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5 Tips For More Productivity In Everyday Life

Everyone can increase their productivity, no matter what type of person you are. Successful coach Grigori Kalinski gives tips on how to be more productive and therefore more successful. You’ve set yourself big goals and can’t wait to get going to achieve them? Maybe you are one of those people whose motivation disappears after the first few meters and your progress stagnates. Or maybe you are one of those people who are busy all day long and still can hardly cross tasks off their to-do list because their way of working is not very effective. Or maybe you belong to the group of people who live their lives mainly for others and fall by the wayside. No matter which group of people you belong to, everyone can implement these tips. Tip 1: Minimize your distractions Do you know this? You make a firm resolution to sit down at your desk at a certain time and start working. So you get up on time, enjoy your breakfast, sit down at your desk on time – and the phone rings. You answer it and realize that it’s your girlfriend asking you to quickly do the shopping. So you go shopping and then sit down at your desk again to finally start working. After a few minutes, the cell phone display lights up again – your mother has written to you and asks you to do her a favor, which you of course do. It’s like this all day long, and in the end you’ve accomplished nothing – or very little – from your to-do list. Everyone around you is happy, except you, because you have no time for your own goals. Avoid this problem by setting clear times with your environment when you want to have your peace. It also makes the most sense to turn off your cell phone during these times. This way you can concentrate on your work and check what’s new and who you can help after work. Tip 2: Avoid stress in the morning The more relaxed you start the day, the more productive you will be. Therefore, don’t set your alarm 15 minutes before you plan to start work, but an hour before. Get up calmly, get ready, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast and a short walk in nature, and then start your first task. You will find that such a morning routine will help you to be much more efficient.… weiterlesen