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Author: Margit Rüdiger

CultureAndCream Author from Munich To travel during my profession as a beauty journalist was never enough for my. Also my six month on a world trip didn't do it. It always attracts me to other cities, foreign countries, on roadtrips and places I don't know yet. But I am not only interested in "culture" and "cream", I am also fascinated by people who have stories to tell .  Such unique experiences I want to share with you.

Tested for you: Sunny Glow Bronzing Drops from Pacifica

The bronzing drops from the Sunny Glow line belong to the American cosmetics company Pacifica Beauty, based in Carpinteria. It was founded in 1996 in Portland, Oregon by Brook Harvey-Taylor on her personal path to self-discovery and environmental awareness, together with her husband Billy Taylor. Brook Harvey-Taylor is considered a pioneer of 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free and clean beauty. Even though the names are very similar, the Californian brand should not be confused with Verona Pooth’s German beauty brand “Pacific Healthcare“. Bronzing drops from California The Bronzing Drops provide the perfect glow for the summer complexion. Even if your skin is already slightly tanned like mine, the drops give it a fresher and more vital radiance thanks to vitamin C, glycolic acid and kakadu plum. I use them to highlight my cheeks, forehead and the tip of my nose, and that’s what they’re designed for. You only need a few drops. I find the product unsuitable for applying to the entire face, unless you want to play along with Karl May. I also find the bronzing drops ideal for modeling the jawline. The Bronzing Drops also have a toning, protective and nourishing effect and are free from silicones and parabens. Incidentally, the color harmonizes with every skin tone – from light to dark. Peeling first Any tanning product looks much better on perfectly smooth skin. That’s why the Glow Baby range includes the Brightening Peel Pads. They contain rich complexes of various vegan fruit acids (10% AHA and BHA) such as lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Apple fruit extract moisturizes and also has a soothing effect. The result is a gentle exfoliation that still thoroughly cleanses the pores and prepares the complexion perfectly for the Bronzing Drops. But don’t overdo it, the pads should be used a maximum of three times a week. Sunny Glow Bronzing Drops from Pacifica, 30 ml, US$ 16; Glow Baby Brightening Peel Pads from Pacifica, 60 pieces, US$ 16.… weiterlesen

Why Do I Prefer Living In Italy Than In Germany?

Italy has been my adopted country for several years now. I feel completely at home here and have arrived in the here and now – even if not all that glitters is gold, even in the sunny south. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Why I prefer to live in Italy – if I had to put it in a nutshell. It’s not the good food, the incomparable smell of lemon blossom or the breathtaking cultural sites. It’s quite simple: in Italy the glass is always half full, in Germany it’s always half empty. It’s simply the southerners’ attitude to life. It is positive, no matter what negative things are going on in politics or the economy. Of course, this attitude also has an effect on the way we live together. Italy – a friendly atmosphere When I go into a store or restaurant in Italy, I am greeted with a friendly come stai – how are you? – This is often accompanied by a compliment – even from women. People help each other if someone obviously needs help or if they hear of an emergency. If I take a wrong or unauthorized turn into a street in my car, there is no honking behind me like in Germany. If someone honks at you, it’s recognition of an acquaintance and a friendly greeting. In Germany, as a guest or customer, I often have the feeling of being a nuisance or even disturbing the staff. Even when I stray into a luxury boutique in Italy for a journalistic store check, I am treated courteously and politely asked about my wishes. Even if there is no Hermès Birkin 40 dangling from my arm. In Munich, it happened to me at both shops – Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent – that the saleswoman acted more distinguished than the customers. Instead of greeting me, I was given the typical “can she afford anything here” look, even though I hadn’t entered the store with torn jeans or worn-out shoes. You don’t find that kind of attitude in Italy. Here, service is still understood as what it should actually be: treating others courteously and giving them the feeling that they are wanted and respected. Foreign shame for Germans on vacation in Italy It hits me really hard when I see average Germans on vacation in Italy. It’s too often a matter of shaming other people. Only the Dutch are almost more conspicuous when it comes to stinginess, politeness and ignorance of other people, their customs and culture.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: 2 limited Summer eyeshadow palettes “Eyelights” by Artdeco

