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Tested for you: The genius concealer „Nudefix“ from Nudestix

I’m always looking for the perfect concealer for my naturally dark skin. Several have worked to cover small bumps on the face, but not under the eyes. The color was either too light or too dark. I’m tired of mixing different shades – too impatient. Sometimes I would like to pull a bag over my head, as in the photo. Now, I’ve finally hit the right note.“Nudefix” by Nudestix sounds funny – kind of like Idefix, Asterix’s watchdog. But the Canadian company is a really serious, responsible one. All their make-up products are parabens-free, clean, cruelty free, and eco-friendly. Founder Jenny Frankel gained over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry in product development and process engineering until she launched her own brand. She brought her two daughters Ally and Taylor also on the beauty boat. So much for the background. Concealer in the black box I already find the packaging of the concealer very appealing. It is delivered in a simple, black metal box. The texture that I carefully squeeze out of the tube is a flexible powder gel. This means that it remains flexible on the skin, does not dry out and makes the complexion look as if it was not made up. The concealer glides directly onto the skin, its texture is so light. In doing so, it visually smoothes small wrinkles, reduces dark circles and creates a long-lasting polymer-free film.Natural ingredients like sweet berry reduce redness, irritation and inflammation. Natural gentle AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) evens out skin tone. Burdock root extract balances the skin microbiome that keeps the skin healthy by protecting it from harmful bacteria. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, plumps it up and acts as an antioxidant. Apply concealer correctly The manufacturer recommends applying “Nudefix” with the accompanying applicator, fingers or a brush. I do it like this: With the applicator I dab three to four points from the inner corner of the eye along the teardrop line. Then I blend the cover cream outwards with a special concealer brush. It is compact and rounded at the front. If necessary, I can intensify the opacity with another layer. Sometimes – especially during pollen season – I have a small, reddened, dark spot on the outer corner of my eyes. Then I also apply some concealer there with the brush and blend the color upwards towards the eyebrow. This not only conceals, but looks like a little lifting, and you immediately look younger and more alert.… weiterlesen

Concealer – One that Can do Everything for You

For me Concealer is almost as vital in the morning as the first coffee. Slept badly? Then he conjures up the dark shadows from under the eyes. Eaten wrong? Concealer makes red spots disappear. Pimple alarm? Cover and that’s it. But it is also irreplaceable for optical cheating like fuller lips and perfect brows. What he does not forgive, however, are errors in the application. Concealer doesn’t like it when he is visible. He works under cover, so to speak. His look is a no-makeup look. If the concealer is to work invisibly on the face, the right choice of color and texture is essential. Have you got it already? Right. You can’t get by with just one concealer if the “cheating” as such is not to be seen. What you need is a lighter, not too compact version and a darker, but somewhat thicker version. The former should be a shade lighter than your own skin. But: Do not use stubbornly all year round, but always adapt to the season, i.e. the tan! Light can be used against dark circles under the eyes or for small make-up tricks, which we will get to later. A liquid texture or cream that melts gently is easier to blend and pat so thinly into the sensitive skin under the eyes that you don’t have to expect “crumbs” at some point. The face looks fresher in no time, the eyes more alert. For the rest of the face and to cover imperfections, the darker concealer can be a bit firmer, creamier and more covering. So far so good. But to find the right color, it is not enough to choose only between light and dark. If this does not harmonize with the natural undertone of the skin, you can forget it: the concealer looks ashy or stands out unattractively. Warmer skin types should use masking products with a yellow or orange undertone, while cooler skin types with shades of pink are better advised. But how do you recognize your own skin undertone? Take a look at the wrists: if the veins show through bluish / purple, the complexion is rather cool. If they look green, it is a warm undertone. But there are also neutral types that can wear all colors. Their veins shimmer blue-green. Chosen correctly, the concealer will blend seamlessly with the skin. It’s Prime(r) Time Just as a painter primes his canvas, the face must also be prepared for the “application of paint”.… weiterlesen

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