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CultureAndCream Author from Munich To travel during my profession as a beauty journalist was never enough for my. Also my six month on a world trip didn't do it. It always attracts me to other cities, foreign countries, on roadtrips and places I don't know yet. But I am not only interested in "culture" and "cream", I am also fascinated by people who have stories to tell .  Such unique experiences I want to share with you.

Tested for you: Eye Massage with „SmartGoggles“ from Therabody

Futuristic high-tech eye massage glasses with a wide range of applications: Restful sleep. Relieve eye strain. Relieve headaches. Relieve facial tension. Reduce stress. Or simply relax physically and mentally. All this and more is in the portfolio of the intelligent eye mask with SmartSense Technology with three customizable modes. “Smart” eye massage How does SmartSense Technology work? It combines a biometric heart rate sensor with vibration, heat and massage to control SmartRelax mode, which physically lowers the heart rate and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Heart rate is measured by a built-in sensor on the inside of the massage goggles. This allows the parameters to be individually adjusted to the person who wants to relax with it. A total of three programs are available for relaxing: Focus, SmartRelax and Sleep. They differ in the type of preset massage, vibration and heat levels. For example, the temples are relaxed, the forehead or the cheeks are loosened. Heat and vibration can also be adjusted to one’s own needs via the control buttons in three stages each. After 15 minutes, the massage glasses switch themselves off. Relaxation for the senses Visually, Therabody’s Smart Goggles remind me a bit of oversized sleeping goggles. They are adjusted to the size of your head with an elastic strap. You can’t move much with them, but you’re supposed to relax. And the best way to do that is to lie on your back and do nothing. As soon as the massage goggles are switched on, they massage the upper half of the face by filling and emptying the air chambers as well as additional vibrations. At the touch of a button, it can additionally generate heat. Best with music Music supports the relaxation experience and also helps to block out the massage goggles’ own noise, which emits air noises and a slight hum when the chambers are filled. In one test, the volume was rated at 47 decibels. A multi-sensory sound therapy “TheraMind” is available for the Smart Googles in a corresponding app, which is best listened to via headphones. Practical especially when traveling and for storage is the flexibility of the massage glasses. They can be folded in the middle at a prepared bend and stowed in the accompanying black fabric case. Packed in this way, they do not get dusty if they are not used for a long time. Oh, and you should definitely remove your makeup before putting on your smart goggles.… weiterlesen

Lip Make-Up: This Is What Matters!

During the pandemic, lip make-up has become rather unimportant. Behind the mouth-nose protection, no one would have seen it anyway and the color would merely have been smudged. In the meantime, lipstick is more often seen on mouths again. Often, unfortunately, not well done. Therefore, here again everything you should know about appetizing made-up lips.. When it comes to lip make-up it is said that since the fall of masks lipstick sales have increased by 173 percent. In the first place is still red, because red lips make the complexion immediately radiant. Red adds glamour even when no makeup is otherwise applied. It’s the quickest number to look fresh and refreshed in an instant. However, it is also the most difficult color to make up, because neither fluff nor irregularity remain hidden from the viewer. Even a makeup pro like Londoner Celia Burton confesses, “I’ve long dreamed of wearing lipstick again, but now after what feels like a year without lip make-up, a matte red that used to be my staple, so to speak, seems kind of scary.” As a sort of warm-up exercise until she returns to her “staple,” she uses what she calls lip tints. Easy to use: lip tints These liquid textures still give off little color on the first coat, but can be built up layer by layer your lip make-up for stronger effects. Such a tinted lip product also forgives small makeup mistakes. It creates a rather natural finish, the edges of the mouth may even look a little blurred with it. Apply correctly: It is best to apply the lip tint to the center of the lower lip and spread the color with a finger towards the cupid’s bow. If you want to make a statement with your lip make-up, you have to work carefully. And for this, the right technique is essential. Here are the most important steps: Prepare To ensure that lip color really lasts long and doesn’t smudge while you’re already eating, blowing your nose or kissing, careful preparation is necessary. Forget the age-old tip of “priming” the mouth with foundation. This does the opposite of what you want to achieve: the color “slips” much more easily on the “silky” foundation. Special lip primers or transparent lip liners that you spread over the entire lip area as a primer are helpful. This fixes the subsequent lip make-up for hours. If you can and want to invest more time or if the lip skin is not completely even, you can exfoliate your lips 20 minutes before applying makeup and then moisturize them with a nourishing balm.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Talcum Powder “Borotalco” from Roberts

