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CultureAndCream Author from Munich Since many years I am working as a freelance writer of beauty and lifestyle topics for magazines like Vogue or Glamour. What drives me again and again: not only the product or the trend, it is the people and the story behind - and what it does to us. In addition, my job often takes me to the most beautiful places in the world. Even in private one likes to find me in one or the other wellness location, research not excluded. Culture and Cream, then. Always in the luggage: fragrance, sunprotection and lipstick. What color? Red. What else

The Krallerhof And Its New Spa Temple

People know it, the Krallerhof in Leogang in the province of Salzburg. For decades one of the most renowned hotels in Austria and most popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts, golfers and hikers. And one of the first to focus on spa: in the early 1970s, with what was then the largest private indoor pool in western Austria and a Bisazza-tiled sauna area. From farm to five-star retreat, the family-run hotel continues to demonstrate vision and set standards: now with “Atmosphere by Krallerhof”. “Atmosphere by Krallerhof“? Behind it is a spa temple that immediately takes you to other spheres. And has a very special atmosphere. It was designed by Hamburg star architect Hadi Teherani and his team. Not that the previous wellness area with its 1720 square meters had to hide. But it lacked water areas. It was to be a natural bathing lake, along with outdoor facilities. And so an international competition was launched, resulting in an ambitious project. The proposal by Hadi Teherani, who had his vision in mind the moment he stepped onto the terrace at Kraller Hof, was convincing: He wanted to open up the view, into the mountain world. And: The new building should not be a foreign body, but should integrate itself into this landscape. Therefore, a hut had to give way and massive earthmoving had to be carried out. Atmosphere by Krallerhof: integrated into the landscape It was worth it, because the integration into the landscape has succeeded perfectly: If you look at the spa complex from said terrace, the green roof looks like the continuation of mountain meadows. And the path leading over the roof appears like hiking trails winding up a mountain. The illusion will surely become even more perfect if, as planned, sheep will graze on it one day. Viewed from the front, the building of the Krallerhof Spa looks like a hill with a cave, in whose glazed front the sky, the mountains and the mountain railroad are reflected, making the whole thing almost disappear visually. Also the view on the back, which one has from the yoga room, the panorama sauna and the rest area: It leads in the direction of the Pinzgau Grasberge mountains and proves that Teherani was right: a normal building would have blocked these wonderful views into and over the meadows and mountains. Virtual infinity The view into infinity is central to Tehrani’s architecture: thus, even in the building, it repeatedly lands from the large to the small, as the ceiling is vaulted and follows the line down to the floor, where plants take over the interior and bring the calm, stylish ambience in beige and gray with green to life.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Eye cream “DetO2x Eye” from Valmont

A new eye cream that finally evens out my dark circles? Not an easy task. Because my dark circles have been with me all my life. No matter how much I sleep, party or work. The rings are the heritage of my grandmother – who, however, throughout her life did not worry about the shadows under her eyes. On the contrary: as a young woman, she often acted and used the slightly wicked touch that the rings under her eyes gave her to role-play effectively. Eye cream with apple stem cells I have also made friends with them. But the concept of Valmont’s new “DetO2x Eye” does interest me: It is supposed to activate the skin’s oxygen supply via a CO2 complex and make the eye area glow beautifully again – within 15 minutes. And thanks to the apple stem cells of a particularly resistant Swiss variety à la longue, it is supposed to stimulate cell renewal. The “circle” test When unscrewing the jar, this eye cream already shows that it is something special. Instead of the usual cream or fluid texture, it reveals a fluffy mousse-like consistency, like you’d find in the line’s face cream. Upon application, you can feel (and hear) the little oxygen bubbles – it feels light and cool. The eye cream smells only delicately floral, but fresh. And there’s something else you notice immediately: that you’ve taken far too much – because the eye cream is extremely productive. It is nevertheless quickly absorbed and leaves a slight feeling of tension, which is not unpleasant – but rather has a “hello awake” effect. The eye area feels pleasantly soft and supple, and actually looks somehow tightened. Afterwards make-up is no problem, because the cream is not greasy. My conclusion Radiant eye area? Check! Small wrinkles conjured away? Yess! Circles under the eyes? Well… to be honest, they are not gone. But: they seem somewhat softened, because the skin really shines, which makes the area look much fresher. And to the honorary rescue one must say: Eye circles can be also genetically caused (the grandma!) and thus cream-resistant. That’s why mine just belong to me. Eye circles, however, which are caused by stress or environmental influences, will certainly be less. P.S. The cream is definitely at the upper end of the price range – but, as I said before: It is very economical and, it sounds crazy, but through the foam texture you almost have the feeling that it refills itself again and again.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Satin Kajal Liner“ from Victoria Beckham

