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CultureAndCream Author from Munich To travel during my profession as a beauty journalist was never enough for my. Also my six month on a world trip didn't do it. It always attracts me to other cities, foreign countries, on roadtrips and places I don't know yet. But I am not only interested in "culture" and "cream", I am also fascinated by people who have stories to tell .  Such unique experiences I want to share with you.

Craftsmen urgently wanted

In the winter cold, a window pane cracked in our apartment directly above the patio door. It needs to be replaced. The renovation of the bathroom, more precisely the shower, is also a long and urgent task. But thanks to Covid, craftsmenship is obviously booming now. In my next life I’ll be one too, I already know that. I understand that the craftsmen have a lot to do at the moment, and I’m happy for them too. What I don’t understand is the arrogance with which they get rid of you. Because of a single pane of glass – ten would have to be replaced in the entire property by now – no, it’s not worth it, you hear there. Sure, major construction sites bring in more money. But it’ll be finished at some point. And then you need us little ones again, dear craftsmen. Promises and then? Hurray. Finally found a tiler through relationships who signals the time and obviously also the desire for the job. He says he can come next week. Two or three days – the work couldn’t take longer. He seems competent and also well versed in matters of installation. A glimmer of hope for our bathroom. We selected the tiles, the sanitary requirements in the village are also willing to deliver. They even replaced the two toilets in the apartment a few months ago. Our tiler wants to be contacted via WhatsApp. Allright! So I send him the photo of the tiles and the address of the dealer. Locally resident, so no long journey for him. Still – no reaction. I wait a few days, you don’t want to be a nuisance, and ask – again via WhatsApp – whether he had ordered the tiles and when he would start with us in the bathroom. No answer this time either. A craftsmen saves the honour of the guild So much ignorance, not to say arrogance, makes me angry. I also give feedback when a customer asks me, or I cancel an appointment if something doesn’t work. For me it is an act of courtesy and respect for the other person. But that seems to have gone out of fashion today. In any case, four weeks have already passed since the declaration of will to be able to start right away next week. A major order probably got in the way here too… But I would also like to break a lance for the craftsmen’s guild.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Pillow „My Neck“ from Hefel

Because I sit at my desk a lot – as I do now – I often struggle with tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. Sleep also suffers. A problem that is due to our modern everyday life and affects many of us. Some time ago, my physiotherapist recommended a special ergonomic pillow to relieve and support my cervical spine while sleeping. It is based on the ergonomic design developed over the years by the South Tyrolean physiotherapist Günther Forer and it was produced by the Austrian bedding expert Hefel. The special pillow has already been awarded by the AGR Campaign for Healthier Backs. Pillow with wings Since I’ve been using the pillow, I’ve been sleeping better and healthier. It supports and relieves the cervical spine in back sleepers and side sleepers. “My Neck” looks like it has three fingers or wings. And that’s exactly the secret. The extended middle section supports the thoracic spine and thereby „opens up“ the rib cage. This primarily helps to make breathing easier and more effective, at the same time it stretches the chest muscles, mobilizes the thoracic spine and gently elongates the cervical spine. Actually exactly what my physiotherapist does to me. And then there are the side wings of the pillow, which promote the stability of the head and neck when lying on your back. In the side sleeping position, the two pillow wings correctly position the head and the cervical spine, and the shoulder can sink down ergonomically between a wing and the middle part. Dream in color The pillow is of course machine washable at 60 degrees and suitable for the dryer. It consists of 100% cotton and is filled with special fiber balls. For those who like it more colorful while sleeping: there are jersey covers in white, taupe, navy and orange. „My Neck Kissen“ from Hefel, 70x50x12 cm, 129 Euro, Cover each 24,90 Euro… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Shimmer Oil „Natural Glow“ from Björk & Berries

