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CultureAndCream Author from Munich To travel during my profession as a beauty journalist was never enough for my. Also my six month on a world trip didn't do it. It always attracts me to other cities, foreign countries, on roadtrips and places I don't know yet. But I am not only interested in "culture" and "cream", I am also fascinated by people who have stories to tell .  Such unique experiences I want to share with you.

Tested for you: “Lifting Gua Sha” from Rose Quartz by Payot

I’ve always been skeptical about massage tools like the Gua Sha and others. And I also have to admit, being too impatient. I tried most of them a few times and then put them down again and left their fate to be forgotten in some drawer. But recently I experienced a facial in Dr. Miriam Rehbein’s office in Munich, as you may have read on my blog, with a fabulous massage of the cheek-chin contour. When I then put my “Gua Sha” stone at home exactly where the beautician’s fingers had massaged, it really surprised me: It felt almost as good. Three sides, three options Since then, I’ve been doing it every day, stroking the “V” side of the Gua Sha up along the jawline from chin to ear. Like two fingers, the “V” encompasses the jawbone and its tissue. And because the cool rose quartz feels so comfortable on the skin, I go up higher in the face and use it to work on the cheek area. For the cheeks, I use the long side of the stone and move diagonally upwards along the edge of the face. Finally, it is the turn of the eye area by stroking the narrow corner of the tool from the outer corner of the eye to the hairline. After regular use, my face, especially the jaw line, looks tighter and more relaxed overall. All 26 muscles appear relaxed and the lymph flow stimulated. I prefer to use the 15 minutes in front of the TV during the daily evening news – just the right amount of time. I think this time I will on the ball, in this case the rose quartz stone. Where does the Gua Sha actually come from? Massages with precious stones such as rose quartz and jade have a long tradition in Chinese medicine (TCM). Gua Sha (pronounced “Quascha”) is made up of the two words “Gua” and “Sha”, which mean something like “scrape” and “reddening of the skin”. The stone is gently “scraped” over the face so that the skin turns red slightly due to the increased blood flow. In Chinese medicine it is assumed that after a successful facial massage, the skin is freed of toxins and blockages. Rose quartz or jade – what’s the difference? In TCM, different effects are ascribed to the two healing stones. Jade is said to have an anti-inflammatory, cleansing and decongestant effect.… weiterlesen

Dietary Supplements: Covid Increased the Use

A new survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Samueli Foundation found that 29 percent of Americans are taking more supplements compared with before the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the nationwide percentage of supplement-takers to 76 percent. While America has always been a pioneer when it comes to taking nutritional supplements, the European population has been hesitant. But according to the latest surveys recently published by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the pandemic has also boosted consumption here: Instead of the 180,200 tons of supplements from 2020, almost 11 percent more were produced this year in Germany alone. According to the “Statista Global Consumer Survey”, only 30 percent of Germans do not take any dietary supplements today. Preventive intake In Corona times, the fear of illness has increased – to the advantage of the manufacturers of pills, powders, shots and other nutricosmetics. While many companies were in dire straits, they benefited from increased consumer interest. Werner Baumann, head of the Bayer Group, confirmed that the demand “for certain nutritional supplements that support health is currently three to five times as high as usual”.Similar in the USA: The results showed that nearly two-thirds of those who increased supplement use (65%) cited a desire to enhance their overall immunity (57%) or protection from COVID-19 (36%) as reasons for the spike. Other reasons for the increase included taking control of their own health (42%), improving sleep (41%), and improving their mental health (34%). The survey also found that vitamins/minerals are the most commonly consumed supplement category, consistent with the previous surveys.  Once a customer, always a customer. Supplement users are loyal. Most buy again and again. Often there is a not inconsiderable psychological effect behind it. Because if you take the products for a while, you quickly get a guilty conscience when you stop using them. You wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t taken it. Would you be less healthy then? So we continue to swallow. The effect you think you can feel with supplements, like firmer nails or stronger hair, is often not really there, but you just feel better with it. After all, the placebo effect, which definitely brings verifiable results, is a not unknown phenomenon. Do I even need nutritional supplements? You shouldn’t rely on advertising alone, what the pills can do for you. If you think you need a dietary supplement or want to try a certain product, you should at least talk to a specialist beforehand about whether it also fits your personal health profile.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Hair Care Set „Nourishing Shampoo and Serum“ from Hair Cure

