it also reduce pigmentation spots? I can’t say, because I don’t have any on my face. But an extract of white pine bark promises to support the vitamin in this job as well. But I found other plus points: The product is a perfect travel companion because it’s packaged in small sachets that contain a generous single serving.… weiterlesen

Vitamin C, the immune booster

Especially now in autumn, the water-soluble vitamin is back in fashion because it strengthens the immune system. And in the current Corona times, it is even more in demand. Vitamin C also protects and supports the skin. But not everyone can take it. Have you ever heard of a vitamin C allergy or intolerance? Neither do I until I got it. To be more precise, I reacted extremely badly to ascorbic acid, as vitamin C is also called. It started with the fact that every time I took pain pills that combined acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) with ascorbic acid, I got thick puffiness under my eyes. If I ate too many foods containing vitamin C, I felt sick and the toilet became my best friend. Often times I wasn’t even aware of an overdose. Because vitamin C is not only found in fruits and fresh vegetables, where one suspects it. It is also used as an additive in many products, such as sausages and meat products, to make them more durable and prevent discoloration. Because ascorbic acid reduces the formation of free radicals, which can arise from the oxygen in the air. So it’s a natural antioxidant. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed much better with vitamin C in cosmetics either. Instead of glow and long-lasting moisture, redness and pustular appearances adorned my face. And what does the dermatologist say? Dr. Hans Peter Schoppelrey, dermatologist and allergist at the „Haut- und Laser Zentrum“ in Munich, promptly provided me with confirmation that one can actually be allergic to vitamin C. “It’s true,” he says. “But for the medical professionals it was rather a surprising finding that some people develop intolerance and even allergies to vitamin C taken orally. However, many products today contain industrially produced, high-dose vitamin C. In the event of an overdose, the vitamin is excreted in the urine because it is water-soluble, but some of it can be stored on the passage through the intestine.“ And because vitamin C also travels through the kidneys, problems with an overdose can occur, especially in people with underactive kidneys. Oxalic acid is then increasingly formed in the kidneys, which promotes the formation of kidney stones. And how does an allergic reaction manifest itself? “With bitches on the tongue, gas and diarrhea,” explains Schoppelrey. “Perioral dermatitis can occur around the mouth.“ How can you tell when it is better to avoid cosmetics containing vitamin C? Schoppelrey: “Vitamin C on the skin can cause two reactions.… weiterlesen

Micro-Punctures Bring Great Results

With Microneedling you simply roll away the signs of age Although our skin is capable of self-renewal well into old age, the cells become somewhat sluggish over time and require some stimulus to boost their natural potential for regeneration. Microneedling helps the tissues to renew themselves from the inside. Ultra-fine needles attached to a roller or a treatment head are used to treat the skin surface precisely and gently and without causing stress. The resulting micro-injuries stimulate cell growth and strengthen resilience. In this way, acne scars and small wrinkles can be alleviated, pores reduced and the first signs of skin aging gently smoothed away. The result is a rosy, fine-pored and softer complexion. “Although there are different forms of microneedling, they all pursue the same goal: regeneration and refinement of the skin,” says Winona Kallenbach, beautician and store manager at the Bellari Institute in Hamburg. With or without anesthesia? After thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin, an anaesthetic cream can be applied locally for more sensitive customers. As a rule, however, the treatment can be carried out without anaesthesia. Following application of the cream, the skin must be disinfected again after which the selected areas are treated with either a Dermaroller or the Skin-Needler. There is no bleeding when the needling is carried out by a beautician, since the needles do not penetrate as deeply as they would when the treatment is performed by a doctor. Vitamin C increases the effect Kallenbach: “In order to take full advantage of the needling effect, a pre-treatment with care products containing Vitamin A and C is recommended”. These support the regeneration mechanisms of the skin in the formation of new collagen. If a vitamin C serum is applied directly after needling, it can penetrate the skin surface to a deeper level and develop its effect more efficiently. Depending on skin type, skin condition and requirement, a cooling mask, e.g. with hyaluronic acid, is then applied. If the irritation is more severe, a skin-soothing mask is used. The Importance of After Care For an optimal result, six sessions at intervals of one week are recommended. Normally no downtime is necessary following needling therapy by a beautician. There is only a temporary redness and a perceptible, if not visible skin exfoliation during the first few days. Sensitive patients in particular may possibly also develop small but harmless pustules. Increased protection of the skin against light should be observed for four weeks prior to and after micro-needling.… weiterlesen

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