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CultureAndCream Author from Munich To travel during my profession as a beauty journalist was never enough for my. Also my six month on a world trip didn't do it. It always attracts me to other cities, foreign countries, on roadtrips and places I don't know yet. But I am not only interested in "culture" and "cream", I am also fascinated by people who have stories to tell .  Such unique experiences I want to share with you.

Fewer Friends – Do You Also Suffer From A Loss Of Friends?

Friends for life! There are few of them, and they become fewer and fewer as the years go by. The general experience that the circle of friends shrinks with increasing age has even been scientifically proven. When you’re young, you collect friends just like influencers collect followers on Instagram nowadays. New ones are always being added. When you were at school, you couldn’t invite all your peers to your house for your birthday that you wanted to have there. Today, you’re lucky if you can get just five good friends together for a birthday dinner. We’re not talking about acquaintances here, but really good friends. As we get older, such friendships become even rarer than they already are and are difficult to find or keep. Studies show that from the age of 30, one person is lost from the circle of friends approximately every five years. It’s a kind of natural decline, so to speak. The main cause is certainly the naturally changing phases of life. Studying abroad, marriage, the birth of a child, a change of job or place of residence all cause friendships to break up. “The clique scatters in all directions. Different lifestyles make it difficult to keep in touch,” explains Professor Eckart Hammer, a social scientist at the Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg. Unfavorable for the individual, considering that humans as social creatures need a certain degree of closeness. Of course, this cannot be generalized, as this level is lower in loners than in extroverts. At least that’s what psychologists say. However, it is also difficult to prove scientifically how many close relationships a particular person needs. Let’s call it a loss of friends The phenomenon is not new. Prof. Dr. Cornelia Wrzus, Psychological Aging Research at the University of Heidelberg, investigated it back in 2011. During her time at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, she and three colleagues analyzed 277 studies on this topic. The core result of the meta-study “Social Network Changes and Life Events Across the Lifespan” confirmed that a person’s general social network grows during their youth. As people grow up, the number of friendships gradually decreases and continues to do so over the course of their lives. Another result of the meta-study shed light on relationships within the family. The result was that the number of family members with whom there is close contact remains constant throughout life, but shifts: in youth, parents, uncles, aunts or grandparents tend to be important constants, while grandchildren, nephews and nieces are important constants in old age.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: 5 stars for skin-firming „Hautstraffende Körpercreme“ from Fattoria La Vialla

Skin-firming body cream sounds good. But when it says “anti-cellulite” on the label, I always get a bit suspicious. Because every woman knows by now that there is no cure for those annoying dimples, not even polyphenols. You can improve the appearance of cellulite with appropriate measures, but unfortunately “anti-” does not work according to the current state of science. Nevertheless, I was incredibly excited about the news from Tuscany. Because I am a sworn fan of the biodynamic, Demeter-certified face and body care line from Fattoria La Vialla. What makes the products so special is that they contain plenty of olive polyphenols with their four proven effects – regenerating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and germ-reducing. So of course I have already tried the new body cream and the new scrub. Skin-firming body cream with resveratrol and chili extract The skin-firming cream in the flat glass jar consists of 78.83% ingredients from the biodynamic agriculture of Fattoria La Vialla. In addition to olive polyphenols, which are highly concentrated in oliphenolia (0.5%), resveratol and chili strengthen the natural anti-aging effect. The wine extract, rich in resveratol (0.15%), protects skin structures such as collagen and elastin from the damage caused by free radicals to skin cells and the skin barrier. Chili, the extract from the dried Capsicum frutescens fruits, stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal. The warming effect of capsaicin is known from heat plasters and ointments, which are used very successfully for muscle and joint complaints. Chili extract also has antibiotic properties. It can kill fungi and bacterial pathogens and has a disinfectant effect. However, products containing chilli should not be applied to irritated or injured skin. The Dermatest Institute has already awarded the new “Skin Firming Body Cream” the highest rating of “very good” and five stars. The skin-firming cream also contains extra virgin olive oil (15%) from cold-pressed olives from the oil mill at the Fattoria. There is also ultra-pure vegetable water (59%) obtained from olives and purified by mechanical filtration, and ultra-pure vegetable water from grapes (4.18%), again purified by mechanical filtration. Chili makes my skin tingle The chili extract gives the body cream its slightly reddish tinted color. The texture is rich and creamy and spreads well on the skin. I use it on all areas that could do with a little firming – my thighs, stomach, bottom and of course my upper arms. There is a slight tingling sensation, sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on how well the skin is supplied with blood.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Against dry feet “Repair Cream” from Gehwol Fusskraft

