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Tested for you: Facial treatment at the Anassa Thalasso Spa in Cyprus

In the northwestern part of the island of Cyprus on Chrysochou Bay, there is a fantastic 5-star hotel: Anassa, which belongs to the exclusive Thanos Group. It’s appearance lies somewhere between a grand palace and a relaxed beach resort, perched high above the Mediterranean. And it is home to the award-winning Thalasso Spa. A short walk from Pelagos restaurant, one of the hotel’s four dining venues, where I was served an exuberant variety of mezes at lunch, leads me to the hotel’s beauty temple. Fuchsia-colored bougainvillea cascades over whitewashed walls. The paved path to the spa meanders past the small Byzantine chapel along snow-white single-storey villas with gardens, it’s 30 degrees Celsius and most of the turquoise shutters are closed. Once and again, I catch a glimpse of the azure Mediterranean between the high pines and olive trees. Facial: Augustinus Bader’s anti-aging treatment Normally I avoid treatments in hotel spas, I can book facials in my hometown, where I know the beautician and she is familiar with my skin needs. For the the Anassa Thalasso Spa I make an exception: since June of this year, the hotel has been the first in the world to offer treatments with products from Augustinus Bader. The German stem cell expert’s power skincare range was launched in 2018 and has since been showered with prestigious beauty awards from VOGUE to Glamour to Tatler. I am convinced. I signed up for the VIP treatment, 90 minutes of regenerative facial, foot and hand massage included. My way to the cabin leads past the indoor pool, which looks like a Roman temple with its tall columns and ornamental tiles. A delicate scent of lavender accompanies me. How do Augustinus Bader’s products benefit the skin? Augustinus Bader is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of stem cell and biomedicine. As head of stem cell research at the University of Leipzig, Augustinus Bader developed a wound gel in 2008 that heals third-degree burns without surgery or skin transplant. The gel works because it sends a series of healing signals to the wound or burned site. This activates the skin cells and enables the healing process. Based on this insight, the stem cell specialist initially developed two facial care products, “The Cream” and “The Rich Cream”, which he launched in 2018. The aim of the duo: vitamins, nutrients and minerals that bring the healing information to the skin’s own stem cells with the help of transport molecules.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Augustinus Bader „The Cream Cleansing Gel“

I have to admit that I am very benevolent to Professor Augustinus Bader. Not only he is one of the globally recognized leaders in stem cell biology. He is just an outstanding personality, a very humane, responsible person as I found out in an interview with him. As head of stem cell research at the University of Leipzig, he spent 30 years focused on perfecting the healing process and uncovered how to reawaken these cells, which go dormant over time due to aging or trauma. He clearly explains to me what makes many skin care products lie, “that you can’t add stem cells to your skin, you can only wake up the inactive cells in your body.” Professor Bader’s mission started with the intention to help burn victims, particularly children with traumatic injuries. In 2008, he formulated a groundbreaking wound gel that heals even third-degree burns without surgery or skin grafts. It works by carrying a set of healing signals to the site of the wound or burn, triggering the damaged skin cells and facilitating perfect healing. This gave him his idea for skin care with the patented TFC8® (Trigger Factor Complex) technology. His approach: what helps damaged skin can only do good skin good.In 2018, he launched a single product – „The Cream“ – with the goal to leave the skin smoother and regenerated. It was followed by “The Rich Cream” and a body cream. A complete care line should be out by the end of this year. Cleansing without feeling tense All Bader products are based on the Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®). It consists of natural amino acids, high-quality vitamins and synthesized molecules that also occur in the skin. This guides important nutrients and powerful natural ingredients into the skin cells, creating an optimal environment for the body’s natural repair and regeneration processes. And because beautiful skin starts with a thorough cleansing, the first thing I decided to do was “The Cream Cleasing Gel”. What comes out of the dispenser in a good dose is a white cream-gel texture. It feels light and fresh on the skin. No fragrances are included. The smell is pleasantly natural, maybe a little „medicinal“. Emulsified with water, it does not develop foam, which I like. The eye and waterproof brow make-up can also be easily removed without burning your eyes. And most importantly, normally my skin tends to feel uncomfortable after cleaning, so I can’t apply a serum or cream quickly enough.… weiterlesen

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