A kajal liner that caught my attention. I kept seeing it in my feed on Instagram. How it glides gently along the eyelid rim and transforms a rich shimmering line into a super cool smokey eye. Shortly before Christmas it was time: I had to have it, the “Satin Kajal Eyeliner” in the color “Ash”. Congrats, Victoria Beckham & Social Media Team, well done! You got me. Since this kajal pencil is not yet available in Germany, I ordered it on the VB Beauty website. My kajal liner test What turned me on so much in the teaser on Insta was the extreme smoothness and rich performance of the pencil. Because nothing annoys smokey eye lovers like me more than kohl pencils that are so hard that you can hardly apply them in a continuous line, let alone easy blending. Too hard also hurts. But they must not be too soft either, so that they do not smear. I’m curious, Victoria: The eyeliner pencil comes across as very high quality. Black colored wood, even the caps seem more compact than many competitors. They can be pulled off remarkably well and close tightly – which means they don’t come off unintentionally in the cosmetics bag. The refill is located at one end of the pencil, and a foam applicator at the other. Lightweight and smooth Now for the moment of truth: I put the pencil on – it is wonderfully easy and smooth to pull along the edge of the eyelid. As in the video. The color is highly pigmented and slightly shimmery, so deserves the name “Satin”. After my smokey eye makeup must go quick and dirty, ie apply-smudge-and-good-isses, now comes the applicator to use. It’s slightly pointed, soft, but still sturdy enough that you can blend the line well. Above as below. I am happy for now. What about the durability, the staying power, which Victoria Beckham Beauty praises? Even after hours, I still don’t detect a raccoon effect under the eye. Check. On the moving lid, the smokey effect has unfortunately already become a bit more transparent – the texture is probably a bit too smooth for light droppings eyelids like mine and I had also applied too little. Therefore, I apply the kohl pencil a little thicker on the second attempt. So he actually holds better. Alternatively, I put some eyeshadow powder over my painted smokey eye to fix the color.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Vitamin C Booster“ from Noble Panacea

Vitamin C plays a major role not only in nutrition. It has also become indispensable in skin care. Of course, because it is the top active ingredient when it comes to the coveted glow. But not only that -the water-soluble vitamin is one of the most important cell protectors. “Vitamin C as a serum can support sun protection and prevent pigmentation disorders,” confirms Munich dermatologist Dr. Christian Merkel to me. He therefore recommends that I also apply a vitamin C serum in the morning before sun protection, for example. I’m looking forward to my test product, the “Vitamin C Booster” from Noble Panacea. The Test The product I’m testing contains more than 20 percent stabilized pure ascorbic acid, as well as other natural sources of vitamin C such as acerola, camu camu and cockatoo plum. Unfortunately, this is not fully developed in many products, because the vitamin C is sensitive to light and air and thus loses much of its potential. In Noble Panacea, however, a special technology (OSMV) is said to take effect, encapsulating the active ingredient and thus protecting it. It also allows the the water-soluble vitamin to be delivered to the skin not all at once, but continuously throughout the day. This also multiplies the effect. 20 percent sounds quite a lot, and I know that vitamin C can also irritate the skin. Since my skin is very sensitive, I am therefore cautious. I first test in the crook of my arm. As there is no redness in the evening, I start my 30-day cure the next morning. And indeed: no redness, no tension, actually my skin feels quite good. Afterwards, I apply my usual care with SPF 50, as I do every day. I don’t quite trust the peace yet, so I slowly increase the dose. First I use the vitamin C product only every other day, but after a week I use it every day. Conclusion: My sensitive skin tolerated the vitamin C serum perfectly. And already looks really fresher after a few days. And the glow? Yes, that also appears gradually. Does it also reduce pigmentation spots? I can’t say, because I don’t have any on my face. But an extract of white pine bark promises to support the vitamin in this job as well. But I found other plus points: The product is a perfect travel companion because it’s packaged in small sachets that contain a generous single serving.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: „Detoxing Body Oil“ from Pharmos Natur

