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CultureAndCream Author from Munich To travel during my profession as a beauty journalist was never enough for my. Also my six month on a world trip didn't do it. It always attracts me to other cities, foreign countries, on roadtrips and places I don't know yet. But I am not only interested in "culture" and "cream", I am also fascinated by people who have stories to tell .  Such unique experiences I want to share with you.

Doctor, a new hip please!

I will never forget the memory of standing by my younger sister’s crib when she was five years old. I felt so incredibly sorry for her when she cried out of desperation because she couldn’t kick. I didn’t understand why the adults allowed such a thing. The little one lay in a plaster shell covered with gray felt. Her legs were turned outwards and fixed with leather straps. My little sister had a congenital hip joint dysplasia, i.e. the joint socket is too small or not deep enough, so that the femoral head of the thigh does not lie firmly in it. At that time, I had no idea that I had also been born with this problem, which is hereditary and mainly affects female offspring. It was not until much later that the dysplasia became noticeable in me. Why did it remain undetected for so long? I have done a lot of extreme sports all my life. That’s why my muscles were so strongly developed that they were able to compensate for the birth defect for decades. At some point I had pain in the groin area from time to time. Physical therapists treated the trochanter. This is a muscle that attaches from the inside of the sacrum outward to the lateral bony prominence of the femur (thigh bone). An orthopedist, in turn, tapped the lumbar spine and sclerosed nerves in my lower back – extremely painful because only possible without anesthesia. When the pain in my leg became stronger again, I called him and often had myself injected fit for a flight – I had to travel a lot for work. When the pain remained It is about three years when the pain became more and more severe. I needed painkillers all the time. I went to see a well-known orthopedics professor in Munich, whom a friend recommended. The MRI was clear. Dysplasia of both hip joints, left worse than right. He said that surgery and an artificial hip joint were inevitable at some point. For me a horrible idea, so we decided to delay the operation and to fight the pain conventionally for the time being. With an autologous blood injection. Long since a standard procedure. For this procedure, venous blood is taken and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), as also used in aesthetic medicine for the so-called vampire face lift, is extracted from it. When mixed with hyaluronic acid, the growth factors contained in the blood plasma are injected directly into the hip joint to reduce bone-on-bone friction.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Daily Tan Activator“ from Evy

What are the benefits of a tan activator? It’s clear that you can get a tan if you expose yourself to the sun long enough. But to get a nice bronze skin without spending a lot of time and especially without exposing yourself to dangerous UV radiation, there have only been self-tanners so far. Evy Technology has developed a foam that stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, similar to the sun’s rays. To achieve this, the formula enhances the effect of antioxidants as well as active ingredients such as Dihydroxy Methylchromonyl Palmitate. The natural tanning process is mimicked, so to speak. The effect unfolds after about a week of daily use. How do I use the tanning activator? Shake the bottle well and turn upside down, the instructions says. A handful of mousse is enough for a leg, I need correspondingly less for the face and neck. The texture is super creamy and can be distributed nice and evenly without leaving any residue. It can be applied on excellent under a foundation. The soft foam also does not clog pores. What the tan activator can’t do is act as a sunscreen. That is also not its task. When sunbathing, I also use a sunscreen. After a week, my skin has taken on a slight tint wherever I applied the “Tan Activator”. With the mousse, my skin is optimally prepared for the summer. I also find it good that it can counteract the so-called “Mallorca acne” – also called sun acne – if you are prone to it. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types. The technology behind The Swedish brand Evy Technology has been dealing with the effects of UV rays on skin and hair for over 20 years. Their gentle formulations are specially designed for sensitive and hypersensitive types, so even people with sun eczema, sun allergies or albinism can use them.en. Also behind the “Daily Tan Activator” is a unique patented technology. It penetrates deep into the skin and forms a protective membrane against external stress factors as well as irritants. In this way, the natural skin barrier is strengthened and the skin is brought into balance. „Daily Tan Activator“ from Evy, 150 ml, £ 27… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lily of the valley fragrance by Guerlain. The latest: „Muguet“

