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Concealer, Essential For An Even Complexion

Concealer are multi-talented. The selection of make-up products is large, so the choice is often difficult. However, one thing is important for anyone who values a well-groomed appearance: a Concealer is part of the basic kit! Here you can find out what it can do and, above all, how to apply it correctly. Concealer – what do I need it for? If you ask yourself this question, you will get several answers. First of all, it’s all about an even complexion. This practical beauty aid is perfect for covering dark circles, redness and pigmentation spots. It is also ideal for concealing blemishes and even small wrinkles and scars disappear underneath. In principle, a concealer is a type of make-up that has a stronger pigmentation and higher coverage than a foundation and lasts longer on the skin. Incidentally, concealers have been used for a long time under the name of cover sticks or cover creams, even though the composition and nourishing properties have improved considerably compared to these products used in the past. This useful beauty tool is available in liquid and solid form. Those with dry skin will achieve good results with the liquid version. A small foam applicator is usually integrated for application. For oily skin types, a product with a creamy, firm consistency is better. It is available in stick form or in small jars. It is important to always choose the right shade for your skin. It is best to test it on the back of your hand. The color should be one to two shades lighter than the make-up color and the natural skin tone. Possible applications for facial areas In addition to different skin tones, this products are also available in colored versions. However, this does not enable “color painting”, but so-called color correcting. In other words, concealers in complementary colors are particularly good at balancing out any color abnormalities on the face: Green makes redness disappear, peach and orange tones work against blue veins. Yellow is ideal for concealing very dark circles under the eyes. A light purple shade is ideal for brightening up sallow skin. If you have different color problems, a concealer palette is ideal because it offers a broad color spectrum. For pigmentation spots, the stick or cream should have particularly strong coverage. The color orange successfully counteracts dark pigmentation spots. If pigmentation spots are very dark, camouflage make-up is also suitable instead of a concealer.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: 20 “Very Valentino” concealers from Valentino Beauty

A new concealer from my favorite of the Italian fashion and now beauty brands. I love the fashion – especially the shoes – of Valentino Garavani, who founded Maison Valentino in Rome in 1960. Even if the brilliantly beautiful pieces are often beyond my purse capacity, I always like to look at them and wait impatiently for the new collections. No question, until today Maison Valentino is one of the most elegant and glamorous couture houses in the world. Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino since 2008, founded the Valentino Beauty brand with a completely new beauty concept. With the three iconic codes – Color, Cool and Couture – he breaks with the old make-up rules and the previously conventional make-up stereotypes. In this way, everyone can highlight their own individuality. For every moment and every mood, he finds the appropriate color. Concealer with three ways of application This concept is also followed by the new concealer “Very Valentino” with 20 perfectly graduated shades from the three color families pink, neutral, amber and the exclusive Roma-Light Complex, which is designed to make facial features shine. Depending on the color choice, the extensive color palette offers three different application options – for brightening, concealing and contouring. And it does so for 24 hours and 100 percent reliably, the description says. I’ll have to try that out. I pull the spring applicator out of the container. It’s wider than you’d expect and flexible. It has a flat side for application and an ultra-fine tip that’s good for reaching every corner of the eyes. Shadows are usually darkest at the inner corners of the eyes. The tip releases just the right amount of color. The flexibility of the applicator ensures that the color can be spread thinly but precisely. Lightweight and nourishing The texture of the concealer is so light that you can hardly feel it on your skin. This is especially important to me because I can’t stand the feeling of being covered up. The creamy formula also has a nourishing effect thanks to glycerin, caffeine and vitamin E. The skin can breathe despite full coverage and never dries out, so that more wrinkles can not form as is the case with too dry products. Let’s face it: covering shadows under the eyes and brightening the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow above the upper lip work perfectly. But what about contouring?… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Concealer „Good Apple“ from KVD Beauty

Finally the concealer is available. Actually, I pay rather less attention to products that are so highly praised on Instagram or TikTok. Too often they are paid promos, and there is certainly nothing bad said about it. But the hype of the KVD Vegan Beauty “Good Apple Foundation” that went viral made me curious about the new tattoo-inspired vegan makeup brand. The skin-refining foundation with apple extract is supposed to provide a perfect complexion that resembles a juicy apple, it says in countless videos. Above all, the coverage, the pleasantly light texture and the long durability are praised. Concealer instead of make-up As a longtime makeup refuser, I can not judge, so I waited until recently the “Good Apple Lightweight Full-Coverage Concealer” came on the market. It is also enriched with apple extract, has antioxidant properties and provides the sensitive eye skin with an extra dose of care and moisture. Wrinkles around the eyes are said to be plumped up as if from within and dark shadows are reduced. By the way, the brand’s Global Director of Artistry is Nikki Wolff, who has celebrities like the Kardashians, Dua Lipa and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley under her brush. Fingertip feeling The application of the concealer with the applicator works perfectly. It is modeled on a fingertip and can therefore be applied precisely even in the corners. Personally, I still prefer a concealer brush because I can work better with the brush and its longer handle. The opacity is really sensational and very durable. The texture is light and nourishing, so that it does not dry out the skin throughout the day. To cover small blemishes on the face, I leave the concealer on for 30 seconds before blending it. This allows me to achieve full, spot coverage. Tips & tricks For me, I have chosen the color medium. It harmonizes perfectly with my complexion. But surely everyone finds his color at KVD; there are 32 colors with different undertones in yellow, pink and copper to choose from. It is not only your own skin tone that is important, but also what you want to achieve with the product: for highlighting, choose a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your own complexion, e.g. apply to cheekbones and bridge of nose. To conceal veins, use a concealer color with a yellow or golden undertone. For pigmentation spots, a peach or copper undertone is optimal. There is also another good tip: “A darker concealer can be used perfectly as an eyeshadow base.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: The genius concealer „Nudefix“ from Nudestix