With these eyeshadows in the two new palettes only the radiant sun can compete. They are bright colors that are a joy to apply and let you feel the lightness of summer. Pink meets orange is the motto of the two palettes and the entire “Summer Brights” collection. However, I would like to focus here on the summer eyeshadows of the two palettes. The “Eyelights Palettes” are available in two color combinations: “fun in the sun” N°1 contains subtle nude shades from “sand” to “sunsational”. In “turn up the heat” N°02, there are rosé, violet and red shades called “adventure”, “meremazing” or “popsicle”, for example. There are eight coordinated metallic and pearl shades that offer countless make-up variations. Summer palettes with a special feel The packaging of both summer palettes is a special visual and tactile highlight. The lids are covered with vegan leather, one in bright orange and the other in vibrant pink. An integrated and very practical make-up mirror is concealed on the inside. Convenient when you’re on the go. The textures of the eyeshadows in both palettes have a pleasantly soft texture. Nevertheless, they provide high coverage and color intensity on the skin. The vegan eyeshadows in both “Eyelights Palettes” are also suitable for sensitive eyes as they are free from mineral oil, parabens and perfume. How to create multi-color eyes So many colors in one palette look beautiful. But many people ask themselves: What is the best way to create a multi-color eye look? A tip first: By using an eyeshadow base or primer on the upper eyelids, you can increase the durability of the color powders and also optimize their intensity. The most important decision: You shouldn’t use more than three different colors at once. On the other hand, you can confidently say goodbye to a “tone-on-tone” approach. We recommend first emphasizing the eyes with black kohl or eyeliner, which looks much more harmonious. Then outline the edges of the eyelids with the darkest shade in the palette. Then apply another color of your choice to the upper lids. If you want, you can trace the lower lids with the next lighter shade. Always apply a very light shade to the inner corners of the eyes and the highlight under the brow. This opens up the look. Play with your imagination Another option is to apply make-up with a light and a dark color. First apply the light color evenly to the entire movable eyelid and blend it in carefully.… weiterlesen

Internet Acquisition For Car Dealerships: How It Works

Internet acquisition plays an important role in today’s world. The right Internet presence and the right Internet marketing are crucial for the success of car dealerships. The automotive industry is facing the challenge of adapting its sales strategies to the digital era. Michael Rosolski, an experienced sales and marketing expert, has set new standards with his approach to internet acquisition and is helping car dealerships to significantly increase their sales figures. Internet acquisition has long been neglected by car dealerships in particular. Many have traditionally relied heavily on personal advice and direct customer contact. But in an increasingly digitalized world, automotive companies also need to rethink their strategies. Michael Rosolski has recognized that many car dealership websites serve mainly as sources of information and not as effective sales tools. To counteract this deficit, he has developed the S³ System by Michael Rosolski – a system that aims to transform websites into action-oriented platforms that convert visitors into buyers. The S³ system: A revolution in Internet acquisition The S³ System by Michael Rosolski focuses on four key steps to turn a car dealership website into a profitable sales tool. The first step is to clearly call out the most profitable target audience. It is crucial that the website immediately captures the attention of those most likely to buy a car. Rosolski achieves this by targeting the most profitable audience and tailoring content to the exact problems and solutions this audience is looking for. The second step is to address the target group’s biggest problem. Almost all car dealership websites lose potential customers within the first three seconds because they fail to address their main concerns directly. Even the websites for car dealerships, which are specified by the car manufacturers, and the websites of marketing agencies in the automotive industry disregard the fundamental 3-second rule. Clear and concise This rule creates the necessary interest in the first place, so that the visitor wants to continue with the website. The third step of the S³ system is to show the solution to the problem. It is not enough to simply state the problem – the website must also offer a clear and convincing solution. This can be done in detailed descriptions, customer reviews or informative videos, where the visitor experiences an AHA moment, gets clear added value and is convinced that this dealership is their best choice for solving their problem. Finally, the call to action follows.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Whitening Toothpaste “High On The Beach” from Selahatin

