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Because of its lack of appropriate methods, body skin tightening was once aesthetic medicine’s poor relation. Now there are two extremely effective technologies that can be used to tighten and smooth the tissues.

Renuvion – plasma energy for lasting firm skin

Renuvion, a process based on helium plasma with the efficiency of highly focused energy, is still very new. The Rosenpark Klinik is the first clinic in Germany and one of the first in Europe to use this method. It can be applied to tighten sagging skin on the legs, arms, buttocks, back or neck and décolleté in a very unique way. The dual thermal effect produced tightens the tissue so gently that the risk of side effects is very low in comparison with other procedures such as laser. Why? Plasma technology allows the connective tissue to be heated precisely and then immediately cooled back to skin temperature.

Local anesthesia and small incisions

Renuvion can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or, if necessary, directly after liposuction. Immediately after liposuction, the 4 mm thin handpiece is inserted into the same mini incisions made for the liposuction cannula. This means that no additional incisions are required. To ensure that the procedure is painless, the area to be treated is numbed using local tumescent anesthesia in the same way as with liposuction. Treatment with the Renuvion handpiece is fan shaped. The surgeon moves the device in opposite directions at one centimeter per second. The helium plasma beam penetrates the entire tissue, tightens it directly under the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen. Four to six passes are necessary, requiring 20 to 45 minutes. But then it’s done. Only one intervention is necessary for a lasting result.

Potential immediate effect

In many cases, the effect can already be seen immediately after treatment. Significant improvement and smoothing of the skin occurs within the next six months which is the time it takes for new collagen to form. The adhesion of the tissue stimulated by the procedure ensures optimized wound healing and tightening of the tissues in all layers. In the first few days after treatment, slight wound pain, similar to that of aching muscles, is possible. Otherwise, the patient feels fit again right away, without significant downtime. If Renuvion is performed as part of a liposuction, one should plan three to four days of rest. Although there are no physical restrictions, wearing a compression garment is essential for about two to four weeks.

BodyTite – Radio Frequency plus Liposuction in one

BodyTite from Invasix , a technology designed to tighten the skin while eliminating fat deposits and cellulite, combines the advantages of radiofrequency skin tightening and classic liposuction.in a single procedure. It can be applied to almost every part of the body: BodyTite tightens upper arms, neck, thighs, stomach, lateral back and bottom. It is also used in body shaping and liposuction of the arms, back, stomach, thighs, hips, inner thighs and double chin. Cellulite can thus be removed, and lipedema reduced. Dr. Gerhard Sattler, medical director of the Rosenpark Clinic says: “BodyTite is the ideal procedure for the treatment of sagging skin over large areas, such as after severe weight loss or pregnancy.

Heat liquefies the fat

In the BodyTite procedure, a cannula equipped with an electrode is inserted into the fat layer directly under the skin. The electrode emits radio waves which generate heat in the fat and subcutaneous tissue. The effect is twofold: 1. the tightening of the connective tissue suspension of the skin. 2. the liquefaction of fat, which is then removed through the cannula. During the procedure, a further electrode on the outside controls the temperature in the subcutaneous tissue to prevent it from overheating. Local tumescent local anesthesia is also used here whereby large quantities of highly diluted anesthetic solution are injected into the tissue. The advantage is that the patient is alert throughout the procedure and able to follow the doctor’s instructions. For example, he can turn around, stand up to check symmetry or tighten individual muscles. The basic tension of the muscles makes the body silhouette easier for the surgeon to see.

Home after the operation

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and physical restrictions are not to be expected. However, this method also requires the patient to wear a compression garment for two to four weeks after the treatment which is how long the healing process usually lasts. A single BodyTite application is enough.


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Fewer dents, firmer skin and a slimmer silhouette

Minimally invasive body-shaping is the magic formula by which all of this can be achieved. No surgery, no pain, no downtime. Sounds too good to be true, but state-of-the-art technologies such as micro-focused ultrasound or radiofrequency can make it possible. The two methods differ in their depth effect. “In contrast to radiofrequency, micro-focused ultrasound penetrates into deeper tissue layers and provides an immediate as well as a long-term tightening effect without damaging the skin surface. The controlled and specifically applied heat of up to 70 degrees causes fat cells to melt,” says Dr. Carmen Cecilia Duma, Rosenpark Klinik. A proper patient selection by the doctor and a reliable diagnosis are therefore particularly important here. One thing one must be aware of: neither of these therapies can be compared with the possibilities offered by liposuction or classical body lifting. Only smaller problem zones can be treated, but these with surprising and satisfactory results.

Micro-focused ultrasound

The ultra-modern ultrasound technology tightens sagging skin areas. At the same time, it improves the structure of the skin and connective tissue and contours the shape. The most rewarding areas of treatment are the décolleté, upper arms, armpits, waist, stomach, thighs and knees. Dr. Duma: “Invisible micro-injuries in the deep tissue layer stimulate the new formation of both collagen and elastin. The skin gradually becomes tighter and firmer thereby creating a natural lifting effect “. The highly focused ultrasound waves are transmitted through the skin directly into the deeper connective tissue via a movable sound and treatment head. There they stimulate the body’s own regeneration process and stimulate the formation of new collagen. Fat cells are melted away then flushed out of the body naturally over the course of the next few weeks. The effect of this is that the treated region is shaped and smaller problem zones optimized. The device has different handpieces which allow the specific treatment of various target areas.