This Lily of the valley fragrance really does not need a test, because it is an icon and one of the most exclusive creations from the French perfume house Guerlain. More than 110 years ago, this wonderful lily of the valley fragrance was created. Muguet (french) means lily of the valley in English. Every spring, therefore, there is a new edition in May in collaboration with an artist, which makes collectors’ hearts beat faster. 114 years Lily of the valley fragrance In 1908, the Lily of the Valley fragrance was first created by Jacques Guerlain, followed by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1998. Since 2016, “Muguet” bears the signature of Guerlain’s master perfumer, Thierry Wasser. His interpretation is a floral fresh eau de toilette from the freshness of green leaves and twigs with rich floral notes of Arabian jasmine and rose essences. “There’s something so charming about the flower that was once worn by dandies as a boutonnière. It speaks of happiness, of spring, of rebirth…” Thierry Wasser An exquisite piece of jewelry At the same time “Muguet” is not only an olfactory jewel. Even those who are not fans of lily of the valley must be charmed by the bee flacon. This year, the limited edition has been transformed into a precious jewel by the Parisian jewelry atelier Truscelli, with which the house of Guerlain has a long association.. A true master of his art, Italian jeweler Francesco Truscelli has crafted this delicate lily of the valley branch into a true jewel. Its tiny bells are set with glittering crystals and the leaves were enameled in bright green. Each ornament is a handmade masterpiece of sophistication and requires several hours of meticulous work. In “Muguet” the highest perfumer’s art is combined with the creations of a most talented artist. Each 145 ml bottle is accompanied by a 20 ml travel size and a noble white leather case. This special edition is limited to 5,000 precious pieces. MUGUET will be available from 01 April 2022 in selected perfumeries and on Guerlain for 600 € erhältlich… weiterlesen

Blackout: A View Into Complete Darkness

Corona is nothing more than a kind of flu. And if you are vaccinated and boosted, it won’t be so bad if you catch it despite all the vaccinations and precautions. That’s what I thought, too. When I caught Corona, the course of disease was actually not so bad. The worst part came afterwards. Despite all vaccinations, boosters and hygiene rules, I contracted SARS-CoV-2 b this year in April. What the alpha and delta variants had failed to do, Omikron managed to do for me. I was lucky, I thought. My course of the disease was mild. I had severe headaches, which was a completely new experience for me. I only knew headaches from close up, never on me. As a child, I suffered with my little sister whenever she lay in a darkened room with her terrible migraine. Now, during Corona, I experienced what that felt like on my own head. I thought my brain was dancing cha-cha-cha until my head burst. On top of that, I had a sore throat and a cough. I was in bed for three days and spent the rest of the quarantine indoors, but at least I was able to get up. In retrospect, I found that I actually got off lightly. I didn’t notice that anything had seriously changed in my body. I did get tired more quickly and slept even worse than usual – which I chalked up to stress. Then four weeks later on a Saturday something strangely frightening happened. My younger sister and brother-in-law from Berlin were visiting. The day went comfortably and harmoniously. We were shopping together for our barbecue evening and drank espresso outside the door at my favorite little Italian store in my hometown. To give us and especially me some rest, my husband had meanwhile taken over our extremely active young dog Byron and made an extensive hike with him. My memory was like wiped out In the afternoon at home on our terrace it was fantastically warm. I decided to do what I had wanted to do for a long time, paint a small drawer cabinet where the garden utensils are stored. It should get the gray color of a large Indian Garuda figure, which has its regular place on it. It represents the mount of the main god Vishnu. I had already bought the paint and the necessary painting utensils last year, but it had never worked out time-wise or weather-wise.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Sunprotection „Fotoprotector Hydro Oil LSF 30“ from Isdin

