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Minimally invasive treatments like Botox and skinbooster help reduce wrinkles and create improved contours on the face. But what are the differences and where is the trend heading? Prof. Dr. med. Thilo Schenck, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery from Munich, answers all questions in this interview.

Treatment with botulinum toxin (colloquially Botox) works against wrinkles and promises a young and fresh appearance. But what exactly does Botox do?

Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck about Botox. Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring molecule that inhibits the signals between nerve and muscle. It is often referred to as “poison,” but that is what it is only at very different, much higher concentrations. Incidentally, the discoverers of Botox came across its effect as a positive side effect in the treatment of muscle spasms. Since then, Botox has conquered the world of beauty medicine for men and women alike, although the dosage and injection points differ for both sexes.

The trend is towards “baby Botox” and “skin boosters”. What is meant by this?

Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck: Simply put, “Baby Botox” uses a lower dose of Botox compared to the conventional treatment technique. With this, lines and wrinkles can be smoothed without looking “frozen” and the skin quality, for example pore size, becomes much better.

Very suitable are especially patients who are treated with Botox for the first time. The result is very natural and the micro-doses used make lowering of the eyebrows unlikely when treating the forehead.

Skinboosters is a hyaluronic treatment that brings large-scale improvement in skin quality and a more youthful appearance. While traditional hyaluronic treatments are aimed at adding volume to specific areas of the face, a skinbooster treatment is a two-dimensional treatment of the skin. The body’s own regeneration and collagen formation is stimulated and the skin is provided with long-lasting moisture.

What other trends are there?

Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck: The trend is toward specialized fillers for special applications such as the tear trough or the Jaw Line. When treating the Jaw Line, i.e. the area between the chin and the ear, hyaluronic acid and biostimulants are used to tighten and contour the area, giving the jawline a more prominent and youthful shape. The effect of the so-called Jawline Contouring is immediately visible, which makes this injection a very popular treatment method for a more prominent face.

What else can you treat with Botox?

Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck: n addition to the three standard regions, forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet, Botox treatments in the neck area to eliminate vertical neck bands are strongly on the rise as an option. We can also offer helpful treatments outside of aesthetics and, for example, treat teeth grinding or migraines with botulinum toxin.

When is the best time to start Botox treatment?

Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck: That is relatively easy to answer. As soon as dynamic wrinkles turn into static wrinkles, that is generally the right time. For example, when you can still see the transverse wrinkles on the forehead even though the facial expression is relaxed again. This is usually the case in the early 30s. However, there are also women who develop static wrinkles already in their mid-20s. If one starts in time, such signs of aging can best be postponed.

How can you make sure that the result looks natural afterwards?

Prof. Dr. Thilo Schenck: Essential for a successful treatment and a natural result are the intensive, individual consultation by the treating physician:in advance as well as the understanding of the general aging process. A detailed facial analysis and precise documentation of the treatment plan and result are also important in advance. Detailed knowledge of the anatomy and aesthetic proportions of the face on the part of the doctor is significant for safety and a natural result.

My scientific research group is one of the most active worldwide in the field of facial anatomy and the aging process. As a long-time director of the Munich Face Academy and lecturer of the DGBT (German Society for Botulinum Toxin and Filler Therapy), it is important to me to pass on my knowledge of modern treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine to physicians.

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