Many people are familiar with the problem of dry feet. Especially after winter with thick socks and warm boots, the soles of the feet can be very dry and even have cracks on the heels. I know situations like this, even though I apply cream to my feet twice a day – morning and evening – in both winter and summer, and yet they often feel dry when I take off my socks. Diabetics and neurodermatitis sufferers have it even worse. They have to deal with complaints such as cracked skin, itching and inflammation, which ultimately leads to excessive transepidermal water loss and structural defects in the deeper layers of the skin. Finding the right product for very dry feet is often a challenge. Many products are either rich and greasy or they are quickly absorbed but offer hardly any care. Rich creams with a water-in-oil (W/O) base are usually only absorbed slowly into the skin or leave a protective film on the surface of the skin, which can be perceived as unpleasant. With soy lecithin to combat dry feet With the “Repair Cream” from Gehwol, I have found the right solution for me. The magic word for soft soles is now soy lecithin. It is the key active ingredient in the cream, which helps the care substances to penetrate the skin faster and more efficiently – without making it greasy. Lecithins are lipids that form natural components of cell membranes in both humans and plants. Plant lecithins have the same power as the body’s own lecithins. One of the outstanding advantages is that lecithin has emulsifying properties. This means that it can bind together water and fat components in cosmetics and thus facilitate the formulation of creams. The lecithin spontaneously forms liquid-crystalline, stable structures – so-called liposomes – in the emulsion. The liposomes formed from lecithin have high penetration kinetics. The lipids and active ingredients in the cream are infiltrated deep into the skin of dry feet to carry out their repair work. Nourish and protect Other active ingredients in the “Repair Cream” include high-quality ingredients such as safflower and evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and squalane, which provide intensive nourishment. Powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E/tocopherol protect against harmful free radicals. Vitamin E also binds moisture, hydrating the dry skin on the feet. Glycerin and a high concentration of panthenol (5%) also contribute to moisturizing. Provitamin B5, better known as panthenol, is one of the essential supporters for dry and damaged skin.… weiterlesen

Journey Through The Sinai Desert: From The Moonlight Of The Desert To The Own Inner Radiance

A journey through the desert is a very special experience. The participant of a 10-day desert tour in Sinai at the north-eastern end of Egypt tells us what she experienced there and what it did to her. A journey through the Sinai desert can change your life. Carina Steidle also experienced this: “‘Don’t hold on. Let go. Go into the void and trust. Life will do the rest.’ This is often said in yoga philosophy, in life advice books or in spiritual circles. I have always been skeptical of this statement, but at the same time immensely curious as to whether this could really be the ultimate life formula. After a challenging and head-scratching year, I was determined at the end of 2023 to resolve this question once and for all and find a guide for my life. I wanted to let go of everything and see what happens. I chose the desert as a place to learn – for me, the ultimate form of nothingness, letting go and trust.” Travel for awareness and transformation By a lucky coincidence, Carina Steidle soon learned about the Swiss transformation expert and adventure designer Sharon Makana. She regularly offers inspiring journeys for awareness and transformation in special places around the world. “After a number of people close to me warned me about the dangers of the desert, I immediately remembered why self-confidence was so difficult. Uncertain and hopeful at the same time, I nevertheless booked Sharon’s extraordinary New Year’s trip through the Sinai desert in Egypt. A journey through the desert and to myself.” Unexpected arrival: between uncertainty and magic  Carina Steidle: “When I arrived at Sharm El Sheik Airport on the evening of December 27, I was enveloped in a mixture of uncertainty, tension and curiosity. Uncertain thoughts circled through my head, which I had wrapped in a headscarf rather inexpertly. I shouldered my red travel rucksack and looked alertly and somewhat nervously for the Bedouin who was supposed to pick me up. I choose peace Things really got going the next day. Carina got to know Sharon, the other participants and the Bedouins. It was an interesting and friendly little group. “We drove to our starting point for the desert tour. Leaving the area with cell phone reception was very challenging for me. Although I am anything but a cell phone junkie, I was in tears from being overwhelmed. I found it surprisingly difficult to completely let go of my connection to my life in Germany and set off into the unknown.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lip liner in 4 new shades – “Soft Shape Lip Liner” by Kess

