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Tested for you: „Lavender Hand Wash“ from March

I love lavender. Its scent has something so calming and comforting. It brings back memories of childhood. Grandma’s homemade lavender sachets, the purple bar of soap in my parents’ house. When my dog is restless, I spray some lavender on his pillow. I treat sleep problems with lavender in capsule form. And of course I have planted lots of lavender in my garden. Lavare – Lavendel By the way, the name lavender comes from lavare, the Latin word for wash). The Romans of antiquity used the plant as an additive for their washing and bathing water, as it kills germs, bacteria, fungi and even viruses. Which brings us to the topic at hand, March’s Lavender Hand Wash. Behind the lavender brand from Austria, which has only been around since 2020, are the two siblings Julia and Matthias from Weiz. They wanted to create something sustainable at home and at the same time bring their farm in Styria, which was built in 1914, back to life. That’s how they came up with lavender, a medicinal plant that has always been appreciated and loved for its versatile applications. In the month of March, hence the company name March, they started planting the first field of lavender. 6000 plants have been planted in the meantime. The small seedlings have now grown into half-sized plants. “Until we can distill our own lavender oil, we purchase organic lavender oil from other farms,” Julia explains. High-quality and sustainable Incidentally, in the same year of the creation of the new organic brand, lavender was awarded the title of “Medicinal Plant 2020”. Julia: “Because of its calming and balancing effect, we chose lavender. Admittedly, also because of its wonderful scent and purple splendor.” Meanwhile, “March” includes lavender products for hands, body and rooms, as well as wonderful hand-sewn scented sachets.. In addition to the organic lavender oil, natural Tyrolean mountain spring water is used for the certified March natural cosmetics. All products are vegan, 100% free of animal testing and are produced climate neutrally in Austria. The topic of sustainability is also an important building block in the concept. Plastic is completely dispensed with in the shipping packaging. Paper and cardboard come from recycled materials. Pump it! The „Lavender Hand Wash“ liquid soap comes in a high quality brown glass bottle with pumper, either as 250ml and 500ml size. Its wonderful fragrance coats the skin with a hint of lavender.… weiterlesen

Check the Ingredients of your Hand Cream

The hands can be happy – or maybe not. They have never been creamed after washing and disinfecting as often as in the past few weeks. But the ingredients that the skin on the hands now need are not in every cream tube or jar. You should also take care of what you are using as soap and disinfectants. Well-tried disinfectants, such as those used for surgical hand disinfection, contain substances that dry out the skin to a great extent. Above all, alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol, as well as ketones such as butanone, which is used as one of the most important industrial solvents in addition to acetone. Pathogens are reliably eliminated, but at the same time they attack the natural protective acid mantle of the skin and remove their fats. That makes them brittle and cracked. It is better to use disinfectants from beauty brands that not only target the bad germs, but also the well-being of the hands. For example, the “Hand Sanitiser” by Margaret Dabbs from London. It still contains the necessary amount of at least 60% alcohol, but is enriched with hemp seed oil and white water lily. Grown Alchemist‘s antiseptic gel with 70% ethyl alcohol, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants is even available in a 500 ml pump dispenser. If the skin is already visibly and noticeably damaged, you should make sure that the product contains no fragrances. They could make minor inflammation worse. So do the smell test first. If the smell is particularly artificial or fruity, it is better to take your hands off. Soap is not just soap A normal cleaning process that we got bled in as a toddler is hand washing. To protect yourself from the Covid 19 virus, it must be particularly extensive. It is recommended to soap the skin for at least 20 seconds, as often as possible. Frequent washing with strongly scented soaps can in turn lead to skin irritation. Classic curd soap does not use any additives or synthetics. Liquid “doctor soaps” are also fragrance-free. Block soaps offer a little more care, which by the way are back in fashion anyway. They are made from natural substances such as olive, palm or coconut oil. An extra portion of care and skin protection can also be achieved with baby oil. It gives the skin a protective oil film and provides moisture all day long. The wash water should also not be very warm or even hot.… weiterlesen

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