Whitening Toothpaste – These have been with me ever since they came onto the market. I use them to keep my teeth gleaming white – without any bleaching in a whitening studio. However, I am picky when it comes to my toothpaste. I don’t like the ones with a blue content, which are often found on the market, because they look ugly in my mouth and on the sink. What’s more, most of the packaging is hideously “colorful”. For me, whitening means something different in terms of appearance. Whitening Toothpaste with style The whitening toothpaste from Selahatin is completely different. They are already a visual highlight – clean and minimalist in white aluminum tubes (endlessly recyclable!). I was also impressed by the unusual names for toothpaste. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a chic cocktail in a bar. They are called “Sassafras”, “High on the Beach”, “Snowfall”, “Steam will rise”, “Of Course I Still Luv You” or “Untamed”. I opted for “High on the Beach”. Perhaps because the name of this whitening toothpaste best suits the season. Or because I like the flavors of grapefruit oil, cassia vera, cinnamon and peppermint. The toothpaste’s formula helps to reduce discoloration and gently whiten teeth, while also providing long-lasting fresh breath thanks to the mint. Homage to the summer My whitening toothpaste also contains an antioxidant edelweiss extract and anti-inflammatory limonene from citrus fruit. This natural substance from the terpene family promotes bacterial balance and keeps the gums healthy. The natural amino acid betaine provides moisture, and mineralizing hydroxylapatite, a type of artificial tooth enamel, offers proactive care for sensitive teeth. Thanks to their gentle, four-dimensional whitening process, these whitening toothpastes are suitable for daily use. However, anyone who is hypersensitive or even allergic to one or more of the ingredients should not use the products. I use my Whitening Toothpaste twice, sometimes even three times a day. I try to adhere to the recommendation not to eat or drink for 30 minutes after application for optimum results. However, you should not swallow the product, but rinse your mouth well after use. Incidentally, Selahatin’s tooth/mouth care range also includes an excellent mouthwash and an invigorating mouth spray that you can take with you wherever you go. All products are vegan and cruelty-free and are made in Switzerland. For absolute extravagance in the bathroom, the range includes a marble toothpaste squeezer at the proud price of 450 euros.… weiterlesen

Eating Late At Night – How Unhealthy Is It Really?

Eating late at night is a health issue that is also the subject of controversial scientific debate. What is the current study situation and what do hormone balance and weight have to do with eating late at night? For many people, eating late at night has something to do with their own personal lifestyle. We all know the saying “Eat breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar”. But that doesn’t work for everyone and often doesn’t fit in with many people’s everyday lives and jobs. In addition, having dinner with friends or cooking and then eating with the whole family is a popular and important social activity. Regardless of why people prefer to dine out in the evening, one fact remains: Many people eat the majority of their daily food intake in the evening. Does eating late at night make you fat and sick? According to numerous studies, eating late at night is bad for your health and your weight. It has been shown, for example, that symptoms such as heartburn and reflux verschlimmern can increase if you have eaten a large meal three hours before going to bed. Sleep disorders can also be promoted if the last meal was only one to three hours ago. An American study from 2019 found that people who ate around 100 calories more than others in the two hours before going to bed had an 80 percent higher risk of obesity. Similar study results come from Sweden and Japan. An English study examined blood sugar and fat levels in people who regularly snack after 9 pm. It showed that they had an increased risk of diabetes. Nevertheless, this does not prove that eating late at night always ends up on your hips. Factors such as genetics, exercise and sleep must also be taken into account. However, the increasing evidence that the timing of food intake can have a direct impact on health should not be ignored. Hormones appear to play a major role in this. Eating late seems to throw them off kilter. Hormones are going crazy This is shown by a study carried out on 16 overweight or obese male and female adults.They were closely monitored in a laboratory for 12 days in terms of meals, exercise and sleep. They all followed different eating schedules for six days: one group ate breakfast shortly after waking up, ate at lunchtime and then in the early evening.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Day and night care from Carthusia Skinlab 