Sunprotection for the body that simultaneously stimulates melanin formation and is thus supposed to increase the natural tanning of the skin by 43 percent. That sounds promising to me. Sunprotection plus tanning booster I’m actually always a bit skeptical about oils. I like neither the greasy feeling on the skin when oil is not absorbed well, nor stains on the bathing suit or sticky hands. None of that happens with Isdin’s Hydro Oil. After I shake the bottle for five seconds, the two phases for protection and tanning are perfectly mixed. Once generously sprayed on and evenly distributed on the skin, the light texture is also already absorbed, without any residue. What it leaves behind is a pleasantly moisturizing and refreshing effect. Reddening of the skin or even sunburn – no chance. An innovative combination of filters and antioxidants protects perfectly with a high UVA/UVB sunprotection factor SPF 30. The formula is waterproof and sea friendly. I actually also have the impression that the tan becomes more intense with the Hydro Oil. The Pro-Melanin Technology (TM) is responsible for this. It increases the concentration of melanin in the basal cell layer and causes a lengthening of the branching (dendrites) on the pigment-forming cells, the melanocytes, and their connection with surrounding keratinocytes. This promotes and prolongs the tanning of the skin. Shake well! It is important to shake the spray sufficiently before use and distribute enough of the product. Otherwise, the protection factor will be reduced. Apply one hour before sunbathing and reapply every two hours or after swimming, drying with a towel or when you sweat heavily. The oil spray should not be sprayed on the face. The only thing I had some bad luck with was ordering my Isdin products through the pharmacy. The Isdin website says, “Order now and receive your order tomorrow from a pharmacy near you.” I then chose the pharmacy closest to where I live. Unfortunately, I did not receive the products the next day or the day after, and then ultimately, after persistent asking, I received only one of my two ordered items. The pharmacist was also exceptionally unfriendly. So best to order from a pharmacy that you already know. Sunprotection „Fotoprotector Hydro Oil LSF 30“ from Isdin, 200 ml, 24,90… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Facial Mist „Ultra Revitalising Elixir“ from Twelve Beauty

Especially when the outside temperatures rise, then I love a “sprizz” on the face and décolleté. These sprays are also called face tonic, mist or facial mist. I have a few of these refreshing sprays in use, a small one always in my purse. My newest one is from the organic skincare brand Twelve Beauty. It looks chic in its black glass bottle, I must admit, but has the downside of being too heavy for traveling. But you can not have everything. Behind the brand and the “Ultra Revitalising Elixir” is Dr. Pedro Catalá, pharmacologist, botanist and cosmetologist with his 20 years of expertise. Pedro’s passion for natural active ingredients in skin care led him to a Master’s degree in “Science and Technology of Cosmetics” at the University of Siena/Italy and a PhD in Natural and Formulation Technologies in 2007. He dedicated another five years to his extensive research, constantly expanding his knowledge of plant extracts from around the world. This eventually resulted in “Twelve Beauty” – organic products for various skin needs from stressed, to sensitive, to skin that is often allergic. He says, “Formulating natural products is a science, not an experiment.” What does the “12” stand for? “Twelve is the result of my years of research to filter out the world’s best botanical actives that can improve even the most sensitive skin. My 12 hand-picked ingredients, tested to exhaustion, are all 100 percent natural, ethically sourced and completely skin-friendly, even in the highest potencies,” explains Twelve Beauty founder Dr. Pedro Catalá. The main active ingredients in the “Ultra Revitalising Elixir” facial mist are extracts of silver rue and summer lilac, which soothe the skin. In addition, there is masterwort extract, which helps the skin to restore its elasticity and health. At the same time, it supports the healthy pH balance. Rice starch protects the skin with a strengthening film, while cucumber extract refreshes and allantoin promotes natural regeneration and counteracts irritation. Facial mist – freshness plus care I, for my part, like the refreshing and nourishing feeling and the light, botanical aroma of freshly sliced cucumber. The facial mist simply does my skin good. That’s why I use the spray not only in the morning and evening after cleansing, but also – as I said – like to use it in between. „Ultra Revitalising Elixir“ from Twelve Beauty, 3,38 oz, 55 US$… weiterlesen

If You Have Acne, Be Careful In The Sun!

