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Gardening: My Green Thumb

I love gardening. For me it has something meditative about it. I love blooming and see the green grow. I like to look at gardens. My place of longing when it comes to garden culture is the Royal Garden Academy in Berlin-Dahlem. I love garden centers, and I am especially drawn to beautiful, real terracotta pots. I can ignore it even less than a hip bootie or a cool handbag – another of my passions. Ciao, Italia Usually at this time of year I organize my garden in Italy, make everything nice and enjoy it on the terrace with a glass of Aperol Spritz in hand after the work is done. Unfortunately, Corona thwarted my plans again this year – I personally take that particularly badly with the damned virus. Terrace instead of garden As a substitute, I went to my terrace at home on the Lake Ammersee when the first warmer temperatures hit. Not as much space to let off steam as on our Italian terrain. Most plants have to be content with pots here. But some of them like ginkgo, bitter orange and box have grown out of their previous vessels and need a bigger home. The kaffir lime, which I bought last year, does not really want to develop, although its few leaves already give off the pleasant citrus scent. But different fertilizers for the different plants are already available for gardening. Also 80 liters of earth, I still have some larger pots in stock. Fortunately! My favourite book when I started gardening In “Gardening Basics For Dummies“* I have found everything what I needed to know about flowers, beds, borders, trees, shrubs, and lawns to create my own green paradise. Paperback 22,80 Euro Online instead of local This year I have to improvise a lot again because the gardening centers in our district have closed again. They are open in the neighboring region, but you need a documented corona test. That’s too much of an effort for me for a bit of green and a few pots. It’s a shame, because “support your local dealer” is no longer possible for me either. Not a wise decision by our rulers, I think. Because now everything, even the vines, is ordered online. The planting season is not based on Corona. I only feel sorry for the small nurseries when they have been raised in vain. Gardener for love So while I pour earth into the vessels with my bare hands to repot and repot the plants, I like its coolness and purity, I listen to music through my EarPods.… weiterlesen

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