A talcum powder to save the day. I have one. No time to wash your hair? Everybody knows that. No dry shampoo at hand? I know – especially when traveling That’s why I always have a small can of “Borotalco” from Roberts on hand. Every Italian knows the green, nostalgic sprinkle can. It has been around since 1904 and is a body powder made from natural microtalc – 100% from Turin. Makes the hair roots fluffy again, but has many other applications. This talcum powder – a piece of Italian tradition The history of Borotalco began back in 1878 in a small pharmacy in Florence. There, Henry Roberts was tinkering with a talcum powder body care product and eventually developed his Boro talc. At that time, he certainly did not even dare to dream that the white talcum powder would shape the skin care of Italians for generations. But in 1904, the talcum powder in the classic green tin actually moved into Italian households and it has been impossible to imagine life without it ever since. The classic fragrance alone, which harmoniously combines the fresh notes of citrus with white flowers and a talc base, brings back childhood memories for most people. Practical about the powder is that it can be used by the whole family – from baby to nonno. Natural talc powder has excellent care properties: it is absorbent, refreshing and smoothing. In 1957 the company launches its advertising slogan, universally known in Italy, “Se non è Roberts non è Borotalco”, which means “If it’s not Roberts, it’s not Borotalco”. The journey continues The Bolton Group, which took over the successful traditional Italian brand Borotalco in 1992, has continued to run the company with the same high quality standards ever since. The 1990s then saw the emergence of the Borotalco product lines. This was soon followed by the innovative deodorant products, which use microtalk not only to absorb the sweat already present, but also to regulate perspiration. Shower gel, bath foam and liquid soap complete the portfolio. And let’s not forget the popular Crema Vellutante, which has been popular for full-body care since 1904. In 2011, the line was also launched in Switzerland and Slovenia, followed three years later by Austria. Although the newer products feature a modern presentation, the nostalgic look has fortunately remained with the green powder. The ph-neutral and dermatologically tested “Borotalco” is available in practical travel sizes through to tins in the family size of 500 g and in a bag for refilling.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lifting Mask „EMS-Lifting“ from Medi-Lift

The lifting mask made of black medical silicone looks a little scary at first sight. But do not be frightened! I’m not looking for an outfit for a fetish party, although it would certainly score there too. No, all jokes aside! What I tested this time is an EMS lifting mask for the face. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Known so far only as an effective body workout. But we also have muscles in thelface that can be stimulated to shape, tone and tighten them – especially in the cheek and chin area. Exactly where sagging tends to show up. And that’s exactly where the Medi-Lift mask comes in. You don’t have to invest much time either. 10 minutes a day is enough, they say. EMS lifting at home The mask comes from Japan. There, the Medi-Lift series has already collected 53 beauty awards from various magazines and media in the categories of women and men. According to the description, you could say that the lifting mask works like a kind of intensified yoga for the face or similar to the Gua Sha stone – only even more effective. Namely, the mimic muscles are treated with two different EMS modes. This not only improves muscle volume, which in turn smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth, but also tightens the jawline. The lifting mask is also effective against facial puffiness. Lifting mask for any face shape The mask fits everyone, woman or man, round or square face shape. True, most faces are asymmetrical and vary in size. But the elastic medical grade silicone adapts to any shape and size. With the program, you can choose from six levels, individually adjustable for the right and left sides of the face, to give the muscles a “customized” workout, so to speak. Particularly addressed by the EMS technology are “critical” muscles in the face such as the large zygomaticus muscles that run longitudinally along the cheeks.lose tension and volume, wrinkles and sagging skin occur. In release mode, the masseter muscle, which pulls down from the cheeks toward the jawline, is relaxed with low-frequency EMS of 20~100Hz. The masseter muscles are often overused, which can lead to a square jaw. My personal test: First, the two triangular massage tools have to be charged. It takes about 90 minutes each, but then they last for about five hours. It’s a shame that only one charging cable is included, which is of course a special one, so you can only connect the two parts to the socket one after the other.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Facial Toner Witch Hazel“ from Thayers