Ever heard of the rebound effect? It is also called boomerang effect. It describes a counter-reaction of what you actually expected. This is exactly what happens when UV rays hit acne. Although there is an initial improvement, the skin’s appearance soon worsens again. Teenagers with acne on their faces are often sent out into the sun by their mothers to dry up the pimples and pustules. In a way, this is true, because UV rays actually have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. They switch off, so to speak, the micro-organisms that are involved in the development of pimples and blackheads. Therefore, the skin condition actually improves – for now. However, the success is only temporary. However, many sufferers are deceived by this and abandon their usual anti-acne care. The disappointment comes with the end of summer when the acne is back and often even worse – it really “blooms”. This is called the rebound effect. This phenomenon is also known in pharmacology, when an abrupt discontinuation of a drug is followed by an exaggerated counter-reaction. “However, with too much UV radiation from the sun, there is a rebound effect, especially in autumn. Therefore, it is important to always apply a very high level of sun protection,” confirms Judith Horzel, pharmacist and senior medical manager at the French Beauty Brand Pierre Fabre. The best success is achieved with a dermatological problem-solving brand. In the case of acne, sun protection products should not only contain an effective UVA-UVB broadband filter, but also substances that eliminate skin impurities and ensure that they do not reappear. Myrtacin and Celastrol, as used by the brand “Ducray”, are such active substances. They have an anti-inflammatory effect and prevent the formation of the biofilm by Propionibacterium acnes, which is partly responsible for acne. What happens when UV light hits acne skin? As already described, the skin’s appearance improves in the short term, as the sun dries out the pimples. But the skin tries to protect itself from the rays and heat of sunlight by thickening and trapping the sebum produced and bacteria in the skin. While this temporarily makes the skin look nicer, it also clogs pores. If you then use an inappropriate sunscreen and even the wrong factor, the thickening of the skin layer is additionally promoted. The sweat factor should not be underestimated either: sweating is basically good because it opens the pores and flushes dirt to the outside.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Eye Patches“ von Hydeep

Microneedling is an extremely popular anti-aging treatment to smooth wrinkles. It involves treating the skin with a small, needle-pointed dermaroller. However, it should be done very carefully on the eye. The “Eye Patches” from Hydeep are different. They are specially designed for the eye area and provide an anti-fatigue effect. The patches are studded with 900 tiny, self-dissolving microneedles and filled with 17 mg of highly effective power ingredients. Through the tiny needles, these substances are delivered directly into the epidermis to deeply nourish the skin. The treatment is supposed to be painless. But needles and painless. Is that even possible? I want to experience it on my own eye area. Eye patches with 900 microneedles First I clean the eye area and pat dry, then I tear open the pink outer packaging. Inside is a transparent cassette with the two eye patches. They measure about 5.4 cm x 2.2 cm each. I open them and carefully remove the white protective stickers without touching or even hurting the microstructure with the “needles”. These are virtually invisible to the naked eye. No wonder, because each of the microneedles measures only about 90 micrometers and is thus as thin as a human hair. I carefully hold the patches between two fingertips and place them with the narrower side facing inward just below the lower lash line. For two minutes, I’m supposed to apply gentle pressure to the patches to activate the needles so they release their active ingredients. It doesn’t hurt, but until the microneedles dissolve, I feel a tingling sensation under the patches. Meanwhile, the six power ingredients such as pure and cross-linked hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, niacinamide (vitamin B3), caffeine and the anti-wrinkle peptide AHP-8 are released and delivered deep into the skin. Anti-fatigue effect The patches are supposed to work for about four hours. I use them during the day while sitting at the computer. But you can also leave them on overnight. Twice a week is recommended. When I peel off the thin sheets after four hours, I notice that the skin underneath looks smoother and more rested. After several applications, the effect even lasts a few days. By the way, the patches are cruelty free, free of fragrances, parabens and mineral oil. Once used can not use them again, because the microstructures dissolve completely in the skin when used correctly and thus are no longer effective afterwards. “Eye Patches” by Hydeep, package for 4 applications, 59,95 Euro… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Eyeliner „Tattoo Pencil Liner“ from KVD Beauty

