Tested for you: 20 “Very Valentino” concealers from Valentino Beauty


A new concealer from my favorite of the Italian fashion and now beauty brands. I love the fashion – especially the shoes – of Valentino Garavani, who founded Maison Valentino in Rome in 1960. Even if the brilliantly beautiful pieces are often beyond my purse capacity, I always like to look at them and wait impatiently for the new collections. No question, until today Maison Valentino is one of the most elegant and glamorous couture houses in the world.

Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino since 2008, founded the Valentino Beauty brand with a completely new beauty concept. With the three iconic codes – Color, Cool and Couture – he breaks with the old make-up rules and the previously conventional make-up stereotypes. In this way, everyone can highlight their own individuality. For every moment and every mood, he finds the appropriate color.

Concealer with three ways of application

This concept is also followed by the new concealer “Very Valentino” with 20 perfectly graduated shades from the three color families pink, neutral, amber and the exclusive Roma-Light Complex, which is designed to make facial features shine. Depending on the color choice, the extensive color palette offers three different application options – for brightening, concealing and contouring. And it does so for 24 hours and 100 percent reliably, the description says.

I’ll have to try that out. I pull the spring applicator out of the container. It’s wider than you’d expect and flexible. It has a flat side for application and an ultra-fine tip that’s good for reaching every corner of the eyes. Shadows are usually darkest at the inner corners of the eyes. The tip releases just the right amount of color. The flexibility of the applicator ensures that the color can be spread thinly but precisely.

Lightweight and nourishing

The texture of the concealer is so light that you can hardly feel it on your skin. This is especially important to me because I can’t stand the feeling of being covered up. The creamy formula also has a nourishing effect thanks to glycerin, caffeine and vitamin E. The skin can breathe despite full coverage and never dries out, so that more wrinkles can not form as is the case with too dry products.

Let’s face it: covering shadows under the eyes and brightening the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow above the upper lip work perfectly. But what about contouring? For that, I use a much darker shade than my skin tone is. I choose it for my summer tanned complexion from the amber color family and apply the dark concealer with delicate strokes along the forehead, chin line, nose and cheekbones. Blend well and the face is well, but unobtrusively modeled. And the “Very Valentino” actually lasts all day, wherever you apply it. Bravo, Valentino!

Good to know: If you can’t estimate your skin tone or are unsure which concealer shade suits best, you can consult the “Shade Finder” on the Valentino website with your smartphone.

„Very Valentino“ Concealer from Valentino Beauty, US$ 35

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