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Tested for you: Eye Care “Nutrient C” plus Tool “Micro-Firming Wand” by Kat Burki

Eye care with vitamin C has a brightening and decongestant effect. Vitamin C is primarily responsible for lightening dark circles and pigmentation under the eyes. “Nutrient C” contains eight percent of the encapsulated vitamin, which is also known as a potent antioxidant.

Vitamin E, caffeine extracted from green tea, and minerals from the sea have a visible decongestant effect and also possess antioxidant power. Extracts from the reishi mushroom, an Asian medicinal plant also known as the “divine mushroom” in Japan, and neem oil fight inflammation and swelling. Neem oil, also known as Nie oil, a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the stone fruit of the Indian Nie tree, is an important fatty acid for the skin that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and aid in collagen formation.

Eye Care „Nutrient C“

The delicate fluid comes out of the dispenser lightly barked (vitamin C!). One drop for each side is enough. I apply it after cleansing in the morning and evening around the eyes, including the upper lids, and gently pat it in with my finger. It melts into the skin immediately. Nothing creeps into the eye, because the texture of the clean beauty product is free of petroleum jelly and mineral oil. Of course, there are also no parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances or gluten sulfate.

The eye care of the American brand Kat Burki is a true multitasker: It refreshes and makes the eye area awake, especially in the morning. After four weeks of use, I notice in the mirror that the skin under the eyes has also become brighter and firmer.

“Nutrient C Eye Cream” by Kat Burki, 15 ml, US$ 90

Micro-Firming Wand

The latter success in my test, i.e. the firming of the thin skin under the eyes, can certainly also be partly attributed to Kat Burki’s handy micro-tightening device. „Wand” is the English word for “magic wand”. Indeed, there is something magical about the lightweight and travel-friendly tool. It is a transdermal system of iontophoresis and micro-vibrations. They increase the absorption of the applied care product and allow anti-aging active ingredients to penetrate 30 percent deeper into the skin.

Application: I apply a drop of the eye care product to the applicator tip of the micro-tightening device. The device starts automatically when the massage head comes into contact with the care product and the skin. With circular movements I go around the eyes until the product is completely absorbed.

Of course, you can use the tool with any other cream. That’s why I also use it daily on the nasolabial folds and around the mouth. Important: The device must be used on moist or treated skin. Because through ionic energy, it automatically begins to vibrate as soon as it comes into contact with moisture and stops when the product is absorbed by the skin.

„Micro-Firming Wand” is also practical when traveling, because it does not require annoying cables, which I am all too happy to forget at home. The device is battery-powered with the common AA batteries.

“Micro-Firming Wand” by Kat Burki, US$ 100

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