Pain free and suitable for everyday use

Although no anesthesia is necessary, an anesthetic cream is applied an hour before the treatment to make it as pleasant as possible for the patient. The daily routine can be resumed Immediately after the therapy and no special aftercare is necessary. The full effect develops over a period of three weeks to six months showing a significantly firmer, fresher skin and slimmer contours. As a rule, one treatment is enough.

Radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology

The innovative Venus Legacy process combines multipolar radio frequency with magnetic pulse technology and a built-in temperature sensor. “The multipolar radiofrequencies penetrate not only one but several layers of tissue where they trigger a thermal reaction. This sets off a regeneration process leading to the formation of new collagen. The skin is tightened, wrinkles and cellulite reduced and fat pads minimised,” says Dr. Carmen Cecilia Duma. Increased blood circulation and direct tightening of the skin can be observed immediately after the treatment. The multipolar radiofrequency brings about a thermal reaction in the tissues which stimulates the body’s natural healing powers.

Gentle and effective

Sagging skin on the upper arms, abdomen, legs, back and buttocks can be treated. In the facial areal, good results can be achieved on bags under the eyes, double chin, the chin-cheek line, neck and forehead. The procedure is painless and can therefore be performed without anesthetic. Because it is non-invasive, no subsequent downtime is necessary. Dr. Duma: “Results are often visible after only one treatment. For an optimal and longer lasting result, however, we recommend 6 to 8 sessions”.

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Micro-fine needle pricks improve the appearance of the skin. Especially effective in combination with Radio Frequency.

“My insider tip for a radiant, healthy skin is the combination of Hyaluron skin booster and Dermaroller,” says Dr. Sonja Sattler, Head of Bellari Frankfurt. “With skin boost, the particularly low-viscosity hyaluronic acid is injected over a large area into the uppermost layer of the skin. This creates a glow effect and a special radiance to the face. Wrinkles are eliminated and, due to the water-binding property of Hyaluronic Acid, the skin stays moisturised and padded from the inside for a longer period of time. The Dermaroller ensures new collagen formation through the desired micro-injuries on the skin surface.” As a result, the entire skin appears finer, smaller-pored and rejuvenated. And, last but not least, scars of all kinds can be corrected as well.

What is a Dermaroller?

A Dermaroller or Dermapen is a handy roller with microfine needles which it’s why it’s also known as Microneedling. The needle length varies from 0.5 to 1.5 millimetres, depending on the requirements and body region. The microfine punctures simulate injuries to the skin without really damaging the tissue and the cells around the puncture canal are stimulated to produce more collagen.

What is the exact treatment?

First of all, the area to be treated is thoroughly cleansed and an anaesthetic cream applied. This requires 20 – 30 minutes to take effect after which the practitioner rolls the Dermaroller over the face for about 20 minutes. If necessary, individual areas can be treated several times and more intensively. A disposable sterile device is used for each patient. Dermarollers with shorter needles are also available for use at home. However, one should first be shown how to use them by a professional before attempting the procedure oneself. In cases of acne, it is best to leave it alone.

Is one presentable after the treatment?

Absolutely. The skin is slightly reddened at first, but this can be easily concealed with make-up. The redness disappears completely after 3-4 days and what remains is an improved skin structure. The treatment can be repeated at any time.

What is the difference between this and Needling plus Radio Frequency?

The combination of multipolar Radio Frequency technology (RF) and Microneedling leads to a fractional treatment of the skin. This makes it possible to tackle several skin problems simultaneously. The procedure is particularly suitable as an anti-aging measure since it counteracts the signs of skin aging: Wrinkles and loss of elasticity or sagging skin around the chin. It is also effective where there are pigment disorders, enlarged pores and uneven skin structures caused by acne scars and rosacea.

What does procedure look like?

An anaesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before the treatment to ensure that the patient feels no pain. The treatment head of the Radio Frequency device, which is equipped with fine needles that stimulate skin renewal, is then applied to the face. When used on the skin, these needles cause superficial microfine injuries that are not visible after the treatment while, at the same time, the multipolar radiofrequency energy circulates in the deeper layers. This heats the tissue and causes the formation of new collagen. Depending on the problem, a choice is made between two attachments, either with or without needles. In Rosacea patients, for example, Microneedling is not used. Only Radio Frequency is applied to avoid too much skin irritation.

How much time should I plan?

A treatment lasts about half an hour. The greatest possible effect can be achieved with four sessions at maximum intervals of four weeks. However, the full effect does not occur until two to six months after completion of the series of treatments. Possible redness in the first hours after the treatment can be easily covered with make-up. Otherwise you can go about your everyday life without any restrictions. Having said that, however, one should never underestimate the importance of sufficient UV protection for the skin.