A facial toner should be part of every skincare routine. There are countless on the market. Therefore, one would not have to lose too many words about it – one would think. What particularly excites me about the Thayers facial toner is the tradition behind it. Thayers has been a product with cult character in the USA for generations. The brand looks back on a 175-year history. It was started by Henry Thayer, son of a physician and one of the founding families of Massachusetts. He graduated in medicine from the Boston Medical School and also practiced medicine for a short time.In 1843, at the age of 21, Dr. Thayers opened a drugstore in the Douglass Block of Cambridge until 1847, when he established his famous Henry Thayer & Company at the corner of Main and Essex Streets in Cambridge. Facial tonic with the witch hazel In 1850, he began a series of experiments to perfect the technique of evaporation in a vacuum. His goal was to produce extracts in concentrated form, then the production of liquid extracts followed. Over the years, Dr. Thayer had over 800 herbal extract products in his portfolio, which he offered in the form of infusions, poultices, syrups, tinctures and wines. One of these was witch hazel extract, which was touted as a “tonic, astringent and sedative.” It became the brand’s signature ingredient and has remained so. Witch hazel has always been popular for its medicinal properties. To this day, it is used in Thayers’ alcohol-free facial toners and sprays. Their certified organic witch hazel is sourced from a family farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut. All of the brand’s skincare products are produced the old-fashioned way – not distilled, are animal-free and of the highest natural quality. They contain 195% more tannins. Found in the bark and skin of some plants, these substances have mild antioxidant properties and have a balancing effect. Witch hazel brings the skin into balance For me, a good toner is an essential intermediate step in my daily skincare routine. It moisturizes, re-cleanses and smoothes my skin. The complexion glows – completely without filters – and the subsequent skin care products can work even better. Unlike the toner, the gentle spray of the Witch Hazel Facial Mist can also be used in between, when the skin needs refreshment during the day. Witch hazel is one of my favorite ingredients because its natural astringent properties soothe the skin and restore pH balance after cleansing.… weiterlesen

Glycation: Don’t Let Yourself Get Sugared Up!

Scientists call glycation the “saccharification” of tissue components. In the skin, collagen and elastin are particularly affected. Stiffened fibers mean that the skin visibly loses tone and elasticity, especially in the areas of the cheeks and chin, and ages more quickly overall. An effective means of reversing this process does not yet exist – although some cosmetics manufacturers promise it. One small consolation: prevention can prevent worse. Glycation? How does it actually occur? Chemically, the body reacts with proteins or lipids and forms so-called AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts). We don’t even have to constantly snack on sweets to do this. We absorb the glycation end products mainly via glucose and fructose, but also in fried, grilled, roasted or baked food. The AGEs are mainly contained in the brown outer layer that forms when food is heated, such as roast skin or bread crust. Even with burnt milk, a reaction of protein and fat molecules with sugar molecules, i.e. glycation, takes place. This was proven by the French biochemist Louis Maillard in 1912. The same process takes place in our organism when excessive amounts of sugar enter the bloodstream. The only difference is that it happens much more slowly than in an overheated milk pot, because our body temperature is also lower. The fact that blood sugar shoots up during an overload of sweets is due to the fact that this excess cannot be excreted via the kidneys. Glycation damages the organism AGEs not only cause the skin to age faster. Hyperglycemia triggers a wide variety of diseases. It promotes cardiovascular disease by clogging the arteries. It is also involved in diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and chronic kidney disease. Increased AGE concentrations have even been detected in cataracts and in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. But back to the skin. There, the sugar-protein compounds coat the collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, these structural proteins stiffen and lose their ability to form healthy, new cells. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles remain visible because the skin can no longer compensate for them naturally and also stores less moisture. It looks sallower and overall older, less firm and elastic. The dreaded sagging also sets in much earlier than biologically intended. Check for the glycemic index The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a daily sugar ration for adults that does not exceed five percent of the total calories. This corresponds, for example, to two apples, or one apple plus 100 grams of berries, 200 grams of whole grain rice.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: New Eye drops “Hydro med Blue” from Dr. Theiss

