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Tested for you: Orange for the lips “Liquid Lipstick Pure Orange” by La Biosthétique

Orange auf den Lippen mag ich nicht nur im Sommer. Es zaubert mir immer Frische ins Gesicht, auch wenn ich sonst keinerlei Make-up auflege. Allerdings ist es schwierig, einen wirklich schönen, intensiven Orange-Ton zu finden, der auf den Lippen genauso kräftig aussieht wie in dem Flakon. Oft ist die Farbe-Nuance auch so, dass sie selbst an sich weiße Zähne wie meine bräunlich erscheinen lässt. Bei den meisten Stiften, die ich bislang getestet habe, hatte ich etwas auszusetzen. Entweder kam die Farbe zu blaß rüber oder die Textur war wenig haltbar. Pure Orange mit seidenmattem Finish Mit Pure Orange von La Biosthétique habe ich meinen Favoriten gefunden. Es ist ein Liquid Lipstick mit samtweicher Textur. Die Farbe ist so intensiv, besser geht es nicht. Dieses Lippen-Make-up besitzt beides, was mir beim Schminken der Lippen wichtig ist: Er hat die weiche Geschmeidigkeit eines Gloss und die satte Deckkraft eines Lippenstiftes. Die flüssige Formel kann ich mit dem Applikator direkt aufgetragen. Zuerst male ich die Kontur exakt nach, dann fülle ich die Lippen komplett in Orange aus. Ganz easy. Kein Konturenstift ist nötig, weil es in der Farbe ohnehin schwierig zu finden ist. Pure Orange lässt den Mund voll aussehen und intensiv orange leuchten. Die Farbe verläuft nicht in Fältchen. Das Tolle daran: Die Farbe hält und hält und hält… Make-up-Entferner benutzen Gerade weil die Farbe so langanhaltend ist und sich abends nicht einfach wegwischen lässt, habe ich mir einen Spezial-Entferner zugelegt. Der Bi-Phase-Remover von La Biosthétique ist eigentlich für die Augen entwickelt. Er reinigt sanft selbst wasserfestes Augen-Make-up und spendet zugleich ein Maximum an Pflege dank einem Hydro-Komplex. Der milde Reinigungsformel besteht auf reinster Zucker- und Aminosäurebasis. Mit ihm lässt sich das Lippen-Make-up im Nu ohne großes Reiben entfernen. Flakon vor Gebrauch gut schütteln, damit sich die zwei Phasen miteinander vermischen. Wattepad mit Bi-Phase-Remover tränken, kurz auf die Lippen drücken und die Farbe abwischen. La Biosthétique Liquid Lipstick Pure Orange, 3 ml 23,50 €, „Bi-Phase-Remover“, 100 ml, 26,50 €… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Brand new! Lipsticks from IKA

Normally lipsticks are in black, gold or silver tubes. IKA, the new lipsticks from the Netherlands surprise already by their appearance: They are a real eye-catcher, bright yellow outside and exclusively red inside! They come in three cool red shades and a Glow Balm. And all products are vegan. “CALL THE SHOTS” is a fiery cherry red. With “YOU GOT THIS” you get the ultimate, classic red and “LEVEL UP” shows itself as a strong brick red. IKA founder Kristina Cueva says, “IKA wants to help you have the courage to stand by yourself and your beauty. With the right lipstick, you can shine all day, every day. More than any other color, red can make you feel invincible.“ Why the 39-year-old Filipina, who studied Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University, has focused exclusively on red lips with her brand IKA is rooted in her own story: “I myself have experienced what a red lipstick can do to you and I want to share this experience with the women of the world.” Lipstick: red suits every woman Depending on your mood at the moment, you decide on your red from the IKA line. You don’t have to puzzle for a long time whether the chosen shade suits you, because all red shades are designed to suit every woman and every skin type. The lipsticks are highly pigmented yet nourishing thanks to botanical oil and vitamin E, which also has an antioxidant effect. Bidens pilosa extract supports the elasticity of the lips, while hyaluronic acid provides the moisturizing effect. In fact, the light and comfortable cream formula glides smoothly over the lips, leaving a satiny, creamy finish of good durability, The color on the lips feels light and comfortable. A lip balm as it should be If I ever need a break from red or my lips are calling for a particularly intensive care unit, I use the Glow Balm from IKA in the color Selfcare. This is a lightly tinted old pink, which supports the own lip color. The balm is a successful mixture of serum and tinted balm, which give the lips a natural rosy glow. The ingredients of the bam are 90% natural origin and focused exclusively on care, nourish and moisturize as the Nutrimoist Complex with its carefully selected oils. Shea Butter, which has an additional barrier-boosting effect. Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) stimulates collagen production. And last but not least, vitamin E and avocado oil unfold a skin-protecting antioxidant effect.… weiterlesen

Lip Make-Up: This Is What Matters!