I’m always looking for the perfect concealer for my naturally dark skin. Several have worked to cover small bumps on the face, but not under the eyes. The color was either too light or too dark. I’m tired of mixing different shades – too impatient. Sometimes I would like to pull a bag over my head, as in the photo. Now, I’ve finally hit the right note.“Nudefix” by Nudestix sounds funny – kind of like Idefix, Asterix’s watchdog. But the Canadian company is a really serious, responsible one. All their make-up products are parabens-free, clean, cruelty free, and eco-friendly. Founder Jenny Frankel gained over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry in product development and process engineering until she launched her own brand. She brought her two daughters Ally and Taylor also on the beauty boat. So much for the background. Concealer in the black box I already find the packaging of the concealer very appealing. It is delivered in a simple, black metal box. The texture that I carefully squeeze out of the tube is a flexible powder gel. This means that it remains flexible on the skin, does not dry out and makes the complexion look as if it was not made up. The concealer glides directly onto the skin, its texture is so light. In doing so, it visually smoothes small wrinkles, reduces dark circles and creates a long-lasting polymer-free film.Natural ingredients like sweet berry reduce redness, irritation and inflammation. Natural gentle AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) evens out skin tone. Burdock root extract balances the skin microbiome that keeps the skin healthy by protecting it from harmful bacteria. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, plumps it up and acts as an antioxidant. Apply concealer correctly The manufacturer recommends applying “Nudefix” with the accompanying applicator, fingers or a brush. I do it like this: With the applicator I dab three to four points from the inner corner of the eye along the teardrop line. Then I blend the cover cream outwards with a special concealer brush. It is compact and rounded at the front. If necessary, I can intensify the opacity with another layer. Sometimes – especially during pollen season – I have a small, reddened, dark spot on the outer corner of my eyes. Then I also apply some concealer there with the brush and blend the color upwards towards the eyebrow. This not only conceals, but looks like a little lifting, and you immediately look younger and more alert.… weiterlesen

Concealer – One that Can do Everything for You

For me Concealer is almost as vital in the morning as the first coffee. Slept badly? Then he conjures up the dark shadows from under the eyes. Eaten wrong? Concealer makes red spots disappear. Pimple alarm? Cover and that’s it. But it is also irreplaceable for optical cheating like fuller lips and perfect brows. What he does not forgive, however, are errors in the application. Concealer doesn’t like it when he is visible. He works under cover, so to speak. His look is a no-makeup look. If the concealer is to work invisibly on the face, the right choice of color and texture is essential. Have you got it already? Right. You can’t get by with just one concealer if the “cheating” as such is not to be seen. What you need is a lighter, not too compact version and a darker, but somewhat thicker version. The former should be a shade lighter than your own skin. But: Do not use stubbornly all year round, but always adapt to the season, i.e. the tan! Light can be used against dark circles under the eyes or for small make-up tricks, which we will get to later. A liquid texture or cream that melts gently is easier to blend and pat so thinly into the sensitive skin under the eyes that you don’t have to expect “crumbs” at some point. The face looks fresher in no time, the eyes more alert. For the rest of the face and to cover imperfections, the darker concealer can be a bit firmer, creamier and more covering. So far so good. But to find the right color, it is not enough to choose only between light and dark. If this does not harmonize with the natural undertone of the skin, you can forget it: the concealer looks ashy or stands out unattractively. Warmer skin types should use masking products with a yellow or orange undertone, while cooler skin types with shades of pink are better advised. But how do you recognize your own skin undertone? Take a look at the wrists: if the veins show through bluish / purple, the complexion is rather cool. If they look green, it is a warm undertone. But there are also neutral types that can wear all colors. Their veins shimmer blue-green. Chosen correctly, the concealer will blend seamlessly with the skin. It’s Prime(r) Time Just as a painter primes his canvas, the face must also be prepared for the “application of paint”.… weiterlesen