Eye drops are constant companions for me – at home and on the road. Always with me. They are at my workplace. I pack them in small disposable vials in every handbag. A common problem for me is red and irritated eyes. They itch, burn. As a pollen and house dust allergy sufferer, I unfortunately struggle with this all too often. Sitting at a computer screen for hours and being overtired after long car rides, for example, dry out the eyes even more. Dr. Theiss has been offering new eye drops with pharmaceutical-grade hyaluron since September 2022. What makes them special is that the liquid is blue. The coloration comes from a water-soluble, medically used dye. The absolute highlight is that it produces an instant visual white effect and makes discolorations in the eye appear softened. Why was a blue dye used in particular? Blue “retouches” the color pigments red and yellow. This visually balances out reddish and yellowish discolorations of the eye. This complementary color effect makes the eyes shine again. Eye drops without preservatives Second plus point: The eye drops contain long-chain (high-molecular) hyaluronic acid. It binds water and acts as a substitute for the missing tear fluid. As a result, the eyes are moistened. In case of dryness, immediate relief occurs and redness disappears. The hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate 0.15%) forms an even, viscoelastic protective film for the cornea without impairing visual performance. Blue „tears” First you have to remove the safety ring of the bottle, then you can pull off the cap, which is also blue, upwards. As usual when applying eye drops, I put my head back, direct my gaze upward and pull the lower eyelid slightly away from the eye. With the other hand, I hold the vial with the dropper opening down to drop a drop into the conjunctival sac. It does not work right away the way I am used to. At the first drip attempt, too much liquid comes out of the bottle. Blue “tears” run down my cheek. I quickly wipe them off with a tissue before they land on my clothes. Then the second eye. Nothing comes out of the eye drop bottle. The special sterile air filter system is a bit tricky. After each removal, you have to wait a few seconds without pressing on the vial. This waiting time is necessary so that enough air can flow back into the closed system.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Correcting Pencil „Stylo Correct“ from Sisley

The new correcting pencil from Sisley seems to be a real magic pencil. It says, “Stylo Correct is a corrective concealer pencil. It offers a flawless complexion with its high-coverage formula and creamy texture that blends seamlessly. The luminous matte finish instantly conceals imperfections, smooths and reduces the appearance of blemishes, and visually minimizes pigmentation flaws.“ The colour range is huge indeed. It comes in 11 different shades with neutral undertones and five intensity levels from Fair to Deep. You’re sure to find the right color for every skin. And that, after all, is the prerequisite for a perfect complexion in the nude look. The color of the corrector must blend with the skin. Another plus: as the perfect complement to makeup, all correcting pencils match the foundation shades from Sisley. A correcting pencil for a perfect teint Practical at the correction pencil I find already at first glance the double-tip format with a soft, fine and rounded concealer pencil at one end. The fine lead allows a precise application of the texture even on “corners” such as the eye and the wings of the nose. At the other end of the pencil is a foam blending tip that allows the color to blend seamlessly with the skin. The texture itself has high coverage, but is light and creamy. It does not dry out the skin and is super easy to apply. Flawless nude finish The result can be seen or nothing can be seen that something was corrected on the skin. As if by magic, a radiant, matte finish appears that lasts all day. All traces of fatigue are as if wiped from the face. Small imperfections in the complexion such as redness and enlarged pores are smoothed in an instant, skin blemishes disappear visually, but are also improved thanks to benzoic acid and alpha-bisabolol, with which the formula is enriched. Pigment spots also disappear under the correcting pencil. The “Stylo Correct” is not only perfect in the hand during make-up. Its slim shape makes it the ideal companion in every makeup bag and handbag. „Stylo Correct“ from Sisley, 0,06 oz., US$ 75… weiterlesen