This hair care makes me curious. It already passes the haptic test: the elongated, rounded shampoo bottle lies comfortably in the hand. It’s neither too soft nor too hard, so it conveniently delivers the right amount of liquid. The flip lock lid is easy to open and still closes tightly. The slightly brownish-transparent “Ultimate Nourishing Shampoo” smells slightly medicinal. Comfortable for my nose. I only need a little amount for my bob length. The shampoo is easy to distribute and lather in the hair. I like foam. And I like a scalp that feels well cleansed. This hair care does it. Washing out is also easy. Do I need conditioner after shampooing? Usually yes, because my hair likes to get tangled easily. But I’ll try it without it first. In fact, it works well with the „Hair Cure“ shampoo. My hair is not knotted a bit. And after blow-drying, it has a lovely volume. I also have the feeling that the blow-drying time is a lot shorter and my hair dries much faster than usual. System hair care against hair loss The second step for daily use: The „Ultimate Nourishing Serum“ is actually intended to inhibit hair loss or, if used systematically, to promote hair regrowth. I don’t have any hair loss, but every year in autumn, when the hair changes after summer, I do a hair treatment to strengthen my hair. The formulas of both hair care products are based on biomimetic peptides, amino acids and purely plant-based ingredients that are obtained through nanotechnological cold extraction. The active ingredients regenerate the scalp and prevent hair loss. At the same time, they care for the hair from roots to tips, which contributes to healthier and voluminous hair. And who doesn’t want that? Full hair, healthy scalp From the highly concentrated scalp serum with 16 active nutrients from traditional natural medicine, I should massage in a small amount of the product twice a day. The spray bottle allows to distribute the liquid precisely and easily. The light serum is absorbed through the pores of the scalp and, thanks to the algae it contains, supplies the hair roots with moisture and soothes the scalp. I take it pretty serious with this hair care, I religiously massage the brownish serum in the morning and evening, especially in the parting area, where women usually begin to thinning hair. The serum also smells pleasantly medicinal and – very important – it is not greasy because it is quickly absorbed by the scalp.… weiterlesen

Long Hair – Never Again!?

If I think back then I wore my hair long for half of my life. When I was a child, our father insisted that a girl must have long hair. And all of his three daughters were blessed with beautiful, full, dark hair. Father was my dream man back then, and who doesn’t want to please his dream man. When I was a teenager, I began to rebel against his wishes and ideas – including long hair. In addition to the newly discovered “I determine myself” thoughts, there were other, much more practical reasons that I wanted to part with the long hair. Had I been allowed to wear it openly, everything might have gone in a slightly different direction. But for as long as I could remember, my waist-length hair was always pinned up tightly in the morning so that it wouldn’t come up during the day and “hang down sloppily”. In the evening when opening it, an uncomfortable pulling pain spread across the scalp every time. Not to mention the combing through of the thick braids and the 100 brush strokes every day “for a beautiful shine”, as it was said. I was afraid of my aunt from Hamburg, who came to see us regularly on vacation, because she would put us children in the bathtub and then wash our hair too. She did it so hard that I feared I would be bald afterwards. But giving backsides and protesting was forbidden to the “dear aunt who only meant well”. The end of my long hair period As I said, when I was 15 my rebellion began. I persuaded my mom to take me to the hairdresser so I could have my long mane cut at least at shoulder height, and in fact she did me the favour, even though she knew Dad would be mad. And as expected, he had a fit of rage in the evening. My mother’s attempts at appeasement were of no avail. He didn’t speak to me for days, at best to let me know how ugly he found my short hair. They weren’t really short, just shorter. After only a year, however, I had long hair again, because the boy I was crazy about at the time was into long-haired girls. I didn’t get him, but the hair stayed because length was fashionable at that time among my school mates. I was then allowed to wear the hair openly.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Teeth „Whitening Collection“ from vVardis