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…but it doesn’t always have to mean surgery

The days of Size Zero are over – looking healthy and fit is considered sexy today and a lot can be achieved with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Nevertheless, there are parts of the body that even these can’t influence. Sometimes even the strictest diet and the most strenuous workout can’t help, especially in cases of genetically misplaced fat deposits or sagging skin after weight loss. Nature takes its toll as well and during the aging process, metabolic processes slow down, altering the hormone balance. The ratio of fat to muscle mass changes: Men suddenly develop breasts or so-called “love handles” in the hip area. With women it is often around the abdomen including the back, the “riding breeches” or the inner thighs.

Liposuction is no substitute for a diet

Every year the Rosenpark Klinik treats over 2000 patients in the field of body shaping. Of these, alone more than 1000 of them undergo liposuction which permanently reduces the excess amount of fat cells in the affected areas and the balances the silhouette. Those who believe that liposuction is a means to reduce weight are mistaken. “The sole purpose here is the harmonization of the body form and the removal of problem zones”, says Dr. Gerhard Sattler, head of the Rosenpark Klinik. The problem frequently addressed is that of the “riding breeches”. Regardless of whether they are slim or somewhat sturdier, countless women suffer from this unattractive deformation of the thighs which stems from an overabundance of fat cells. Liposuction is a proven method of reduction in this case and even if the patient gains weight over time, these disproportionate bulges will not develop again at the same place. “As an experienced practitioner, however, I always have to take the overall picture into consideration,” says Sattler. “The removal of a problem zone alone does not by any means ensure a beautiful body shape. In most cases, it therefore makes sense to treat further areas in order to create a harmonious silhouette”.

The Vibration Cannula technique and Tumescent Local Anesthesia

For over 19 years, several liposuction procedures have been performed daily at the Rosenpark Klinik. The vibration cannula technique is used in tumescent local anesthesia to remove excess fatty tissue painlessly and sustainably. Tumescent local anesthesia is a mixture of saline solution and local anesthetics. It not only numbs the tissue but softens the fat cells as well. The advantage is that these can be removed easily, gently and with minimum risk. By means of the vibrating cannula, the fat tissue is literally “shaken out” through several skin incisions of four millimeters in diameter. The skin suspension apparatus, vessels, nerves and lymphatic tracts are virtually unaffected. The patient is awake during the suction and, if necessary, can turn on his own, tighten individual muscle parts or even stand up. Dr. Sattler: “This helps me to better assess the symmetry during the procedure and to avoid risks such as the disproportionate formation of dents”.

New: additional energy with plasma, radiofrequency and laser

In the further developed system of liposuction using laser, a laser probe is integrated into the suction cannula. This loosens, heats and liquefies the fatty tissue precisely in the tissue’s sliding planes and ultimately in the upper skin layer. The connective tissue suspensions of the skin tighten with the heat of the laser. In the weeks following the treatment, the body builds new connective tissue as part of the wound healing process. The skin’s surface is smoothed and free of indentations and dents, the typical cellulite phenomena. The formation of new collagen makes the tissue visibly and palpably firmer.

Alternatives to surgery

In modern aesthetic medicine, there are now also many non-surgical methods for tissue tightening, fat reduction or body modelling. Cryolipolysis has established itself as a successful method for the reduction of fat in smaller problem zones. Fat cells are destroyed using a state-of-the-art cooling technology in a step-by-step process that does not damage the skin. More precisely, the cold disrupts the blood supply to the fat cells. They die off and a natural breaking down process is initiated. After two to four months, the result is a noticeable, natural-looking reduction of fat deposits. Cryolipolysis is suitable, for example, for hip padding, sagging fat in the back around the bra area or small fat deposits below the navel.

When the skin becomes flabby

With the aging process comes a loss of elasticity of the tissues. Venus Legacy™ is a new procedure that treats not only stubborn fat deposits and cellulite, but flabby parts of the body as well. Dr. Sattler: “It combines multipolar radiofrequency with magnetic pulse technology and a built-in temperature sensor.” This specially developed technique allows a deep penetration into the skin, which results in increased blood circulation and a direct tightening of the skin immediately after treatment. Radiofrequency triggers a thermal reaction in the tissue, which stimulates the body’s natural healing powers. This causes the skin to contract. The first results are already noticeable after the first treatment.

More volume for the buttocks

It is not always a part of the body that is too large that bothers the patient. “Even having too little in a specific area can become a psychological burden as well,” says Dr. Sattler. In the course of the last few years, body shaping using hyaluronic acid or autologous (own) fat has become established for this purpose, mainly in the buttocks area. Using the tower technique, the doctor injects the hyaluronic acid deep into the tissue. Pulling the syringe further and further out of the tissue causes hyaluronic acid turrets to form under the skin, giving the buttocks more volume. Because of the deep placement, the hyaluronic acid hardly decomposes. One can safely speak of a long-term result. At the same time there is a significant long-term improvement, the bottom feels better and firmer and cellulite is reduced.

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