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Author: grigori kalinski

Grigori Kalinski gilt im deutschsprachigen Raum als f├╝hrender Coach im Bereich des Amazon Kindle Publishings. Ungeachtet seines jungen Alters ist er seit einigen Jahren gern gesehener Gast in Talkshows und auf Seminaren. Seine Vision von einem besseren Leben f├╝hrte ihn nach seinem abgebrochenen Studium auf den Amazon-Kindle-Markt. Mit geringem Aufwand konnte er bereits nach wenigen Wochen ein hohes passives Einkommen generieren. Heute gibt der Amazon-Kindle-Experte in Online-Seminaren und Einzel-Strategie-Gespr├Ąchen anderen Menschen sein wertvollstes Wissen an die Hand.

Find a good employee. That’s how you recognize him at the first interview!

Good employees are essential for any business. If you hire the wrong people, you will not have less, but possibly even more work than before, because you will have to run after your employees and possibly iron out their mistakes. Even during the first interview, you should pay attention to a few signs that distinguish a good employee. Of course, all people are individually different, so the factors listed in this article can not be a guarantee, but in the past they have often been able to prove themselves. Grigori Kalinski runs a company himself and over the years has built up a good team with motivated employees. Here, the expert explains the things to which he should pay particular attention during the job interview. An open, honest communication Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, that is completely normal and should be communicated openly. If the potential employee only talks about how good he is at everything and that problems are always caused by others, then this is a very clear sign that you have someone sitting in front of you who is not capable of taking personal responsibility and standing by himself and his mistakes. Such people often cause a lot of unrest in the company, because they are not able to take criticism and always look for the blame in other people, but never in themselves. You would do well to choose a person as an employee who has no problem admitting now and then that he has made a mistake and will deal with the situation differently next time. Unlike the other People who achieve extraordinary things are always characterized by the fact that they have their very own way of approaching challenges. They think differently than other people and are always solution-oriented. So don’t be put off by the fact that your counterpart has a different way of thinking than you do. Rather, see this fact as an advantage with enormous potential. Just imagine how bad it would be if every employee in your company approached a certain problem in the same way. Although every task can be taken on and completed by everyone, if one employee is not capable of solving the problem, then no one will be able to – because everyone would approach the problem in the same way. If, on the other hand, you have many employees in your company, each with their own way of thinking, then everyone will look at the problem from a different angle.… weiterlesen

5 Tips For More Productivity In Everyday Life

Everyone can increase their productivity, no matter what type of person you are. Successful coach Grigori Kalinski gives tips on how to be more productive and therefore more successful. You’ve set yourself big goals and can’t wait to get going to achieve them? Maybe you are one of those people whose motivation disappears after the first few meters and your progress stagnates. Or maybe you are one of those people who are busy all day long and still can hardly cross tasks off their to-do list because their way of working is not very effective. Or maybe you belong to the group of people who live their lives mainly for others and fall by the wayside. No matter which group of people you belong to, everyone can implement these tips. Tip 1: Minimize your distractions Do you know this? You make a firm resolution to sit down at your desk at a certain time and start working. So you get up on time, enjoy your breakfast, sit down at your desk on time – and the phone rings. You answer it and realize that it’s your girlfriend asking you to quickly do the shopping. So you go shopping and then sit down at your desk again to finally start working. After a few minutes, the cell phone display lights up again – your mother has written to you and asks you to do her a favor, which you of course do. It’s like this all day long, and in the end you’ve accomplished nothing – or very little – from your to-do list. Everyone around you is happy, except you, because you have no time for your own goals. Avoid this problem by setting clear times with your environment when you want to have your peace. It also makes the most sense to turn off your cell phone during these times. This way you can concentrate on your work and check what’s new and who you can help after work. Tip 2: Avoid stress in the morning The more relaxed you start the day, the more productive you will be. Therefore, don’t set your alarm 15 minutes before you plan to start work, but an hour before. Get up calmly, get ready, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast and a short walk in nature, and then start your first task. You will find that such a morning routine will help you to be much more efficient.… weiterlesen

Success – What Does That Actually Mean?