KVD sounds so official, so I wanted to know what was behind the three letters. KVD stands for Kara, Veritas, Decora. These are the Latin expressions for value, truth, beauty. Fits well to the brand. Because all products of the innovative make-up range are not incredibly powerful and ingenious in colors and pigmentation. They are 100 percent vegan, free of animal testing and protect our environment with recyclable packaging. Waterproof eyeliner I first try the new gel eyeliner pen on the back of my hand in “Viridian Green” and “Violet Hematite”, a brilliant brown. The colors are highly pigmented and have a nice matte finish. The two strokes don’t wipe off, I have to rub really hard to get rid of them. So perfect for a long-lasting eyeliner, as I want him. The lead that comes out of the twist pencil glides ultra-smoothly along the lash line. Perfect also to wear it in the waterline. The color is waterproof and does not fade. Applied in the morning, it is still just as color-intensive in the evening when you remove your makeup. If you work quickly, you can also blend the liner well to shades. It is best to smudge it with your finger or a small dense brush. Paris Jackson shows the way If you are very brave and willing to experiment, you can also draw graphic patterns on the eye with the liner. Model, actress, singer and musician Paris Jackson (lead photo) shows how it’s done. She is the face of the new Tattoo Pencil Liner, making her debut in the beauty industry. “As an artist, I was immediately drawn to KVD Beauty because the brand is dedicated to art and self-expression – both of which are an important part of my personal identity,” Jackson says. KVD BEAUTY, by the way, is part of KENDO Brands. A company that creates or acquires beauty brands and turns them into global powerhouses. The portfolio also includes FENTY Beauty by Rihanna, Ole Henrichen Skincare, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Bite Beauty, Lip Lab Stores. “Tattoo Pencil Liner” by KVD Beauty, comes in 10 shades, 22 US$ each… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Make-up capsules „Milky Boost Capsules“ from Clarins

Little make-up capsules. What a great idea, I thought to myself when I received the transparent jar with 30 small, skin-colored capsules for testing. I liked it right away because such small doses are ideal, especially when traveling. You can put the capsules loosely in the cosmetic bag without any mishap. I also tried this out immediately. It worked! One make-up capsule per application Each capsule contains exactly as much makeup texture as you need for one application on the face. Practical and also quite clever, because in the small capsule the formula remains protected from contamination until it is opened. In addition, the empty capsule is biodegradable. So you don’t need to have a guilty conscience when disposing of it. The jar, made of 40 percent recycled glass, is also environmentally conscious because it can be refilled. There is also a refill bag with 30 capsules. The latest product in the “Milky Boost” series, like the entire line, has been developed according to ecological criteria. The tiny make-up capsules also contain 100 percent vegetable and natural peach kernel oil – a proven beautifier and nutrient for the complexion. In addition, there is organic currant extract. It is said to firm the skin and ensure better distribution of the incident light rays. The third in the trio of plants is cocoa extract – from fair trade, of course – to improve moisture in the tissues. Small capsule goes big But now for the test. I hold the capsule between my thumb and forefinger and turn the cap around on itself with my other hand until it can be detached from the capsule. One squeeze of the capsule “belly” and the skin-colored fluid emerges. I spread it mostly on my cheeks, where I could use more perfection. I also apply a touch to the forehead and chin. The light fluid can be blended “rimless”, connects immediately with the skin and leaves a radiant complexion. No unsightly shine, but a satin finish. By the way, the product comes in four shades. My conclusion: A small product with a big effect. When I look at myself in the mirror with my “Milky” complexion, I can only say: The little ones passed my test! “Milky Boost Capsules” from Clarins, 30 pieces, approx. 22 euros… weiterlesen

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