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Check the Ingredients of your Hand Cream

The hands can be happy – or maybe not. They have never been creamed after washing and disinfecting as often as in the past few weeks. But the ingredients that the skin on the hands now need are not in every cream tube or jar. You should also take care of what you are using as soap and disinfectants.

Well-tried disinfectants, such as those used for surgical hand disinfection, contain substances that dry out the skin to a great extent. Above all, alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol, as well as ketones such as butanone, which is used as one of the most important industrial solvents in addition to acetone. Pathogens are reliably eliminated, but at the same time they attack the natural protective acid mantle of the skin and remove their fats. That makes them brittle and cracked. It is better to use disinfectants from beauty brands that not only target the bad germs, but also the well-being of the hands. For example, the “Hand Sanitiser” by Margaret Dabbs from London. It still contains the necessary amount of at least 60% alcohol, but is enriched with hemp seed oil and white water lily. Grown Alchemist‘s antiseptic gel with 70% ethyl alcohol, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants is even available in a 500 ml pump dispenser. If the skin is already visibly and noticeably damaged, you should make sure that the product contains no fragrances. They could make minor inflammation worse. So do the smell test first. If the smell is particularly artificial or fruity, it is better to take your hands off.

Soap is not just soap

A normal cleaning process that we got bled in as a toddler is hand washing. To protect yourself from the Covid 19 virus, it must be particularly extensive. It is recommended to soap the skin for at least 20 seconds, as often as possible. Frequent washing with strongly scented soaps can in turn lead to skin irritation. Classic curd soap does not use any additives or synthetics. Liquid “doctor soaps” are also fragrance-free. Block soaps offer a little more care, which by the way are back in fashion anyway. They are made from natural substances such as olive, palm or coconut oil. An extra portion of care and skin protection can also be achieved with baby oil. It gives the skin a protective oil film and provides moisture all day long. The wash water should also not be very warm or even hot. The cooler, the less the natural protective layer of the skin is strained. And you don’t have to overdo it. It is enough to wash your hands or to disinfect them. If they are really dirty, they should be cleaned with soap and water. If they are actually “clean”, a disinfectant is enough.

The best choice for a hand cream

Even those who are more likely to oppose hand creams now have to commit to the cream tube, if they want their hands to be presentable and healthy. Because we won’t be able to do without regular washing and disinfecting. “Disinfect once, apply cream five times” is the recommendation of the German Dermatologist Prof. Christian Raulin. That is why it is now even more important to invest in a good hand cream. But what does “good” mean? Under no circumstances should it have a high water content. It can make brittle skin even more brittle. Fatty hand creams, balms or ointments are better, for example with urea, glycerin or nourishing coconut, jojoba or almond oil. Natural beeswax is also good for the hands. It absorbs quickly, soothes irritated skin and is only slightly greasy. Mineral oil-based fats and waxes derived from petroleum are unfavorable. The fact that they are harmful to the organism was discussed, but could not be proven. The fact is, however, that they seal the skin and it can no longer breathe properly. The soothing effect on dryness and roughness of the hands is only temporary. Under the protective layer of mineral oils, the skin remains just as tense and stressed as before. In any case, always wait a few minutes after washing your hands before you apply cream. If the skin needs even more care because it is itchy or cracked, a hand mask can be applied overnight: apply cream thickly and put on light cotton gloves. And even if it is annoying and you have less feeling in your hands, wear rubber gloves when cleaning and washing dishes.

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