Day and night care – if I’m going to use both types of care, they should at least come from the same line. That’s why I also used the day and night care from the new Carthusia Skincare range. You might think that the Italian cult brand Carthusia is only known for its unique luxury niche perfumes. That’s right! But last year’s sun care has now been followed by a new skincare line. It too comes from Capri, Italy’s most famous place of longing. What’s more, the island is a myth with a magical atmosphere. It is the island of lemons. So how could the skincare line be called anything other than “Lemon Garden”? Day and night care with the scent of Capri Carthusia has not only captured the Capri flair in its fragrances. Even the yellow color of the “Lemon Garden” jar conjures up sunshine in the bathroom. The day and night cream smells of Mediterranean lemon groves. In addition, the refreshing lemon water in the “Lemon Garden Day Cream” provides intensive moisturization. The active water is extracted directly from the yellow fruit. It contains balanced amounts of trace elements (oligo-elements), minerals and essential oils. It was this lemon scent of the day and night care that won me over to the cream straight away. The boosting anti-ageing moisturizer for the day has a pleasantly light, fast-absorbing texture. My skin immediately feels replenished and looks plumper and fresher. But that’s not all: squalane provides additional moisture and improves the skin’s elasticity and resilience. Antioxidative properties The limonene or L-limonene from the lemon helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and is effective against dark spots. At the same time, it is a powerful natural antioxidant and acts as a free radical scavenger. This protects the skin from damage and premature ageing. The active ingredient allantoin provides suppleness and has a smoothing effect. It also stimulates cell division. Extracts from the shoots of prickly pear cactus are also added. The prickly pear extract, rich in minerals, polysaccharides, vitamins and flavonoids, soothes and moisturizes the skin and reduces redness. Finally, it contains lecithin. It helps the skin to regenerate itself, reduce age spots and improve elasticity Night cream for a good night’s sleep The “Lemon Garden Wrinkle Prevention Night Face Cream” has a slightly creamier texture, but still feels pleasantly light on the skin. I was pleasantly surprised by this, as night creams are usually too rich for me.… weiterlesen

Blue Light: Blue Alert

Blue light has been with us all day long since smartphones, tablets and computers became part of our everyday lives. We are said to use our cell phones alone up to 150 times a day. According to a study by auditing firm EY, Germans aged 21-30 spend 6.9 hours a day surfing, using apps and playing games. Blue light is not as harmless as you might think. These are rays that penetrate deeper into our skin than UVA rays. Although research is still in its infancy, creams and glasses are already available to protect the skin and eyes from the effects of blue light. Blue Light – what exactly is it? Blue light is not an invention of the computer age. Blue light, known as HEV light (High Energy Visible Light), has always existed. It is the visible light that colors the sky such a beautiful blue. In the wave spectrum, it lies directly next to the UV range, so it also occurs in normal daylight. It makes up almost half of the sunlight spectrum. But it’s not just our popular communication tools that emit blue light, neon tubes and modern LEDs do too. Excessive exposure to such light sources can damage the eyes and disrupt the sleep-wake rhythm. This has been scientifically proven. But blue light also has its good sides: In small doses, it can also have positive effects, just like sunlight. In dermatology, blue light has been used for years specifically to treat acne and neurodermatitis. Studies have shown that it also benefits the psyche, e.g. in cases of winter depression. Do you already have a “screen face”? Less encouraging is a more recent finding that radiation causes us to age prematurely. Experts speak of “indoor smog” and the “screen face”. “Blue light penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin,” explains Swiss dermatologist Dr. Felix Bertram. “We assume that the high-energy blue light causes oxidative stress in the skin, similar to UVA radiation.” On its way into the deep tissue layers, HEV forms large quantities of free radicals, which cause the destruction of important connective tissue fibers such as collagen and elastin. This in turn causes wrinkles to appear at an early stage and the skin loses elasticity, particularly in the chin and cheek area. In addition, the natural barrier layer becomes weaker and therefore more susceptible to external influences. This then manifests itself in irritation and redness, for example.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Neck and décolleté concentrate “The Elevator” by Trinny London