Lip liners are an indispensable beauty essential for me. And not just when I want my lipstick to sit perfectly and stay where it belongs – on my lips. I also like to use liners on their own when I don’t feel like doing an elaborate lip make-up with several make-up steps. Lip liner as the sole tool creates naturally accentuated lips and long-lasting color. The four new rosé-brown-nude shades Chocolate Brown, Caramel Nude, Neutral Brown and Natural Rose always work. My personal favorite is Neutral Brown. The creamy Soft Shape Lip Liner is easy to apply and just as easy to blend. The precise lip liner sits on one end of the pencil and a practical, vegan smudger brush on the other. It can be used to make thick contours appear softer. When turned, the clever contour pencil disappears into its casing and therefore does not need to be sharpened. I find this extremely practical because I never have the right sharpener to hand that matches the thickness of the contour pencil in question. Lip liner for a variety of looks I start by lining the contours of my mouth. I minimally overdraw the upper lip to match the fuller lower lip. Then I draw the lips further inwards and blend the color with the Smudger. Depending on my mood, I combine the Soft Shape Lip Liner with other lip products, such as a lip oil or a lip gloss. I also like to use a balm that contains chili (capsaicin), mint or cinnamon. These are all substances that stimulate blood flow to the skin of the lips, which temporarily gives you slightly fuller lips. But there are of course other variations that you can conjure up with a contour pencil. Take, for example, the iconic 90s looks of super models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell or Victoria Beckham. They made the extravagant two-tone lip look a trend. This included a bold, dark contour and highly pigmented lipstick in opaque beige and brown shades. Cheating with lip liner As briefly mentioned above, you can also cheat very well with contour pencils. Narrow lips can be transformed into a full pout. It’s very simple: by lightly painting over the natural lip contour, the lips appear fuller and more defined. With the four Soft Shape Lip Liners from Kess, there are no make-up disasters either, because you can’t go wrong with the four nude shade.… weiterlesen

Wellness Trends – The Top 10 on TikTok

The wellness industry is booming. On social media wellness-related content is experiencing a surge in popularity. On TikTok, they are often displayed through short videos promoting various health and self-care practices for improving overall well-being. BonusInsider created a handy guide into the top 10 wellness trends that are guaranteed to keep you inspired and motivated as you grow into your best self. Wellness has become a big issue on TikTok, which has a wide reach in the meantime. It has established itself as a leading social media platform, particularly among Gen Z (the generation currently aged 10 to 25). With 1.7 billion active users globally (out of which 1.1 billion are its monthly active users), a figure projected to reach two billion by the end of 2024, it is the second app after Facebook to surpass 3 billion all-time downloads and now boasts an impressive 4.7 billion as per the latest reports. A growth rate of 3.69% during 2024-2032 is expected. But now back to our topic. Wellness trends align with the desire for self-improvement. Have a look on TikTok whether you are searching a new workout routine, some glow-up hacks or easy-prep recipes, take the time to scroll through the options below and pick the ones that resonate best with your goals! This year consider doing some Girl Therapy! #SelfLove (83B), #SelfCare (60.7B), #SelfCareRoutine (7.9B) – 151,6B combined TikTok views If you’re active on TikTok, you are probably already familiar with concepts such as Girl Math (women’s strategy for justifying large or unnecessary purchases) and Girl Dinner (meals made of snacks or small amounts of random foods), as these two trends have been blowing up the platform’s feeds in the past year. But have you ever heard of Girl Therapy? With over 150b combined views of its related hashtags, it is the top wellness trend expected to dominate TikTok in 2024, according to our research. But what exactly is it, and should you try it out? As we scroll through TikTok it turns out that Girl Therapy could mean different things for everyone. For most creators it involves activities such as taking an “everything shower” (at-home spa session), lighting a candle, enjoying a cute dessert, reading a book, trying some new hairstyles, getting your nails done, screaming to Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo’s songs, treating yourself to a shopping spree— the list goes on! At its core, Girl Therapy is a phenomenon that promotes self-care: setting healthy boundaries, making yourself a priority and doing what you love.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: super fresh “The Body Cleanser” by Augustinus Bader