During the pandemic, lip make-up has become rather unimportant. Behind the mouth-nose protection, no one would have seen it anyway and the color would merely have been smudged. In the meantime, lipstick is more often seen on mouths again. Often, unfortunately, not well done. Therefore, here again everything you should know about appetizing made-up lips.. When it comes to lip make-up it is said that since the fall of masks lipstick sales have increased by 173 percent. In the first place is still red, because red lips make the complexion immediately radiant. Red adds glamour even when no makeup is otherwise applied. It’s the quickest number to look fresh and refreshed in an instant. However, it is also the most difficult color to make up, because neither fluff nor irregularity remain hidden from the viewer. Even a makeup pro like Londoner Celia Burton confesses, “I’ve long dreamed of wearing lipstick again, but now after what feels like a year without lip make-up, a matte red that used to be my staple, so to speak, seems kind of scary.” As a sort of warm-up exercise until she returns to her “staple,” she uses what she calls lip tints. Easy to use: lip tints These liquid textures still give off little color on the first coat, but can be built up layer by layer your lip make-up for stronger effects. Such a tinted lip product also forgives small makeup mistakes. It creates a rather natural finish, the edges of the mouth may even look a little blurred with it. Apply correctly: It is best to apply the lip tint to the center of the lower lip and spread the color with a finger towards the cupid’s bow. If you want to make a statement with your lip make-up, you have to work carefully. And for this, the right technique is essential. Here are the most important steps: Prepare To ensure that lip color really lasts long and doesn’t smudge while you’re already eating, blowing your nose or kissing, careful preparation is necessary. Forget the age-old tip of “priming” the mouth with foundation. This does the opposite of what you want to achieve: the color “slips” much more easily on the “silky” foundation. Special lip primers or transparent lip liners that you spread over the entire lip area as a primer are helpful. This fixes the subsequent lip make-up for hours. If you can and want to invest more time or if the lip skin is not completely even, you can exfoliate your lips 20 minutes before applying makeup and then moisturize them with a nourishing balm.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „MatteTrance“ Lipstick from Pat McGrath

Nothing works for me without lipstick. I was fascinated by it as a small child. When my mother was about to leave the house, it was unthinkable that she would do so without her usual ritual. There was a chest of drawers in the entrance area and her lipstick collection was in the top drawer. It was a magical attraction for us as children. Each time mother took out a lipstick and used it to make up her lips without even looking in the mirror. There were different shades of red, but all of them had a high color intensity and put a wonderfully sophisticated smile on her face. I never saw my mother leave the house without lipstick. Later, I dared to ask her why she always wore lipstick. She said she would feel naked without it. When I stand in front of the mirror today, and I want it to apply lipstick and usually I also use lipliner for the most perfect result. Soul colors Especially nowadays, I find it important to set an accent, whether under the protection mask or at the video conference. There are different colors that I use depending on my state of mind. How good that not all people know me so well that they can tell my emotional life right from my mouth. Brownish tones are more for the small accent and are less aggressive. When I’m fighting about something, a very bright red comes into play. In the evenings, especially when it came to going out, I sometimes wore very dark shades on my lips. I am particularly enthusiastic about matt tones, as they stay extremely well and also “survive” perfectly under the mask. Dame Pat McGrath After I had the chance to meet Pat McGrath live backstage at various fashion shows, I was fascinated by her personality and her ability to perform magic make-ups on the faces of the runway models with sensitivity. No wonder she is called the most influential make-up artist in the world and was knighted by the Queen of England in 2014 for her services to the British beauty and fashion industry. Dame Patricia Ann McGrath is now her official title. I am very happy that their debut collection is now also available in Germany. Her lipstick is my daily companion, and the packaging with the golden lips just puts me in a good mood. Thank you, Pat, you make my day!… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lipstick from La Beauté Hermès

If the fairy godmother gave me a wish for a luxury item, I would commission her with a Birkin Bag. For me, the epitome of luxury. I have already given myself the little luxury – one of the new lipsticks from Hermès Beauté. Beauty is a novelty for the traditional house. Pierre Hardy, creative director in the company and responsible for shoes, jewelry and high jewelery, designed the precious object. The journey into the world of beauty startet five years ago. This year the collection of 24 lipsticks, 10 matte and 14 silky gloss, was launched. A refined selection inspired by the métiers silk with its infinite number of colors (75,000 shades) and leather (900 tones). Functional aesthetics The tri-color cover alone – brushed gold, black lacquer and an ivory tone – with the Hermès signature ex-libris engraved on the curved cap – is supple in the hand. The Hermès lettering is engraved in the lipstick. The cover closes with a sonorous clack. And it is an object forever that accompanies you for a long time. Because the lipstick is refillable. This time I chose the color Orange Boite 33. A summerly fresh and sunny orange. It is exactly the shade that I have been looking for for a long time. Its texture is just perfect: nice creamy and yet matt, long-lasting and yet not drying out. A successful debut for La Beauté Hermès. I think we can look forward to the next objects. New ones are to be presented every six months. “From make-up to skin care”, says the French traditional company. My only criticism: I find the brown leather case – although it is chic like a Birkin – for about $ 1.700 a little overpriced. Even if it is made in the typical craftsmanship of the luxury house. Rouge Hermès lipstick, $ 68… weiterlesen