Two sisters, one vision. The two dentists Haleh and Golnar Abivardi want to successfully combat tooth decay, the most widespread disease worldwide, and improve oral health for everyone. To do this, they offer a strong alliance of Swiss purity and precision with state-of-the-art science. The founders of the innovative line are convinced that the right oral care is the indispensable basis for holistic health and well-being. And that includes beautiful white teeth and a healthy smile. Dental care inside and out The core piece of vVardis oral care is the patented WX formula, which, in combination with fluoride, covers the teeth in a protective matrix. Also works with the onset of tooth decay. The tooth enamel is repaired and remineralized from the inside in order to preserve it in the long term. At the same time, the teeth are whitened without the use of peroxide or abrasives. The whitening should not only work with natural teeth, but also with veneers, crowns and composite fillings. I am testing the four products in the soft mint version. They are also available with a strong mint flavour. I put the “Edelweiss” toothpaste on the “Rheinholz” toothbrush made from sustainably sourced – as the description says – and untreated Swiss beech wood. Although I usually clean electrically, the wooden toothbrush is pleasant to use. Without having to press hard when cleaning, I have the feeling that surfaces and interdental spaces are cleaned properly. Whitening „glacier“ gel The paste with the WX formula, antibacterial alpine rose and antioxidant edelweiss extract with mint tastes pleasantly fresh. The teeth are then cleaned wonderfully smooth as if covered with a microfine protective layer. I want to do even more for a healthy, white smile: “Aletsch”, named after the largest glacier in the Alps, is a brush-on gel serum. In addition to the WX formula, it contains highly effective, bioactive substances that are supposed to whiten teeth without damaging them. The glacier blue gel is almost tasteless and can be easily spread on the teeth in a thin layer with the small brush. Wait 10 seconds with opened lips, then the gel is dried on the teeth. I am not supposed to drink or eat anything for the next 30 minutes. In contrast to other brighteners, you don’t have a bad taste in your mouth and you don’t have to rinse afterwards. Radiant, bright teeth I use “Aletsch” with the other products on a daily basis.… weiterlesen

Facial: Skin Care At Its Best!

For me, skin care with the right products is essential. It’s part of my daily rituals like brushing my teeth. But as consistently and lovingly as you take care of your skin at home, the beautician can achieve even more. This has just been shown to me again visibly and noticeably with a very special facial. According to a survey done by Statista only 11 percent of German women see regularly once a month a beautician, 52 percent never. American women are a bit better. 23 percent have a facial on a regular base. The “refusers” do not even know what they are missing. I experience it first hand every month. Although I use the same „Doctor Mi!“ products at home that the beautician uses at Dr. Miriam Rehbein, it makes a hell of a difference. My skin is even and has the desired glow. Beautician Marietta is also very happy with what she sees. “Your skin is beautiful,” she says. When I asked skeptical whether something could be improved at all, she replied that something could always be achieved. To anticipate the result: Marietta was right. My skin has a very special glow after the 1.5 hour facial, the contours are tighter, even the corners of the mouth are slightly raised. And the positive effect intensifies in the days after. But one after another. Cherry stone peel and supersonic speed My facial starts with cleaning. There’s not much to get off because I never wear make-up, then the peeling with the crushed cherry stone peel follows. I do this regularly at home because it gives a lot of glow. After that she eliminates blackheads, but there’s not much to find either. „Tone.S“ is used for disinfection, because the two percent salicylic acid, an oil-soluble beta hydroxy acid, wipes the last of the fat particles from the skin and improves the absorption of active ingredients. This is followed by the Obagi glow peel. Beverly Hills doc Zein Obagi became known for his azure blue peel, which combines three acids. The glow or radiance peel with salicylic acid is visually less spectacular than the blue texture, but it tingles on the skin. It also works in depth, forms new collagen and repairs, minimizes pores. The JetPeel that comes after that sends a chill down my spine every time. A water-gas mixture hits the skin from small nozzles with supersonic speed and over 700 kilometers per hour.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lip Color „Air Matte“ from Nars