Body cleansing is the be-all and end-all for me to start the day fresh. I can’t do without a shower in the morning. Nevertheless, I am careful and use most shower gels very carefully, only using them on the “neuralgic” areas of the body. Unfortunately, many dry out the skin unpleasantly. It starts to tighten soon after drying off and you can’t reach into the cream pot quickly enough to at least compensate for the loss of moisture to some extent. I was therefore particularly excited about Augustinus Bader’s body cleanser. One of the claims of “The Body Cleanser” is: “Gently removes impurities and dirt without stripping or drying out the skin.” Admittedly, I am also a very visual person. And the bright blue bottle with its bronze-colored tilt cap simply looks good in the bathroom and is pleasant to hold with its curves. Gel becomes foam I first wet my skin in the shower before applying the cleanser. As I massage it in, the light gel texture transforms into a luxurious, rich lather. The calming scent of eucalyptus fills my nose, which is not only refreshing but also relaxing. I already feel good and completely clean. I rinse the foam residue from my skin with the final shower jet. My skin feels soft and nourished and there are no signs of moisture loss. This is what Prof. Augustinus Bader says about the new body cleanser: “Skin care doesn’t stop at the face. Our entire skin is susceptible to damage from daily stressors and ageing. With the power of our TFC8 technology, our latest formulation The Body Cleanser combines highly effective ingredients to cleanse and revitalize the skin without stripping it of moisture. It is also the ideal base for the absorption of our other nourishing body products such as The Body Cream, The Body Lotion and The Body Oil.“ And what exactly is this TCF8 complex developed by Bader and contained in all its products? The Trigger Factor Complex TFC is a patented mixture of natural amino acids, high-quality vitamins and peptides. It is the result of over 30 years of research, innovation and clinical studies. TFC8 technology delivers key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the skin, creating and promoting an optimal environment for cell renewal. It transforms potent base formulations into smarter, adaptive skincare capable of addressing individual concerns – such as fine lines and wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks and damage caused by external stressors.… weiterlesen

Online Portal “Humanimal” For Human And Animal Health

The online portal “Humanimal” promotes the well-being of dogs, cats & co. and their owners. Anyone who has a pet knows the pain of not getting better despite treatment. This is where the new online portal comes in. The name of the online portal says it all. “Humanimal” is made up of “human” – human – and “animal” – animal. Pet owners are often close to despair when their four-legged friend doesn’t get better despite months of searching for a cure and unsuccessful therapies. Anne-Marie Schmitt has developed a solution and is there to help those affected. Together with Caroline Uelpenich, a teacher, energy work coach and animal communicator, the holistic vet from Lauf a. d. Pegnitz has launched the online portal “Humanimal” for the holistic health of humans and animals. How does the “Humanimal” online portal work and what can users expect? At the heart of “Humanimal” are webinars that deepen the understanding of naturopathy and animal communication and stimulate self-reflection among pet owners. The platform attaches great importance to ensuring that participants not only accumulate knowledge, but are also empowered to act responsibly for their animals and themselves. “Humanimal” integrates unique energetic approaches that are supported by meditations and targeted energy transmissions. The founders’ vision goes beyond simply imparting knowledge. They strive to promote a global awareness of holistic health and naturopathy and have future plans for their own farm with horses, which will serve as a healing place for people and their animals. “Humanimal” is therefore more than just an online portal, it is a movement that promotes the well-being of humans and animals in harmony with nature. Humans and animals – sharing a healthy future The positive development of a pet’s health under professional supervision can have a lasting impact on the owners. They experience emotional relief and joy when they see their beloved four-legged friends recovering. This can contribute to an increased emotional well-being of the owners. The successful recovery of the pet strengthens the owners’ confidence in professional pet health care. The worry and stress associated with their animal companion’s illness can diminish as a result of the positive progress made. The close bond between humans and animals can deepen as owners experience that their efforts and professional support have a positive impact on their pet’s quality of life. A healthy pet can contribute to a more active and positive lifestyle for owners. The process of recovery can also have a learning effect for owners as they learn more about their pet’s needs and care.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lip care for volume “The Tinted Lip Volumizer” by La Mer