The neck and décolleté are often the poor relation when it comes to skin care routines. Yet these two areas of the body in particular need a lot of attention. This is because the skin on the neck and décolleté is twice as thin as on the rest of the body. It is also drier because there are fewer sebaceous glands and there are also fewer collagen fibers in these areas to support firmness and elasticity. The neck and décolleté therefore have little power to resist gravity. But that’s not all. The neck in particular is constantly in motion and permanently exposed to UV radiation, often without sun protection. The frequent turning and tilting of the head can cause horizontal wrinkles to form on the neck. The skin on the décolleté, on the other hand, can stretch due to the weight of the breast and cause vertical wrinkles to form. For these reasons, the skin in these two areas often ages visibly faster than on the face. Similar to the hands, the neck and décolleté reveal a woman’s true age. From the age of 30, it is therefore advisable to regularly moisturize and protect the skin of the neck and décolleté. “Elevator” lifts the neck and décolleté While it is good to apply skincare to the neck, a targeted approach is even better. Trinny London has developed “The Elevator”, a rich, highly active skincare concentrate – vegan and free from animal testing – to reduce precisely the unloved ageing processes described above. “It took us a long time to develop a formulation in our laboratory that actually works. Our highly effective concentrate tackles sagging skin with ingredients that lift and firm the neck – for a neck you won’t want to hide.” Trinny Woodall, founder & CEO What exactly is a concentrate? A concentrate contains the best active ingredients from a serum and a moisturizer. It delivers highly effective substances in a rich, nourishing composition to address persistent skin needs in specific areas. It’s going up … Trinny London’s concentrate targets the problems of the neck and décolleté and reduces the impact of the factors that lead to accelerated skin ageing in these often neglected areas of the body. In “The Elevator”, this is an innovative cohesive technology that strengthens the “glue” that holds the skin layers together. More specifically, it is the phyto-extract from the Isodon plant that strengthens the genes that hold the epidermis and dermis together.… weiterlesen

Vitamin Supplements – The Best Time To Take Them

Vitamin supplements are now part of many people’s everyday diet. More than two thirds of people in Germany take food supplements every week. But you should know which vitamins or multivitamins are best to take and when, and which substances are incompatible. Vitamin supplements are on everyone’s lips and are being consumed more and more regularly. According to Statista, vitamins (61 percent) and minerals (36 percent) are the most widely used in Germany. They are followed by proteins, which are taken by one in four of the study participants. Only 23% still rely on their food to provide them with the nutrients they need every day. The revenue generated in the Vitamins & Minerals market market worldwide in 2024 amounts to a staggering US$31.93bn. When comparing revenue on a global scale, it is evident that the highest amount is generated in China, reaching US$5,328.00m in 2024. To put this into perspective, in 2024, the per person revenue in the Vitamins & Minerals market stands at US$4.12 worldwide. A stressful lifestyle, genetic variations, age and the current phase of life, such as pregnancy, may make it necessary to take vitamin supplements. However, anyone who does not meet their vitamin and mineral requirements through their normal diet should consult their doctor before taking vitamins or similar supplements. Under no circumstances should vitamin supplements replace a balanced diet. At best, they can supplement missing nutrients. Vitamin supplements – which ones for whom? Pregnant women, for example, need folic acid and iron. An iron supplement may also be necessary during menstruation. Vegetarians and vegans often have a B12 deficiency, older people need calcium and the majority of the population needs vitamin D, especially if they live in areas with little sunlight. Those who have little fruit and vegetables in their diet should also help with vitamin supplements. Multivitamins are very popular. These are food supplements that contain vitamins and minerals in varying amounts and in a dose that is recommended to support general health and to cover deficiencies in the diet. “The body absorbs vitamins and minerals from multivitamins in a similar way to food. The nutrients are broken down in the digestive tract and then absorbed into the bloodstream, where they are transported to different parts of the body to perform their functions,” says Dr. Jennifer Martin-Biggers, HUM Vizepräsidentin in Los Angeles. What should a multivitamin supplement contain? All B-complex vitamins are important. Trace elements such as zinc, selenium, iron and calcium as well as fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and E are also beneficial.… weiterlesen