Today a body oil: With recommendations it is always such a thing. Especially when they go into the health area. So-called health claims may not be made by the companies, so many good “side effects” of products often remain hidden. One such case is the product we’re talking about here today. An exception at #me, because it is not entirely new and has been part of my basic equipment in the beauty wardrobe for about two years, so I have not tested especially for this. What I wrote here, is therefore rather a real experience report. The Body Oil Testt Actually, my therapist always uses Pharmos Natur’s “Detoxing Body Oil” in the signature body treatment “Vegeto-Dynamik”, a holistic body treatment developed by Pharmos founder Margot Esser. A kind of journey to oneself. The oil is said to complement the effects of massage, regenerating skin and tissue, decongesting, detoxifying, as well as reducing swelling. It is also recommended for cellulite. The combination of immortelle, laurel, cypress, juniper and lemon oils is responsible for its effect. In addition, the oil of black sesame. It belongs to the sacred plants, the plants that according to Pharmos philosophy can store a lot of light energy and give energy. Beneficial “side effect“ The oil is easy to apply and immediately unfolds the tangy-fresh scent, which, however, does not drown out everything. It absorbs well, but not so quickly that you could no longer massage with it. In the treatment is lavishly dealt with it. At home, I take significantly less – and I also do not apply it to the whole body. But very targeted: When I need more lightness in the legs after a long hike or shopping tour and also – attention, now it’s medical – when I have bumped or sprained something. I discovered the latter rather accidentally when I had neither cold pack nor cooling ointment at hand and applied the oil after an encounter of my knee with the stairs. Since then, I have always noticed: bruises and swellings disappear faster, in mild cases already the next day, or they do not appear at all. Fazit: Ausprobieren! Bei mir wirkt’s. “Detoxing Body Oil” von Pharmos Natur, 63 ml, ca. 87 Euro… weiterlesen

Tested for you: New trend – lip oil „Huile à lèvres“ from Typlogy

I want to be honest: colored lip oils have never been my thing. Either I use lipstick or I use lip care. And when I wear lipstick, I want to have color on my lips that lasts longer than half an hour, if possible. That’s why I don’t wear lip gloss. When I do use lip care, it’s usually in the evening when I go to bed, and I don’t need color there. Why I test the lip oil “Huile à lèvres” from Typology anyway? Because all the world is now suddenly raving about colored lip oil (even Lady Gaga to promote her own), and I already find the tinted serum of the young French cosmetics company good. As a Red Lips Addict, I test of course the color “Ruby Red”. And here is my lip oil test. Sure, with a normal lipstick the oil can not keep up. But the color shimmers beautifully transparent. You do not look as if you had eaten too much of the jam. The result is particularly beautiful if you contour the lips beforehand – I always do this in a neutral lip tone that traces the contour but does not stand out. What I like right away: Unlike lip gloss, the oil does not feel sticky. It spreads delicately and does not look fluffy. But shines beautifully. And even after some time, the lips still feel nice and supple, not soggy-oily – thanks to nourishing active ingredients such as jojoba oil (a wax), squalane and vitamin E. Of course, you also sometimes lick over it, and even then it is not unpleasantly oily in the mouth. My bottom line. I am more the “bold lips” type – BUT: The lip oil has surprised me positively. And I use it, for example, to let my lipstick shine even better. It also works to intensify “chewed off” lip color in between again. Or: If you press on a tissue briefly after application, a gentle, matte hint of color remains on the lips. Also nice. „Huile à lèvres“ from Typlogy, US$ 23,90 (in four colors and one colorless)… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Tinted Sun Care „Fusion Water Color“ from Isdin