I’m always very careful with shimmer oils. I don’t like to shine like a Saturday Night Fever disco ball from the 70s and I also find glitter particles all over my clothes rather annoying. However, I am positively surprised by the shimmer oil from the Swedish Eco Luxury brand. First shake well so that the shimmer particles are well distributed in the bronze-colored oil.I first put a few drops on one shin with the pipette to make the side-to-side comparison and then distribute the oil evenly with my fingers. It is dry, quickly absorbed and gives the skin a beautiful glow without it glistening. I want that on the second leg too. Then I venture on my forearms. The same pleasant result. If you want, you can also use the shimmer oil on your face. Not quite my cup of tea, but I can easily imagine a little glow on the cleavage. Shimmer oil with a scent The oil is enriched with birch extract and naturally shimmering minerals for a radiant look. Moisturizing organic oils with vitamin E ensure intensive care and protection against free radicals. What I also particularly like is the fruity-fresh scent that reaches my nose. Subtle and not intrusive. I look at my palms. Where other shimmer oils leave a glittering film, I only see a few scattered particles shimmering shyly. So small that they won’t even get stuck on your clothes. Birch super tree Björk & Berries is an ideal example of clean beauty. The concept is primarily defined by the ingredients. 99.8% natural, vegan, cruelty-free. The products contain organic and hand-picked ingredients. Birch plays an important role in Northern Beauty. It is not called “the life-giving tree” for nothing. Not only is it packed full of potent nutrients, but it also has the ability to make the soil it grows fertile for other plants and trees.In traditional northern herbal medicine, all parts of the tree were used to treat various skin diseases – from drinkable detox juice to antibacterial wound healing plasters made from the bark and leaves. In Björk & Berries’ formulations, birch leaf water and extract are used for its cleansing, detoxifying, toning, balancing, calming and hydrating effect on the skin. Maybe that’s what makes the shimmer oil so special! Björk & Berries “Natural Glow Oil Shimmering“, 100 ml, 45 €… weiterlesen

New Science: Why Brown Fat is Good and White Fat is Bad

I recently got a strange PR text about a body cream in my mailbox. It was claimed that the new product for belly and hips can turn white fat cells into brown ones. How is this metabolic remodeling supposed to be accomplished with creams alone, I ask myself, when even serious scientists in this field are still largely fishing in the dark. The human body is naturally endowed with two different types of adipose tissue. Brown and white. In this way it is possible for him to react to a lack of food as well as to cold. The white fatty tissue is mainly located under the skin, on the abdomen and buttocks, which is why it is also referred to as subcutaneous because of its location directly under the skin of the abdomen. It’s the fat we feel when we pinch or do sit-ups. Its task is to isolate the body from the cold and to provide the organism with energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate. When there is a high energy requirement, this ATP is obtained from lipids that we ingest with food. If we eat too much fat, it will be stored. In addition, white fat acts as a separating tissue between the organs in the abdominal cavity. Medical professionals then refer to it as visceral fat. Even liposuction cannot help against this fat. Brown fat creates warmth For a long time it was assumed that the body only has brown fat in infancy, which is extremely well supplied with blood and therefore also has the darker color. Adults shiver to keep warm. Babies still have too little muscle mass for this. They get warmth from the brown fat cells on the torso. In contrast to the white fat cells, these do not work as energy stores, but rather burn them in the cell’s own “power stations” (mitochondria) in order to then give them off directly as heat. This unique feature maintains body temperature in newborns. One also speaks of tremor-free heat generation or adaptive thermogenesis. Very little of this plurivascuolar fat tissue can be found in the adult body – under the collarbone, on the neck, in the neck and along the spine. We have only known that for a few years. In 2009, US researchers discovered it when they were looking for cancer cells using computed tomography. White turns to brown If brown fat can increase the body’s energy consumption without muscle activity, wouldn’t it also offer a new starting point for the treatment of obesity and its secondary diseases such as type 2 diabetes?… weiterlesen