A well-known international make-up artist once told me during an interview that matt tones make the lips look dead. “Doesn’t work at all,” he waved off, although I was sitting in front of him with my mouth painted in a matt lip color. Not very charming, man. But shiny days on my lips had long since come to an end after the matt tones had conquered the beauty market. I love matt colors. For my taste they are subtle and elegant, less intrusive than a vinyl glossy layer on the mouth. Just silk matt could sometimes be another option. Airy, light lip color Because of my fascination with matting colors, “Powermatte Lip Pigment” from Nars has already found a big fan in me. The texture dries quickly and is smudge-proof. The perfect partner in times of mouth and nose coverage. “Air Matte Lip Color” is even lighter on the lips. Weightless perfection that couldn’t be better. Silky polymers and micropowders form a long-lasting formula that is extremely comfortable to wear. Perfectly even How can “Air matte” be applied? With the applicator, which is bevelled on one side and can therefore be individually adapted, the color can be easily spread into corners and contours to the mouth. Soft pigments are as light as a feather on the lips. A kind of soft focus effect. They also have a slightly plump effect. Or is it because of the orange-red color “Mad Rush” that my lips seem fuller? In any case, they are perfectly styled. The color is long-lasting, even if it is not as smudge-proof as with “Powermatte”. Re-Applying the lip make-up, even without a mirror, is not a problem because the texture is so nice and creamy. There are ten colors to choose from. “Lips are all about fun. Virtually every color can work on everyone, ”says Francois Nars, Founder & Creative Director of the brand. Which one will I try next? The dark “Pin up” or the nudy “All Yours”? In any case, I have to hurry because “Air Matte Lip Color” is a limited edition. „Air Matte Lip Color“ from Nars, 7,5 ml, US$ 26… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Sunless Tanning Gel“ from Reviderm

A gently tanned skin simply puts you in a better mood. And dark types like me just don’t look good pale either. But what do you do when summer is around the corner? I prefer to use a tanning gel, also because I don’t like using make-up. I have to admit I always try out products that come onto the market with enthusiasm. Moisturizing tanning gel The new tanning gel from Reviderm for face and body promises a non-greasy texture with moisturizing active ingredients. I think that’s important because many of these products leave the skin feeling uncomfortable dry. I wear the “Sunless Tanning Gel” in the morning after cleansing my face with my “Tone S” from Doctor Mi! on. S stands for salicylic acid, and this beta hydroxy acid removes dead skin cells and whatever else has to come off the skin. Similar to a peeling, the surface is now smooth and ready for the self-tanner. First of all, I have to pump about 30 times until the sun-yellow gel comes out of the dispenser. For my taste it is a bit too runny on the fingers, but it is easy to apply. I spread it right up to the eyes, the hairline and around the neck so that there are no edges. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards, I remember myself, otherwise ugly brown marks will remain there. Natural tan after three hours Initially the gel feels a little sticky on the face. A gel property that is not uncommon. But this impression quickly disappears as soon as the self-tanner has been absorbed. Applying the UV protection on top of it also works without any problems. Then I go first to my Saturday shopping round. Let’s see when the tanning result is achieved. After about three hours, a gentle tan covers my face – sun-kissed as it always is said in advertising. In addition, the skin feels well hydrated. No feeling of tension, no greasy sheen. My otherwise slightly oily T-zone is still nice and matte in the afternoon. The very natural tone of my skin is enough tan for me, but if you want it more intensely, you can repeat the application. The result lasts for four days in spite of my usual care routine, which I of course keep. Another tip: For very light skin, mix the gel with your day care and apply it. “Sunless Tanning Gel“ from Reviderm, 30 ml, 35 Euro… weiterlesen

Product Choice: Is Expensive Always the Best?