Tinted sun care – what I think about it? I am a sunscreen junkie. But since I also like to even out a few uneven spots in my complexion, I wear partial makeup. And I find that legitimate even on the beach. It does not have to be the big make-up aria, but a little “corriger la fortune”. That’s why I also test tinted sun care again and again. Tinted sun care versus makeup The great thing about it: You save a care step with it and the color pigments offer additional UV protection, at the same time they can also cover small irregularities. Advantage over make-up products with SPF: The filters in tinted sun care are significantly higher and more powerful, so they are also suitable for vacations or real sunny days. More and more companies launch just such products, but so far I could not really make friends with any. Either they were too opaque for me that I really looked made up to plastered. Or the texture was too greasy. Or the color was just not right, because usually there are not so many shades to choose from as with normal foundations. And here is my test „Fusion Water Color SPF 50″ also has only three shades available. I opt for “medium”. And it works amazingly well: it’s transparent enough to blend with the skin tone. The texture is light and leaves no greasy residue, but – a nice glow! And, even though it’s so light, it conceals bumpy patches. Good mixture… My complexion looks more even. If necessary, I take, as with make-up also, one drop more and equalize redness around the nostrils. And since I now also have a bit of summer tint on my face (this also happens with factor 50), I mix “Fusion Water Color” with the untinted “Fusion Water” sun product. What I also like: Just like the sun care, you can use the product close to the eye, it does not burn. That’s my conclusion: The tinted sun care works. We have become great friends. „Fusion Water Color“ from Isdin, 50 ml , ca 24,90 Euro… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Nail Strengthener „Si-Nails“ from Isdin

I love nail polish. Since I can think cosmetically, I paint my nails. Earlier exclusively red, later only black – in the meantime I have landed with blue and green, gladly also with metallic effect. Yes, admittedly, this does my nails over the years not particularly good. By the way, it doesn’t matter which nail polish and whether I use a base coat.The nails become brittle and dry. A beauty expert once told me that it’s not so much the nail polish that’s the problem, but the nail polish remover: the stronger it is, the more it attacks the nail. Trick from a celeb nail pro Well, I use one that also removes metallic polish in one wipe and does not smear around. Afterwards, I wash and cream my hands and nails immediately, but it still dries out the nails. So that I do not have to paint off too often, a special trick is used, which Tom Bachik, (the nail artist of Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie!) has revealed to me in an interview: Daily apply a little nail oil on the nail roots and the painted nails – so the lacquer remains supple, does not splinter so quickly and lasts longer. Works. Nail strengthener for the lacquer break But back to the painted nail. So that the nails recover again, I make, even if it is difficult for me, again and again lacquer break. From one day to a week. But even one day helps to put the nails in better condition. Because for this I have discovered a cool product for me: The nail strengthener “Si-Nails” from Isdin. My test The active ingredient concentrate in the pen-shaped container is transported by clicking on the integrated brush and can be easily applied like varnish to the clean, dry nail. It dries quickly and leaves the surface silky shiny. The nail really looks immediately healthier, I think – even though according to the recommendation, you should apply the nail strengthener for at least 14 days to achieve optimal effect. But I can’t stand the polish break that long (okay, okay… I’ll get there eventually). And also the cuticle looks very well-groomed and soft, because you are also supposed to brush the product beyond the nail. Best in the evening, so that it can act well overnight. Ingredients of the nail strengthener Organic silicon to support nail growth. Mastic oil, which stimulates the synthesis of hard keratin and keratin-associated proteins, making the nail more resistant.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Barefootwear „Groundies“