Tested for you: The genius concealer „Nudefix“ from Nudestix

I’m always looking for the perfect concealer for my naturally dark skin. Several have worked to cover small bumps on the face, but not under the eyes. The color was either too light or too dark. I’m tired of mixing different shades – too impatient. Sometimes I would like to pull a bag over my head, as in the photo. Now, I’ve finally hit the right note.“Nudefix” by Nudestix sounds funny – kind of like Idefix, Asterix’s watchdog. But the Canadian company is a really serious, responsible one. All their make-up products are parabens-free, clean, cruelty free, and eco-friendly. Founder Jenny Frankel gained over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry in product development and process engineering until she launched her own brand. She brought her two daughters Ally and Taylor also on the beauty boat. So much for the background. Concealer in the black box I already find the packaging of the concealer very appealing. It is delivered in a simple, black metal box. The texture that I carefully squeeze out of the tube is a flexible powder gel. This means that it remains flexible on the skin, does not dry out and makes the complexion look as if it was not made up. The concealer glides directly onto the skin, its texture is so light. In doing so, it visually smoothes small wrinkles, reduces dark circles and creates a long-lasting polymer-free film.Natural ingredients like sweet berry reduce redness, irritation and inflammation. Natural gentle AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) evens out skin tone. Burdock root extract balances the skin microbiome that keeps the skin healthy by protecting it from harmful bacteria. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, plumps it up and acts as an antioxidant. Apply concealer correctly The manufacturer recommends applying “Nudefix” with the accompanying applicator, fingers or a brush. I do it like this: With the applicator I dab three to four points from the inner corner of the eye along the teardrop line. Then I blend the cover cream outwards with a special concealer brush. It is compact and rounded at the front. If necessary, I can intensify the opacity with another layer. Sometimes – especially during pollen season – I have a small, reddened, dark spot on the outer corner of my eyes. Then I also apply some concealer there with the brush and blend the color upwards towards the eyebrow. This not only conceals, but looks like a little lifting, and you immediately look younger and more alert.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Serum „Lifting Skin Booster“ from Schaebens

When it comes to products, I not only value the content, but also the look. And that struck me straight away with the “Skin Booster” serum. Looks like an XL medication capsule in bright pink with a matt, velvety touch. If you open it, a transparent liquid comes out of the dispenser. It is a bit too thin for my taste, which makes it difficult to apply. Some texture always runs through my fingers. 47% more skin elasticity? The texture then feels light on the skin and is quickly absorbed. The complexion appears vitalized. No oily film interferes with the application of the subsequent day or night care. The firming and smoothing effects are attributed to an active complex made from the flowers of the Japanese Tsubaki and natural tetrapeptide. I cannot confirm that the “Lifting Skin Booster” achieves a 47 percent plus in skin elasticity, as it says on the packaging. But how do you want to measure that against yourself? I’m always rather skeptical about such promises. In any case, the serum is well tolerated and pleasant on the skin. It should be used two to three times a week. Always applied to cleansed skin, of course. Then let it work in briefly before continuing with the day cream in your care routine. Three plus points I definitely like the Schaebens products. First plus point: Made in Germany. Second plus point: Free from microplastics, silicones, paraffins, dyes, allergenic fragrances and animal substances. Third plus point: the price. Each of the three small boosters – apart from the pink lifting serum, there is a harmonizing serum in green and a moisturizing serum in light blue – is less than 10 euros.My favorites are still the beauty concentrates of Schaebens in small, soft capsules the size of a coffee bean. Twist the top and pour the velvety concentrate onto your skin. For me the ideal travel companion. Schaebens „Lifting Skin Booster“, 25 ml, 7,95 Euro, Concentrates, 5 capsules, from 2,45 Euro… weiterlesen