Lip care for volume and iridescent shine. Women with thinner lips in particular often want a slightly fuller mouth – without filler from a syringe at the beauty doc. The delicate skin of the lips should also be soft and supple. In short: a youthful look. Found a new lip care: Although I am quite happy with my mouth and an avid user of matte lipsticks, I like it when my lips have a soft shimmer and are plumped up with moisture for a change. Then I use the new “Lip Volumizer” from La Mer. My favorite colors are Coral and Berry. But there are two other great shades in Sheer Glow and Sheer Pink. This lip care for volume combines the nourishing power of a serum with the silky shine of a lip oil. Nourishing oils of sesame, olive and coconut as well as shea butter provide moisture and give the perfect glazed lip look with a fresh hint of color. Lip care with the „Miracle Broth“ Not to forget, the four Lip Volumizers also contain the heart of La Mer cosmetics. It is the power of Miracle Broth. It was invented by the father of the brand, an aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber, over fifty years ago. After a laboratory accident, he set out in search of a suitable “cure”. Twelve years and 6,000 experiments later, the Miracle Broth, the legendary elixir, was born. He used the power of the sea, i.e. certain algae, to give the skin a more irritation-resistant skin barrier and a balanced complexion. Miracle Broth promotes the skin’s natural energy and stimulates active repair. Does not stick and cools slightly The lip care is applied using the cushion-shaped applicator. Its slightly twisted transparent handle sits comfortably in the hand. The fact that it is inspired by seaweed only becomes clear to me at second glance with a lot of imagination. An extremely positive aspect of the volumizer is that it is not sticky. It leaves a pleasant cushiony feeling on the lips with a slightly cooling effect. I like to use it on its own or over a lipstick to enhance the shine. You can also use it as a primer before applying color. “The Tinted Lip Volumizer” by La Mer, four shades, US$ 90 Photos: La Mer… weiterlesen

Tested for you: UV protection “Daily Defense Face Mousse SPF 50 from Evy

UV protection in winter? I only need it when skiing or in the mountains. I hear that all the time. But it’s wrong. Because even if the tanning UVB rays have little effect in the winter months, the skin needs protection to prevent premature ageing. We are constantly exposed to UVA light. These deep-penetrating rays even penetrate glass. They reach us in closed rooms and also behind the windshield of our car. This radiation reaches so deep into the skin layers that it is the cause of pigmentation spots and wrinkles. It also causes a loss of elasticity because collagen is broken down more quickly. And this happens regardless of whether the sun is shining outside or not. Dermatologists agree that more than 90 percent of the symptoms of skin ageing are caused by UV radiation. UV protection in winter Now you might think that it is enough to use a day cream and make-up with an uv protection factor in the cold season. This is also wrong. In winter it simply has to be a little more. The difference between a real sun protection product and a day cream with SPF is that the day cream was simply not designed as sun protection, but primarily pursues other goals such as moisturizing the skin, for example. This is why such a cream often does not offer sufficient sun protection, especially against the deep-penetrating UVA rays. Incidentally, protection against UVA rays is measured in relation to the SPF value. If you want to achieve comprehensive UVA protection for your skin, you should use a classified sunscreen. UV protection mousse with SPF 50 There are several good reasons why I chose the “Daily Defense Face Mousse SPF 50”, especially in the winter months: The mousse has a pleasant texture. It comes out of the dispenser fluffy and compact, i.e. not runny. I don’t like it when a product runs through my fingers. The airy foam spreads smoothly over the face and has an intensive moisturizing effect on the skin. The complexion is beautifully matt afterwards and doesn’t look greasy – very important! The UV protection mousse is quickly absorbed and acts like a primer. The skin not only receives the highest possible UVA protection according to the Boots Star Rating Test and PA+ Test, but is also protected against HEV/blue light. This is not only found in the natural light spectrum, but is also emitted by screens.… weiterlesen

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