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This Is How I Got The Dog

In the meantime our puppy dog arrived at our house. No, not with Amazon or DHL. We picked him up in Bad Sooden-Allendorf in Germany’s border triangle Hesse-Thuringia-Lower Saxony personally from an Airedale Terrier breeder. Means a trip of a 1000 kilometers there and back. My husband was already traveling by car in the region on business. Therefore I had to fly. In Paderborn he picked me up at the airport. Journey with obstacles A tedious journey for me: getting up at 3:30 a.m., taking the S-Bahn from our home on the Ammersee to Munich Airport. Planned departure 7.45 h. Unfortunately not. The plane was defective. Replacement plane had to be cleaned and refueled first. But the delay was within limits. In the car on the way to the breeder I made up for an hour of sleep while my husband was driving. Three weeks earlier we were there in the beautiful forest house in the middle of a forest for the first time to choose our dog. Five females and five males had the litter of Airedale Terrier bitch Ruby. To be honest, it was not us who chose the little male, but he chose us. It was like this: When I entered the kennel, all the puppies curiously came running towards me. Only one remained standing apart. He looked at me from a distance and raised his right paw as if to say “hello, here I am“. When I then lured him, he came running to me. From then on, his and my fate were sealed. The little lord Our little Airedale is called Byron, after Lord Byron. I hope his lordship in heaven is not angry with me for that. But I devoured the poems and the “Don Juan” of the English poet as a teenager. Of course, friends are allowed to say Byron without the title to my little furry nose. Hahaha… Although Byron’s pedigree is long and noble, he is behaving anything but “lordly” in his new home. This dog eats everything, especially shoes, enthusiastically uses his milk teeth on me because he does not yet understand that human skin is more sensitive than the fur of his siblings, with whom he has been fooling around so far. A hanging plant has already fallen victim to him. Our living room is temporarily carpet-free, because he always peed on the most expensive with enthusiasm. Of course our dog is not house-trained yet.… weiterlesen

We’re Getting a Dog

The birth of a child is an exciting experience. But I am almost as excited as I was with my daughter before the arrival of our four-legged new member to the family. Yes, we are getting a dog. For years my husband used his veto when the topic of dogs came up. “You travel too much, there is no place for a dog” was always his convincing argument. Unfortunately he was right about that too. Because in my last editorial job as a beauty director of a the German Instyle magazine, I was on appointments and trips almost every week. I counted 36 flights in one year at Lufthansa alone, and that was no exception. No dog in handbag size Working as a freelancer now gives me a lot more freedom to organize my days, and ultimately, owing to Corona, I take much less air travel. The time for a dog is ripe. For months we discussed race, height, gender in the family. The pros and cons of a dog from a shelter or a breed. One thing was clear to me from the start: A “handbag format” is out of the question for me. I need my bag for myself. I also want a dog that walks on its four legs and doesn’t need or want to be carried around. A watchdog for me My husband made the case for a Labrador? I think the silver-colored ones are beautiful, but unfortunately it is a fashion dog and I do not want to support any gene mutations brought about by irresponsible breeders that bring in a lot of money for them. It is not without reason that the breeders’ association does not recognize the silver color of the Labrador. In addition, Labradors are famous for their constant hunger and therefore overweight. Even thrown away leftover food on the street and in the park, friends tell me, is not safe from them. Labradors aren’t exactly known as watchdogs either. But for our living situations in Germany as well as in my second home Italy, I need a four-legged protector when I’m alone in the house. My childhood dog Finally we came across the dog breed, which also accompanied me with great joy in my childhood. An Airedale Terrier. In my parents’ house we had two, father and son. With Astor or Bärle as minder, my mother could safely leave the stroller in front of every store.… weiterlesen

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