Yoga retreat: Om in Austria

Actually, I had booked a yoga week in Morocco with my sister Sabine last year. Because of Corona, it was repeatedly postponed and finally canceled completely. As a result, we both moved our event to Austria. “Om” now takes place in Dornbirn and not in Marrakech. Did you know that both the syllable and the yoga symbol “Om” (pronounced “a-u-m”) are considered sacred? They are intended to reflect the sound and symbol of the unity of the three worlds of Hinduism: earth, heaven and the underworld. It also represents the three main gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. So our yoga week is serious business. The modern F.X.Mayr cure, which is the actual the “daily bread” in the Rickatschwende health center, is even more serious, while Anna’s yoga week only offers one highlight for guests. Or do you say patient? No, we’re not sick, just health-oriented. “Bread” is the keyword for this type of fasting anyway. But really good bread – something really delicious – is not available here. For breakfast and dinner – according to the doctor’s diet plan – you are served a stale bread roll, a wafer-thin spelled flatbread or three pieces of crisp bread. Chew training in the restaurant They are all dry as dust. But they are not served as a stimulant either, but as a kind of training object. But stylish – on white porcelain on white-covered tables. Chewing every bite 30-40 times is the mantra of the therapy concept that the Austrian gastroenterologist Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr for the intestinal rehabilitation of his patients. And slow chewing is best practiced with tough stuff like a stale bread roll. If there weren’t additions served with it like cottage cheese, yoghurt or humus and a soup in the evening – admittedly tasty – I would hardly get it down. But we learn every aspect of mindfulness here – with ourselves, our body, our life, our environment. And that starts with eating. Can’t hurt, I think, and keep chewing – 38, 39, 40. My sister chews so exemplary slowly that I fear that she will have to combine lunch and dinner with her fast-eating husband in future. Yoga for the chakras After drinking Epsom salts (uh!) – on an empty stomach – half an hour of morning gymnastics with an instructor at 7.30 a.m. and then breakfast with the chewing tool, the first yoga class of the week starts at 10 a.m.… weiterlesen

Six Beauty Questions about Skin that Affect many Women

As a research doctor in cosmetic dermatology with a Skincare Center in Rotterdam and her own skin care line, Dr. Jetske Ultee has the right answer to every beauty question. Her background: studied medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Then assistant doctor and researcher in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with a doctorate in 2010. Here, Dr. Ultee insightful answers to beauty questions that interest a lot of women: Beauty question: Can lemon juice really help to lighten pigment spots? Dr. Ultee: You should be careful with self-treatment tips such as citric acid bleaching. This dries out the skin quickly. Citrus extracts can also cause unsightly stains in combination with sunlight. You can even get blisters or burns. So I advise against it. Here’s what you can do to reduce pigment spots:CREAM UV PROTECTION AND WEAR A HATFew of us have pigment spots on our buttocks. After all, it doesn’t get that much sun. If you want to prevent pigment spots, you need to protect yourself from the sun. Put some good sunscreen on, stay in the shade, and wear a hat on hot days. And it’s really never too late to start using sun protection. Treating the pigment spots, however, makes little sense if nothing is done at the same time to prevent them from worsening.CHECK THE CONTENTS OF YOUR MAKE-UP CASE AND MEDICINE CABINETIf you are affected by pigment spots, take a critical look at the ingredients of your cosmetic products. In particular, fragrances and plant extracts or oils such as citrus, orange, bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, lavender and rosemary can promote the development of pigment spots. It is also essential to take a look in the medicine cabinet, because medicines can also cause unsightly stains in combination with sunlight. Taking these tips to heart is important for everyone, whether you have pigment spots or not. Beauty question: What types of pigment spots are there and can they be treated to disapear? It is important to find out what kind of stains the person actually has. We doctors differentiate:Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – This type of pigmentation is caused by small injuries to the skin. These can be insect bites, abrasions and acne, for example. In people who are susceptible to this, it can also be caused by irritation after peelings, wax treatments or aggressive cosmetic products. These unsightly pigment spots usually fade by themselves. This process can, however, be supported with soothing substances and antioxidants such as liquorice root, niacinamide, vitamin C or azelaic acid.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „LED Mask“ from CurrentBody Skin

