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C&C-Autorin aus München Eveline Misini ist seit 2017 leidenschaftliche Online-Redakteurin bei rankeffect, einer Online Marketing Firma aus München. Sie schreibt Glossar- und Blogbeiträge für verschiedene Branchen. Zu ihren Kunden zählen unter anderem Schönheitskliniken und Kosmetikhersteller, sodass sie sich im Bereich Beauty – vor allem in der Gesichtspflege – ein breites Wissen angeeignet hat, das sie gerne mit ihrer Leserschaft teilt.

Concealer, Essential For An Even Complexion

Concealer are multi-talented. The selection of make-up products is large, so the choice is often difficult. However, one thing is important for anyone who values a well-groomed appearance: a Concealer is part of the basic kit! Here you can find out what it can do and, above all, how to apply it correctly. Concealer – what do I need it for? If you ask yourself this question, you will get several answers. First of all, it’s all about an even complexion. This practical beauty aid is perfect for covering dark circles, redness and pigmentation spots. It is also ideal for concealing blemishes and even small wrinkles and scars disappear underneath. In principle, a concealer is a type of make-up that has a stronger pigmentation and higher coverage than a foundation and lasts longer on the skin. Incidentally, concealers have been used for a long time under the name of cover sticks or cover creams, even though the composition and nourishing properties have improved considerably compared to these products used in the past. This useful beauty tool is available in liquid and solid form. Those with dry skin will achieve good results with the liquid version. A small foam applicator is usually integrated for application. For oily skin types, a product with a creamy, firm consistency is better. It is available in stick form or in small jars. It is important to always choose the right shade for your skin. It is best to test it on the back of your hand. The color should be one to two shades lighter than the make-up color and the natural skin tone. Possible applications for facial areas In addition to different skin tones, this products are also available in colored versions. However, this does not enable “color painting”, but so-called color correcting. In other words, concealers in complementary colors are particularly good at balancing out any color abnormalities on the face: Green makes redness disappear, peach and orange tones work against blue veins. Yellow is ideal for concealing very dark circles under the eyes. A light purple shade is ideal for brightening up sallow skin. If you have different color problems, a concealer palette is ideal because it offers a broad color spectrum. For pigmentation spots, the stick or cream should have particularly strong coverage. The color orange successfully counteracts dark pigmentation spots. If pigmentation spots are very dark, camouflage make-up is also suitable instead of a concealer.… weiterlesen

Hyaluronic Acid & Co. – Moisturizing For The Body

Moisturizing for the Body – Itching, feelings of tension, redness: Dry skin can have a serious impact on your well-being. But it’s not that difficult to help it feel more moisturized with the help of the right products. Suitable moisturizing care for the body can make the skin soft and supple again at any age. Table of content Moisturizing for the body: why is it so important? How does a lack of moisture manifest itself in the skin? Body lotion, body milk, body butter: How do the various products for moisturizing the body differ? Hyaluron, glycerin & Co.: an overview of moisturizing care substances Daily care routine: What does a good moisturizer for the body look like? Conclusion: Moisturizing care for the body is essential! Moisturizing for the body: why is it so important? Depending on age and gender, 60 to 80 percent of our body consists of water – and around a third of this is stored in the skin. To ensure that the skin’s moisture reservoirs are always well filled, it interacts closely with the environment: through evaporation, it releases water into the ambient air, but also absorbs new moisture again. This is possible due to a complex mixture of metabolic products – the Natural Moisturizing Factor, or NMF for short. The mixture binds moisture in the uppermost layer of the skin and thus plays an outstanding role in maintaining the skin’s balance. As long as this balance is stable, the skin appears plump and fresh. However, there are factors that can promote moisture loss, for example: Dry ambient air Cold ambient air Wind UV radiation A weakened skin protection barrier can also result in more moisture being lost than is absorbed from the ambient air. As a result, the skin gets out of balance and becomes increasingly dry. How does a lack of moisture in the skin make itself felt? Dry skin manifests itself in a variety of ways. Typical symptoms are: Redness Itching Tension Scaling When there is a lack of moisture, we literally do not feel comfortable in our skin. If the moisturizing care for the body continues to be lacking, in the worst case, even painful, superficial cracks can develop. Body lotion, body milk, body butter: How do the various products differ? The range of moisturizing products for the body is unmanageably large. We would like to shed some light on this and have therefore summarized the most important features of body lotions, body milks and body butters.… weiterlesen

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