Tested for you: “Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream” von Biossance

Welcome to a new eye cream: Under the motto Clean Beauty meets Science, the hyped US skincare brand Biossance has also been on the market in Germany since September 2022. The Californian brand was founded in Emeryville in 2016. From the beginning, the scientists had one goal in mind. They wanted to solve a problem that has long existed in the cosmetics industry: many ingredients are unsustainable and can even harm the earth and the oceans. Just one example of this is the molecule squalene (Latin for shark), which is very popular in skin care products. It occurs naturally in the liver of sharks. Two million of these marine animals were killed for it every year. Squalane from sugar cane Biossance scientists have developed a highly effective ingredient with almost the same sounding, but still completely different squalane, for which no shark has to die anymore. Squalane, on which the entire care series is based, is vegan. It is obtained 100% from plant sugar cane. Squalene is also a natural component of the skin and is produced by the body itself. However, over the years, our own production continues to decline. A substitute is the plant helper squalane, which is bioidentical to the squalene in our skin, and offers the same benefits as squalene: It moisturizes, soothes and protects without clogging the pores. Creamy light eye cream My favorite from the beauty line is the “Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream”. The apricot-colored eye cream is creamy light, non-greasy and absorbs very quickly. Pleasant also that it is odorless. In the morning after toner and in the evening after cleansing, the sensitive eye area is supplied with moisture around the clock. With my ring finger, I take up a small amount at a time and distribute it under and over the eyes up to the brow arches. The moisture plumps up small lines. And best of all, the eye cream is also a perfect base when I apply eyeliner afterwards. It lasts much longer and does not smudge. A tip for all beauty fans: At least as essential as the selection of the products themselves is the correct order in which the products are applied. To ensure that the care reaches its maximum potential and can be absorbed effortlessly, always start with the lightest products and end with the richest care. The only exception is sunscreen – always apply it at the end.… weiterlesen

Mica – The Sad Story Behind

Ever heard of mica? And you probably have it somewhere in your cosmetics bag. Because mica is the pigment that makes eye shadows, powders and lipsticks shimmer so beautifully. But it’s not just makeup products that are adorned with the precious pearlescent shimmer. Mica is also used for coatings, for example in the automotive industry. The pigment is not the real problem, but how it is obtained. In itself, mica is not evil. It is a naturally occurring mineral. So it is not problematic for the user. But its extraction often takes place under inhumane conditions – through child labor. This must be stopped. The first steps have already been taken. A major step in the right direction is an initiative that was founded in January 2017. At that time, representatives of 20 companies and organizations worldwide got together and founded the “Responsible Mica Initiative” (RMI). Its goal is to eliminate child labor in mica supply chains. All RMI members must commit to buying only raw substances from legal mines. The association is also committed to transparency and the implementation of workplace standards for mine workers. The initiative now has 80 members from all sectors of industry. These include Chanel, Clarins, Coty, Shiseido, L’Oréal, Sephora, H&M, Porsche and the BMW Group. The children’s charity Terre des Hommes is also part of it. The versatile mineral Mica is a term that comes from Latin. It means something like “glitter” or “shine”. The sheen typical of mica depends on the particle size. The smaller the particle size, the more matte the pigments are and the higher the opacity. “The size of the pigment also determines how shiny something is. A soft eyeshadow needs smaller particles to make it look smooth. Smaller particles create shine, while larger particles create a strong glitter effect,” explains makeup developer Rowena Bird from the cosmetic company lush. The silicate mineral is used in various products from blush to make-up pencils, from nail polish to carnival colors. Mica can even be found in children’s products such as shower gel, bath soap and toothpaste. And because it makes powders easier to make, it is often used as a filler in mineral makeup. Mica belongs to the so-called mica group, and is also disparagingly called cat’s silver or fool’s gold. On the INCI list, it can be found under the designation CI 77019 or as Potassium Aluminum Silicate. Combined with titanium oxide To create different colors and various gloss or glitter effects, the mica particles are coated with an oxide – usually titanium oxide.… weiterlesen

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