Success is a word that has much more to it than most people realize! If you ask people of any age group about their goals in life, you will usually hear the sentence: “I would like to have a successful and fulfilling life! But what exactly is success? In order for you to be able to live a successful life, you must first be able to define the word ‘success’. Grigori Kalinski, who is a coach and entrepreneur himself – and who has had great success in these areas – knows what this definition looks like. What definition of success does society deceive us into believing? When we talk about success we often hear that only people who have enjoyed a good education, graduated from school and university with top grades and always go full throttle in their profession can be successful. The career is the most important thing of all, because only with a good salary you can buy a house and a fancy car – and only then you can say that you are a successful person. This is exactly the definition of success that society suggests to us. As early as kindergarten, we are trained to blindly follow other people’s instructions, to suppress our curiosity, to conform to the social system and to function on a daily basis. In elementary school as well as in secondary school, the leash is shortened even more and the independent thinking of most people is completely destroyed. Everyone has to say what society wants to hear from him – otherwise he will suffer the consequences. But how do the people feel who have achieved all that society demands of them? Those who have a well-paid job and a house and a car? Whose life looks exactly like that of most employees? As a rule, these people feel a deep inner emptiness. They feel burnt out and unhappy. They have the feeling that they only exist and function, that their whole life is passing them by. Is a successful life always a fulfilling life? Whether a successful life is always a fulfilled life depends on how we define success. Society’s definition of success leads in very few cases to real fulfillment and satisfaction, because a very important factor is forgotten here: The emotional needs. Although we humans strive for recognition, which we can also achieve in most jobs, we also want to live self-determined lives, create our own goals and pursue them.… weiterlesen

You Want To Be An Author? These Book Niches Are Best Sellers

You want to write a book? Okay, but every author wants his work to be read. That’s why the most important thing is to choose a topic that will appeal to as many people as possible. Grigori Kalinski, leading coach in the field of Amazon Kindle Publishings, gives practial tips. When you want to get started with your first projects, the first question is, “What do I want my guidebook to be about?” After that, many, many more arise. Who belongs to the target group? If there are various solutions to problems – do you want to list them all or would you rather just a few specific ones? At the latest when these questions have been checked off or even when the first pages have already been written, beginners often wonder whether anyone will even read what they want to write. Of course, we want to remain realistic here: It is unlikely that the children’s book, which contains a story that already exists in the form about 200 times on Amazon, will become the bestseller par excellence. Guidebooks are much more affected by the sheer flood of books and texts than literary texts such as novels. Who wants to spend money to then read a book that contains tips and instructions that already existed like this in every other book? Right. No one. Better avoid this topics It is possible to get started with several major genres. Cookbooks and self-help guides are usually at the top of this list. If the tips and also the quality of the guidebook are excellent, getting started with these books can work. However, there are just over 10,000 different self-help books available on Amazon as of April 2022. After 10,000 texts, there are simply no more tips that have not already been written down somewhere at some point. So new books need to include new tips and new value to stand out. Cookbooks are also always tempting and relatively easy to implement. Regardless of the type of diet, diet or even allergies and intolerances, you can find a variety of books that provide suitable recipes. The truth is: there are a hell of a lot of damn good (cook) books out there, and at least three times as many bad cookbooks. So think about whether you can deliver a cookbook that hasn’t been done before and really adds value for the reader. In the case of recipe books, this includes not only good, new recipes, but also nutritional information and appealing pictures.… weiterlesen

Why so Many People Fail in Online Business

An online business is still in vogue and many are jumping on this bandwagon. Even in the beauty and lifestyle sector, there are many opportunities to become self-employed. But many give up quickly after the start and their dream of the dream business shatters. This is not because they have no talent or there is no demand, because the turnover in the beauty industry is still increasing. But why do so many people fail in their online business? No clear positioning Especially in online business, positioning is very important. It can also take an existing business to the next level. If you search for beauty on the Internet, for example, you will be shown a number of results. The potential new customer does not know the providers or people and is overwhelmed. He cannot assess where he will find the best solution for his individual problem and where he will be best served. There are similar offers and he will only judge by the price. One should therefore ask oneself what exactly one’s own offer stands for. Does one have a more mature target group and want to take care of wrinkle treatment? Or is the focus on relaxation to avoid burnout? Perhaps one offers vegan natural cosmetics and wants to address the vegans. In the field of beauty, there are still many service providers who offer everything. In the outward appearance, there are no differences in the products. In the eyes of the customer, however, it is untrustworthy that the service provider is an expert in all areas. The customer is looking for a solution to his individual problem and therefore does not feel addressed. Too large an offering also costs a lot of money, because you always have to be up to date on all products and invest time in them. This will not be possible in the long run. Therefore, a convincing positioning is essential for success. Service provider is not a brand People who are successful in online business have done the right thing by positioning themselves as a brand. In most cases, however, the focus is not on the provider, but on the product. However, trust is only built through personal proximity. In professional fields, people use the services of someone who has a good reputation and is therefore their own brand. It is the same in online business. People follow people and therefore buy from those who themselves had their problem and were able to solve it.… weiterlesen