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Tested for you: New fragrance “Asabi No 2” Eau de Parfum Intense Spray“

Time for a new fragrance! As soon as the hot summer days are a thing of the past, I am inevitably drawn to warmer nuances in the fragrance. My favorites are the Orientals. The latest discovery: Asabi No 2. Already the bottle has it to me with its simple, cool shape and the opulent mirror finish: The bottle has a silver reflective surface. Its content is floral-spicy – a modern Oriental just. The secret behind the fragrance Who is behind the Asabi fragrances is not known by name. But Asabi in Arabic means something like “energetic” and “impulsive”. Many myths surround the creation of the collection. Some say the idea was born in a single night in a shisha lounge in Istanbul. Others claim it was during a tea ceremony in Tokyo. Still others swear it happened in a cool place in Paris. Nicely made up, but all false. The truth is that a group of creative minds, avant-gardists and fragrance lovers from different cultures passionately discussed in some metropolis what was the best fragrance in the world. Even more, the best fragrance that ever existed. The fiery discussion was overheard by a perfumer who happened to be present. Together they decided to create fragrances that would embody everything important, that would be neither East nor West, neither women’s nor men’s fragrances. In other words, unisex. Fragrance and fashion designer Fehmi Nouhi was chosen face of the brand. Cupido in Paris My new favorite fragrance Asabi No 2 from the so far five-part collection is called the “scent of an angel”. In this, Cupid, called Eros among the Greeks, the Roman god of love, is the main character. Anyway, the story goes like this: it was on a dark, cold night when Cupid was walking the streets of Paris. Lost in thought, he found himself in a small alley illuminated by moonlight. The cobblestones looked as if they were made of thousands of diamonds. Enchanted by the uniqueness of this phenomenon, Cupid noticed a small front garden with lavender and roses. When he went to take a closer look at the blossoms, he perceived a fragrance that he had never felt before. Guided by this scent, he reached the center of the front garden in search of it. There he noticed a shadow that came closer and closer. What Cupid felt was a pleasant warmth. Guided by one’s voice Blinded by the moonlight, he did not recognize what was coming at him.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: “Mumbai” from the Les Destinations fragrance concept

Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the capital of the state of Maharashtra, is one of my favorite cities in India. I love the densely populated multicultural metropolis on India’s west coast. The city is lively, in some parts also loud and hectic some might say. But on every trip this fascinating place on earth I discovered something new when I strolled through the aromatically vibrating alleys with their tea stalls and cookshops. Not to forget the famous andmarks like the stone archway of the Gateway of India. The grandiose monument was built in 1924 by the British colonial government at the port of Mumbai. Or the ancient Elephanta cave temples offshore on the island of the same name, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. And last but not least, Mumbai is the center of the Indian Bollywood film industry. There is always “action” there. Mumbai love No wonder that I have chosen from the six new fragrance creations of Les Destinations not Isparta, Madagascar, La Réunion, Sumatra or Al-`Uta, an Oriental oasis located on the Incense Road, but Mumbai. All fragrances bear the coordination of the respective destination. For Mumbai, they are 19°4′N 72°52′E. The fragrance creation Mumbai is inspired by the alleys of the vibrant city with the aroma of the typical “Tea Stalls”, mixed with notes of steaming basmati of the small rice kitchens. When I smell the fragrance, not only my nose goes on a journey, but my head cinema turns on as well. How the perfumers describe the unisex fragrance? Tangy, floral, distinctive. Vibrant diversity full of contrasts Mumbai as a fragrance beguiles the senses with tangy bergamot and the lush green fields of matcha tea leaves and rice. These top notes are followed by the heart of the fragrance, which consists of a floral bouquet of roses and violets blended with powdery tonka bean. The base is formed by striking cedarwood and musk nuances and a sweet vanilla-like seduction in the base. Responsible for the now eleven creations of the Les Destinations collection are French experts of Haute Parfumerie, who process only the highest quality perfume oils. But the fragrances themselves are “Made in Germany“. „19°4′N 72°52′E Mumbai“ from Les Destinations, 50 ml, 120 Euro… weiterlesen

What Do Fragrances And Men Have In Common – Often Volatile!