Groundies? Barefootwear? Sounds interesting! I love cool shoes from high heels to sneakers – but hardly at home there is nothing nicer than to walk barefoot, maximum in socks. Even in the garden I enjoy to feel the ground under my feet. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that, despite all the hustle and bustle, I always get my feet firmly on the ground. And my feet love to be free-wheeling. So I decide to test shoes that promise a barefoot feeling. So I took them with me on my fall vacation on the Ritten plateau in South Tyrol. Barefootwear under test My “Groundies” were a prototype of the model that was launched last month, December 2021: Boots in loden look. Felt with vegan leather, the felt made of recycled PET with a sole made of lightweight TPU. What strikes first: the boots are super-light and wide cut. All toes have real room to move. But there’s no footbed, no heel elevation, no cushioning – it feels like you’re standing on cardboard. Zero heel and neutral footbed is what the manufacturer calls it. Very unfamiliar, at least, even for people who like to walk on bare feet like me. After the first steps, however, the interest in the new experience prevails. On thin soles over hill and dale The sole looks sturdy from the outside, but it is extremely flexible and thin – after all, it is only supposed to protect the foot from injury or cold. And indeed: You can feel everything. It already starts in the hotel: I feel the heel of the stairs, the difference between wooden floor and carpet. Outside I walk over grass… feels like grass, only through the sole filter. Then a small forest path, on which really every bump, every little branch, every little stone presses into my feet. Quite strange. And now it almost becomes a challenge, because I would not otherwise enter this type of surface barefoot. But I’m surprised how much grip the soles have with all the sensitivity downhill. Then it’s on the Ritten train to Klobenstein, through the village over paved paths and cobblestones. Then I walk back, along the “Freud Promenade”, in the footsteps of the famous psychoanalyst. What insights would the Groundies on the hiking trail have brought him to? I would now like to discuss grounding from a psychoanalytical perspective with him.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Foundation „Sérum Teinté“ from Typology

To be honest, I use almost no foundation. Almost none means: Only partially where the skin is not so perfect or small veins show through, so left and right next to the wings of the nose or on the chin. Since I don’t work with complete coverage, it’s also important to me to have a foundation that’s not too opaque so I can blend it well on my face. At the same time, I want a natural glow. Tinted moisturizer has never been an option for me because with it, the complexion appears often to shiny and the color looks patchy. But what about “tinted serum,” a new makeup category that’s making a splash right now? I’ve been testing such an hybrid product from Typology for the past three weeks. The young French cosmetics brand has been around in Germany since September. It competes as a vegan, B Corp certified brand. The packaging is made of recyclable glass, plastic or aluminum. The formulas are simple and reduced – selection criteria for the extracts is that they come from sustainable farms and are obtained gently. On the tinted serum: The product blurb promises a silicone-free, non-clogging tinted serum for light coverage and a natural finish. About the handling: I usually apply foundation with a brush, as I find it blends more naturally that way. And you also need less product than with a sponge, for example. I have tried both with the tinted serum – and find out: it is best applied with the fingers. One to two drops are enough for me. And if I need a little more coverage, layering is an option: I apply the product once, wait a bit, and then put some more over it again. Sure it only covers lightly as a tinted serum, but it’s enough for me. If not, I work with a concealer after. About the consistency: The serum resembles a liquid foundation. It is super easy to apply and is productive. You can wear it with or without a skincare product, depending on your skin needs. It is noticeably moisturizing – thanks to aloe vera and squalane. Together with vitamin C, this also provides glow. Although I have rather dry skin, I can well imagine wearing it in the summer without a moisturizing layer underneath or only with my sunscreen. Apropos: since I tested the product on a hiking vacation in the mountains, I first applied cream and my factor 50 sunscreen fluid.… weiterlesen

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