The effectiveness of light therapies has been proven many times. Blue light is used to treat acne and psoriasis because it inhibits inflammation and the formation of flakes of skin, while green light relieves migraines. Radiation with red light is considered one of the most effective anti-aging methods in cosmetics because it stimulates blood circulation and drives the cells to peak performance, which then produce more collagen and elastin. It works against redness and the small inflammations that arise from stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution and UV damage in the tissue and which, as we know today, play a major role in the aging process of the skin. LED mask for home use The LED treatments (“Light Emitting Diodes”) are already known from cosmetic studios and dermatologists. They are now also available as futuristic looking masks for home use. They are based on the same technologies as the expensive professional devices, but with a lower energy supply. This makes it possible to manufacture the high-tech devices at a lower price. They are available in different designs and versions – and of course they also differ in price.I decided on the “CurrentBody Skin LED Mask”. It consists of white, flexible silicone. On the inside, under a transparent, smooth silicone layer, 56 small LED lights are attached, which “illuminate” every corner of the face. The device combines two wavelengths, red (633nm) and infrared (830nm), to optimally stimulate the cells. At the back of the head, the mask can be individually adjusted with a Velcro tape so that it fits perfectly. I find it practical that you don’t hang on a power cable and can move freely while using it. Before starting, the LED mask is simply charged via USB. This takes around six hours and is enough for 20 applications. LED light works against redness I have been using the LED mask three times a week for four weeks now. Always on clean skin. It comes also with specially formulated two-part hydrogel skincare masks. But I only used it once. First of all, I don’t like anything “slimy” on my skin and then it slipped over my eyes under the LED mask. Apart from a slight sensation of warmth, you don’t feel anything during the light treatment. I only find the red light to be pretty bright. That’s why I prefer to close my eyes, although red light waves, unlike blue, shouldn’t be harmful to the eye.… weiterlesen

Are you Already a Biohacker?

If our computer is hacked and the data is used by someone else, it makes you really angry. For this reason, the term hacker actually has a negative image. The biohacker has nothing to do with that. He doesn’t harm anyone because he hacks itself, so to speak. He wants to understand his own organism exactly. Makes sense, because only if you know how our system is connected and how it works can you influence certain processes in the body to your own advantage. The biohacker wants to become fitter, more concentrated and more focused, to feel better mentally and physically. The subject is self-optimization. Biohackers seek a systematic approach to their own biology in order to achieve the absolute best version of themselves. It all sounds pretty theoretical. But what it’s actually about is nothing more than the basis of our health: eating habits, lifestyle, training routine. To optimize all of this, most of us would have to leave their comfort zone. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bloch from the German Sport University in Cologne explains: “Similar to a hacker who wants to change a computer program, you try to change the body’s own program through stimuli.” To do this, he carried out an experiment with athletes whom he had a fasting cure during a high-intensity training phase. This means relative stress for the body, because it has to perform a lot but receives few calories. Bloch found that in addition to detoxification, the system is also being changed. In the majority of athletes, the metabolism was changed after the end of the course and the body processed nutrients more effectively. Biohacking for a better you In fact, there are many levers that a biohacker can turn. For active people, HIIT (high-intensity cardio interval training) could be a “biohack” because it increases your heart rate and muscle utilization. That makes you fitter and you feel better all round. With diet changes you can also set stimuli that change the system permanently. The same applies if you sleep less or more than usual. Nonetheless, Bloch points out that the term biohacking encompasses a great deal and that there is still no evidence for many things, i.e. proof of whether and what it ultimately brings about. This includes, for example, certain plant substances and dietary supplements. Whether such nootropics actually have a brain effect, i.e. increase mental performance, has not been proven yet. Grinders take biohacking to extremes Biohacking is not an invention of the digital age.… weiterlesen

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