When I think about how my taste in fragrances and in men has changed over the years, I recognize certain parallels. When I look back at the perfumes that have accompanied me through the various stages of my life, I wonder about some of them: How could I! It is similar with the exes. On the other hand, in a certain situation I felt exactly well with it/with him. In fact, my love for fragrance began very early. Plundering mother’s rose garden I was just four years young when I discovered a passion for perfuming. To do so, I raided my mother’s rose garden and soaked the red and pink petals in water. However, out of pure love for me, my mother was also the only one who used my “fragrance waters” – or at least she pretended to. When I was eight, I was deeply in love with my handsome father. I attributed the fact that I thought he loved my mother more than me to a little square magic bottle she kept secret in her dressing table. One evening, my parents had just left the house in big ball gowns, I sneaked into their bedroom and opened the drawer where the supposed treasure was kept. I perfumed myself lavishly in front of the big mirror with Chanel No. 5 – with the result that my nanny then put me in the bathtub and scrubbed me down rudely. My first own fragrance As the years went by, the infatuation for my father diminished and that for an older boy from the neighboring high school increased. I was 13 and ready for my first own perfume – I was convinced of that. I smelled “Jil Sander Sun” on my best friend, who was really cool, a bit older and already had a steady boyfriend. My godmother gave it to me for my name day after I didn’t let up. I felt totally grown up with it, and yet its sweetish soft note was something that connected me with my childhood, which was not yet completely stripped. At 17, I met my first great love. It was meant to be forever and ever. What fragrance would have fit better than “Eternity” by Calvin Klein. But my eternity only lasted a good year. With this guy, everything else that reminded me of him disappeared from my bathroom. Off to the trash with “Eternity”.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: “Salome” fragrance by Francis Kurkdjian

Fragrance is his profession. The French master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is at least as well known as the Richard Strauss opera “Salome”. It was reissued earlier this year after more than 50 years of standard performances at the Vienna State Opera. Director Cyril Teste, also French, who is known in his home country for his extraordinary work, is responsible for the production. “Salome” is his first independent production outside France. “A traumatized child“ Fragrance as an olfactory element. “My Salome is a traumatized child,” says Teste. His trademark is the use of live cameras and video projections to make the protagonists even more intense for the audience. He always seeks a collective approach for his works: the French director has been working with a team of artists for many years, especially in the areas of video and light, which are so important for his work. This time he used another element: perfume in the auditorium to deepen the experience of opera by appealing to another sense. A veil of perfume in the auditorium And this is where the visionary fragrance creator Francis Kurkdjian comes into play. He has created an exclusive fragrance accord for the “new” Salome at the Vienna Opera. This was first sprayed in the auditorium at the premiere on February 02, 2023, in the opera’s key scene – the “Dance of the Seven Veils.” An unexpected olfactory dimension for the visitors. Kurkdijan has been working with artists for more than 20 years, has developed fragrances for many leading fashion houses such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Elie Saab, and founded his Maison Francis Kurkdjian in 2009. He developed his “Salome” fragrance, named “724,” in close collaboration with director Cyril Teste. “Cyril and I share the same vision. We tell stories in our own respective ways, each in our own language. He is my eye, I am his nose. I also like how he brings creative people together and organizes the ecosystem that results,” says the perfumer. Growth for “724 Unfortunately, the “Salome” fragrance is not available for purchase. Nor does Francis Kurkdjian want to reveal the exact composition of the exclusive fragrance creation for the opera. Only this much: “A musky note between openness and sensuality, sexuality. Something deep, attractive, innocent and numbing.” For this, the EdP of “724”, which was released last September, has grown. The luminous, citrus-fresh composition with an urban character is also available as a roll-on elixir and a travel set since this spring.… weiterlesen

