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My Shades of Gray

Color fatigue or trend? No idea. Even women who are subject to strict protocols like Queen Letizia of Spain suddenly show gray hair. Gray is no longer nothing, but a color. Switching from full color to beautiful silver streaks is not quite as easy as many women imagine. I did it and I admit in times of Corona and the closed hairdressing salons, I have a clear advantage. “I envy you. You no longer have this constant fuss about the tiresome re-dyeing.” I hear this sentence more and more from women since I switched my hair from allover black to gray. Salt and pepper are called the mixture of light and dark. That’s right, I don’t have to colorize my my regrowth anymore. But the rest of the effort that I have now to do with my hair is in no way less time consuming to what I used to do before. Going grey Just let the gray hair grow how they like it and the new style is ready. It would be nice. But unfortunately that doesn’t work in most cases. Only women are lucky who have never treated their hair with color before. And if they are even more lucky, they really get a nice gray, a gift from nature. But unfortunately this is extremely rare. The rest of us need a good hairdresser who is at your side and also a lot of personal effort so that the gray looks really good and is not just gray. Unless you cultivate a shaggy look, which is somewhere between the shepherd dog and the storybook witch. Whether it looks cool or old also always depends on the gray. There is a friendly ash-barrel gray and also a noble gray, as you often see it on Italian women. It is said that the former black-haired get the most beautiful gray. Such a cool shade of gray that gives it that salt and pepper look. In some cases, it looks like it has been treated with silver. But it is naturally so with the southerners. Not at my place. A very long year It took a good year. The Chinese philosopher Confucius claims “the way is the goal”. But to be honest, I would have preferred a shorter route and a faster destination. But the way to my dream hairstyle was actually long and arduous, which of course was also due to the extremely dark starting point of my hair.… weiterlesen

New Year – New Hair

From black to gray. I started my exciting hair experiment already last year. It is a long way, but now step by step each appointment at my Milan hairstylist brings me closer to the desired result. My friend Barbara calls it „salt and pepper“. How everything startet? I’ve been tired of coloring the roots of my naturally black hair for a while. Also I hated to mess with the black paint in the bathroom now and then, when there was no time left to make an appointment at the salon. But I only came to this decision to let the gray strands grow out after a long struggle with myself. I always thought by myself, that gray hair makes everyone looking old. Some years ago when „granny hair“ became trend, I couldn’t get excited about it. Well, a young face without lines and blemishes cannot look old per se. But so far, I’ve only found gray to be good for my grandmother Elsa, and she always wore a shade of blue because of her Spanish ancestry. I myself immediately tore out the first, still isolated, gray hairs in front of the bathroom mirror. No solution, as I soon found out. New ones were added. Even worse, the temple contours became light and lighter. As soon as the hairdresser had recolored it, new grays appeared, nearly happening on the way home. In order to always have a perfect contour, dyeing would soon have been necessary every 14 days. My hairdresser said no At some point I got tired and asked my hairdresser, a good pal for many years, if I shouldn’t let the gray strands grow out. He waved it off and said: „No, that doesn’t suit you!“ We experimented briefly with brown strands, which barely stood out in my dark hair. Uncertainty and dissatisfaction continued on my side to be colored black on a regular basis. Then something decisive happened last summer. Through a friend I met in Munich a hairdresser from Milan. His name is Armano. He cut my hair and asked rather casually, if I had thought about to let the gray strands grow out. It was as if he had read my mind. He said the solid black hair would look very hard, like a dark helmet. We arranged an appointment in his salon in Milan for my next trip to Italy. I was a little queasy. In order not to confuse myself even more, I did not discuss the hair topic with friends and family.… weiterlesen