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Tested for you: Gehwol „Soft Feet Butter“

My pedicurist lady gave it to me for Christmas. Since then I’ve been addicted to the “Soft Feet Butter Cocoa & Mandarine”. Better still said after the scent. On the cream jar it is described as “wintery”. For me, the enthusiasm is certainly not over with winter. Because the texture is also a real treat. Creamy and soothing for the feet. Cocoa butter mixed with high-quality mandarin peel extract supplies the skin with moisture and makes it supple. Rough soles and small cracks on the heels are a thing of the past. I rarely rave about a product that heavily. Applying lotion to my feet every day used to be a chore, but now I look forward to it every evening. The best way to end the day in a relaxing bath or after a relaxing foot bath. Foot specialist for 150 years The Gehwol products from Eduard Gerlach GmbH, incidentally a family business for 150 years now, convinced me so much that I bought myself a care bath for my feet with almond and vanilla. It contains a so-called wetting agent, which ensures that the care oils are evenly distributed in the water and create a milky, shimmering, pleasantly scented emulsion that provides intensive moisture and protects the skin flora. You can also shower or bathe with the product. The only downer of my new favorite product for the feet is that the “Cocoa & Mandarine Butter” is a limited edition, so only available for a short time. Until next Christmas I’ll have to switch to “Pomegranate & Moringa”. That doesn’t sound bad either. Gehwol „Soft Feet Butter,“ 50 ml, ca. 38 $US photos: Eduard Gerlach GmbH… weiterlesen

Tested for you: LimeLife by Alcone, „Crème of the Crop”

Finally summer. That means: Bring all the sling pumps and sandals to me! There is no need to mention that this can only be done with well-groomed feet. And there’s no need to say, that mine, due to my job, was given the best foot creams and footcare tips. But really astonishing is the fact, that those little feet still get so dry during the day as if they haven’t seen a drop of cream for a long time. But during the last few weeks, everything has changed. And even if I don’t like to be carried away by giving an absolute product recommendation, sorry, it has to be here: “Crème of the Crop” by LimeLife by Alcone is actually a hand and body cream. And it is very lush. Really lush. You notice the high percentage of shea butter and safflower oil immediately. Surprisingly the cream is easy to apply, I guess, because of the mixture with aloe vera juice. You have to do a little rework in those tiny little foot wrinkles on the sole – but this is where the cream has to be massaged in until you can no longer see any white lines – as Bastien Gonzalez, the king of footcare and darling of the celebrities, told me years ago in a private audience . The cream has a delicate smell of lavender, an active ingredient that also soothes the skin. And, I swear, I noticed the difference within the first few days: my skin didn’t cry out for more cream after just two hours. In the meantime, I don’t even have to reapply in the evening. The sole is significantly softer and smoother. Cracked heels? Passé. And when my private foot-fairy saw the result, she was over the moon. But for now, let’s stop the sweet talk, I have to go for my sweet little summer sandals … PS: LimeLife by Alcone has its roots in a small shop that has sold stage makeup in New York City. Founded in 1952, the family company not only stands for organic skin care that is committed to sustainability, but also for women empowerment. Firstly through the sales channel, which enables women to work independently, but also through a foundation that supports the training and entrepreneurship of women in disadvantaged countries. „Crème of the Crop”, LimeLife by Alcone, 240 ml, US$ 38 Leading image: shutterstock@LookStudio… weiterlesen

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