Testet for you: Fine Fragrance „27 in Macao“ from Len Histoire Privée

Normally, I don’t like to test fragrances because the sensations and associations that a perfume evokes are something very individual. That’s why it’s difficult to recommend a fragrance to someone. You have to experience fragrances, sniff them out. The fact that I make an exception in my product tests today is not only due to the fact that so many people – especially women – ask me about my fragrance when I wear “27 in Macao“. First and foremost, it’s because of the private story (“Histoire Privée”) behind Len that fascinated me. From Russia with love It begins with a French officer and the lost war of 1812. François de La Lenes, before returning home, had to take a job in Russia. He became a French teacher for the children of the family of the Russian Count Artuchowski. As a token of his love, he gave the lady of the house two perfume recipes. But another 200 years passed before the formulas 2015 became fragrances. Great-granddaughter Jelena von Olnhausen founded the Len Fragrance brand with the “Histoire Privée” fragrance line. The result is six perfumes, each of which tells a real or fictional love story. Each package features elements of the love stories and symbols of the city in which they are set. They are repeated on the back of the label when viewed through the bottle. By the way, the name “Len” goes back to the first perfumer “de la Lenes”. In the meantime, a renowned perfume artist is responsible for the fragrances. The Frenchman Michel Almairac has already worked for all well-known brands – from Bottega Veneta to Chloé and Gucci to Zadig &Voltaire. The fragrance of Macao Why did the oriental-spicy aroma of “27 in Macao” do it to me? Because the island off Hongkong, just an hour away by boat, fascinated me in a repulsively attractive way during my first and only visit. Gambling everywhere you look. Well-heeled Chinese. Tragic losers. Monstrous casinos. In 2018, they generated an annual turnover of almost 35 billion euros. Huge shopping malls line the Cotai Strip. Night screaming neon signs, the Eiffel Tower in Cotai shines in pink and from the landmark of the city, the 338 m high Macau Tower one experiences breathtaking views. The city rightly earns its nickname “Las Vegas of Asia”. When I first got a whiff of “27 in Macau,” I immediately thought, “Yeah, that’s what Macao smells like.“… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Fragrance „Le Passant“ from Ormaie

So far I just didn’t like the scents of lavender because the smell always reminds me of my grandmother’s linen cupboard. Old-fashioned, tidy, fresh linen, distinguished old lady were my associations from childhood. And most lavender scents also smell rather cheap and penetrating. Nevertheless I love the blooming lavender in my garden, but on my skin as a perfume, no thanks. Until recently I was able to sniff the “Le Passant” fragrance from the Parisian perfume brand Ormaie. It changed my mind. The brand is still new. The family business was founded in 2018 by mother Marie-Lise Jonak and son Baptiste Bouygues. Dedicated to her husband Marie-Lise actually dedicated the fragrance to her husband and father of her son Baptiste. He loved classic French perfumery and has used only one brand of a Fougère Cologne all his life. Fougère is a very classic fragrance composition with a French background. The accord of lavender, bergamot and germanium first appeared in Paul Parquet’s perfume “Fougère Royale” for Houbigant in 1882 and became groundbreaking for men’s fragrances. But “Le Passant”, English passer-by, a woman can wear just as well, if not better. Because the flowery sweetness exudes a very specific sensuality. “It hints of a certain masculine sensuality”, so the comment of the brand. Well, this is certainly not to every man’s taste. “Essence & Alchemy” As long as there has been passion, there has been perfume. Mandy Aftel tracks in scent through the boudoir and the bath and into the sanctums of worship, and along the way teaches us the art of perfume-making, including many of her own recipes, offering insights on the relationship of scent to solitude, sex, and soul. 254 Seiten, 38,95 Euro* A fragrance completely without synthetics In any case, lavender-green freshness and the sweetness of vanilla and tonka beans mix with the earthy-woody aroma of sandalwood. And all without synthetics. Ormaie fragrances are 100% natural. Fits, because the name Ormaie means elm grove. But it wasn’t just the content that won me over to the French brand. Each of the seven existing bottles is a work of art in itself. Designer objects that are far too beautiful to hide them in the bathroom. The overall concept of the fragrance line pays homage to nature. The bottles are made from recycled glass by the French company Saverglass, which recycles its own glass. For the modernist closures, inspired by the Romanian-French sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, who died in 1904, recycled beech wood is used, which comes from French, sustainably managed forests.… weiterlesen

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