That is the question if you buy a cosmetic or skincare article. But does this calculation actually work? Luxury products are elegant, noble, recognizable. With the packaging alone, I express that I spoil myself and can afford it. In contrast, cheaper products usually come with a simpler presentation. But even if the eye is less attracted, does that mean you have to accept less quality when it comes to the content? Cosmetics companies invest millions in research – and later also in advertising – and these have to be amortized somehow. Often the consumer pays an overpriced price for patented formulas or in-house developments of innovative or rare ingredients. But there is almost always a lack of scientific evidence that these are actually more effective and worth their price. And you also have to be clear about this: There is no such thing as a unique active ingredient that keeps the skin young and healthy. Rather, there are countless substances that can affect the skin’s metabolism. Product choice: natural versus synthetic Whether a brand relies on high-tech molecules from the laboratory or on plant substances from nature is primarily a question of image and the target group of buyers. Because a self-confessed user of natural cosmetics will never let chemicals on his skin. Nevertheless, a quick note on the term “natural”: Such substances are not necessarily better than the synthetic alternatives that are produced in a laboratory, or even differ from them “Of course is a classic marketing word,” says Benjamin Knight Fuchs, pharmacist and founder of the US skincare Truth Treatment Systems. “For a chemist, there is nothing natural. The body doesn’t differentiate between natural and synthetic, it’s all about the molecular structure. When I take vitamin C (from nature) or make it in my laboratory, it’s the same molecule. I look on the ingredients to see if the body recognizes them.” Usually several ingredients are necessary for a product to work anyway. The minimalism trend with fewer ingredients, which is particularly recommended for sensitive skin, does not necessarily suit every skin type. Also in terms of the concentration of an ingredient. It is more likely that an expensive cream will contain a higher proportion of it. If a big player brings a new active ingredient onto the beauty market, which is then referred to in advertising as “revolutionizing the skincare market”, its path to the cream pots is mapped out.… weiterlesen

What are the Benefits of a Face Mist?

Now, after the summer, one often has the feeling that the skin is drier than usual. Simply spray moisture on, that sounds very tempting. But can these face mists really do anything? The small spray bottles containing face mist are touted by the beauty industry as the perfect freshness kick and stimulant for every occasion. Regardless of whether you need a second wake-up call in the morning after getting up or whether your skin is down at noon. “A face mist is used to refresh the skin quickly,” Loretta Miraglia, Senior Vice President Product Development at La Mer, once explained to me at a summer lunch while she was pulling a bottle out of her pocket. “It invigorates, revitalizes, soothes and relaxes the skin. At the same time, it irons out small wrinkles caused by dryness.“ Pure water instead of face mist? Doesn’t water serve the same purpose? The answer is “no”, it doesn’t work with normal water. It is usually much too chalky and dries out the skin even more. However, it does matter which facial spray you use. Sure, they all provide moisture. That is undisputed. But it really depends on the ingredients. Which active substances are contained and in which concentration – that is the prerequisite for them to actually work for the skin. Compared to the past, the new facial sprays are a kind of sprayable serum. They no longer only contain flower or thermal water, but often active substances such as those found in a serum. These can do a lot more than soothe and moisturize. The power formulas in the sprays include, for example, vitamins, niacinamide, probiotics, aloe vera, resveratrol or cannabidiol, magnesium salts and hyaluron, also bleaching substances are also used. Check out your face mist When buying, first pay attention to the basic substances that the spray contains humectants. Glycerin or hyaluronic acid should be in there. Then you already have the right basis. It helps to lock the moisture in the skin and moisturize the surface. Second, you should take a close look at the active ingredients so that they are adapted to the current needs of your skin. Only with the right formulation are they more than a refreshing spray, they have the power to make a difference. In the appropriate composition, they can fight acne, provide a dry complexion with lasting moisture and also optimize the absorption of the subsequent skin care products.… weiterlesen

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