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Tested for you: Lip balm „Fruity Babies Trio“ from Lanolips

Now that traveling is no longer a long way off, today a tip for traveling: The “Tropical Mini Trio”. There are three mini lip balms in the degradable packaging. The cute 3 mg tubes fit in every small hip bag, cell phone pocket or trouser pocket. The flavors are delicious, but not intrusive: strawberry, mint and coconutter. My undisputed favorite is coconut. I inevitably associate this scent with sun, beach and sea. Lip balm with Lanolin It goes without saying that lip balms with the main ingredient lanolin are extremely caring. The molecular structure of lanolin is similar to the lipid film of human skin. Lanolin has an effective moisturizing effect in cosmetic products. It seals in moisture so that extremely dry and chapped lips become soft and supple again. It also helps with cracked skin and dry, flaky skin, for example on the elbows or on the nail bed. I find this particularly practical when traveling. I packed all three minis for my next trip. If my favorite coconut oil is used up, I can still use mint or strawberry. Lipbalm „Fruity Babies Trio“ from Lanolips 3x3g, US$ 13,50… weiterlesen

Testet for you: „Nutricia Baum Levres“ from Payot

The mask requirement has pretty much kicked lipsticks out from the makeup game. But when I take off the nose and mouth protection, I notice that my lips are uncomfortably dry. That’s why the new lip care from Payot is just right for me. It nourishes and repairs with a cocktail of vegetable oils, coconut, sweet almond, raspberry seeds, shea butter and beeswax. The ingredients are 79 percent natural. The balm is not only available in nature, but from January 2021 as a limited edition in the two colors “Rose Candy” and “Rouge Cherry“. Lip saver As a red fan who painfully misses his daily lipstick as the only highlight (I don’t like make-up otherwise), I of course tried “Rouge Cherry”. And what should I say! Brilliant! The lips immediately feel more cared for, slightly torn areas close. The texture melts into a light, silky oil when applied, so that the balm lies smoothly on the skin of the lips and gives it an evenly delicate tint. Nothing striking, just very subtle. It is easy to use: spread it over the border with your little finger! You can rework as often as you want, the little potty is very economical for its price. Payot ” Nutricia Baum Levres“, ca 19 Euro… weiterlesen