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Tested for you: „MatteTrance“ Lipstick from Pat McGrath

Nothing works for me without lipstick. I was fascinated by it as a small child. When my mother was about to leave the house, it was unthinkable that she would do so without her usual ritual. There was a chest of drawers in the entrance area and her lipstick collection was in the top drawer. It was a magical attraction for us as children. Each time mother took out a lipstick and used it to make up her lips without even looking in the mirror. There were different shades of red, but all of them had a high color intensity and put a wonderfully sophisticated smile on her face. I never saw my mother leave the house without lipstick. Later, I dared to ask her why she always wore lipstick. She said she would feel naked without it. When I stand in front of the mirror today, and I want it to apply lipstick and usually I also use lipliner for the most perfect result. Soul colors Especially nowadays, I find it important to set an accent, whether under the protection mask or at the video conference. There are different colors that I use depending on my state of mind. How good that not all people know me so well that they can tell my emotional life right from my mouth. Brownish tones are more for the small accent and are less aggressive. When I’m fighting about something, a very bright red comes into play. In the evenings, especially when it came to going out, I sometimes wore very dark shades on my lips. I am particularly enthusiastic about matt tones, as they stay extremely well and also “survive” perfectly under the mask. Dame Pat McGrath After I had the chance to meet Pat McGrath live backstage at various fashion shows, I was fascinated by her personality and her ability to perform magic make-ups on the faces of the runway models with sensitivity. No wonder she is called the most influential make-up artist in the world and was knighted by the Queen of England in 2014 for her services to the British beauty and fashion industry. Dame Patricia Ann McGrath is now her official title. I am very happy that their debut collection is now also available in Germany. Her lipstick is my daily companion, and the packaging with the golden lips just puts me in a good mood. Thank you, Pat, you make my day!… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lipstick from La Beauté Hermès

If the fairy godmother gave me a wish for a luxury item, I would commission her with a Birkin Bag. For me, the epitome of luxury. I have already given myself the little luxury – one of the new lipsticks from Hermès Beauté. Beauty is a novelty for the traditional house. Pierre Hardy, creative director in the company and responsible for shoes, jewelry and high jewelery, designed the precious object. The journey into the world of beauty startet five years ago. This year the collection of 24 lipsticks, 10 matte and 14 silky gloss, was launched. A refined selection inspired by the métiers silk with its infinite number of colors (75,000 shades) and leather (900 tones). Functional aesthetics The tri-color cover alone – brushed gold, black lacquer and an ivory tone – with the Hermès signature ex-libris engraved on the curved cap – is supple in the hand. The Hermès lettering is engraved in the lipstick. The cover closes with a sonorous clack. And it is an object forever that accompanies you for a long time. Because the lipstick is refillable. This time I chose the color Orange Boite 33. A summerly fresh and sunny orange. It is exactly the shade that I have been looking for for a long time. Its texture is just perfect: nice creamy and yet matt, long-lasting and yet not drying out. A successful debut for La Beauté Hermès. I think we can look forward to the next objects. New ones are to be presented every six months. “From make-up to skin care”, says the French traditional company. My only criticism: I find the brown leather case – although it is chic like a Birkin – for about $ 1.700 a little overpriced. Even if it is made in the typical craftsmanship of the luxury house. Rouge Hermès lipstick, $ 68… weiterlesen

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