Find a good employee. That’s how you recognize him at the first interview!

Good employees are essential for any business. If you hire the wrong people, you will not have less, but possibly even more work than before, because you will have to run after your employees and possibly iron out their mistakes.

Even during the first interview, you should pay attention to a few signs that distinguish a good employee. Of course, all people are individually different, so the factors listed in this article can not be a guarantee, but in the past they have often been able to prove themselves. Grigori Kalinski runs a company himself and over the years has built up a good team with motivated employees. Here, the expert explains the things to which he should pay particular attention during the job interview.

An open, honest communication

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, that is completely normal and should be communicated openly. If the potential employee only talks about how good he is at everything and that problems are always caused by others, then this is a very clear sign that you have someone sitting in front of you who is not capable of taking personal responsibility and standing by himself and his mistakes.

Such people often cause a lot of unrest in the company, because they are not able to take criticism and always look for the blame in other people, but never in themselves. You would do well to choose a person as an employee who has no problem admitting now and then that he has made a mistake and will deal with the situation differently next time.

Unlike the other

People who achieve extraordinary things are always characterized by the fact that they have their very own way of approaching challenges. They think differently than other people and are always solution-oriented. So don’t be put off by the fact that your counterpart has a different way of thinking than you do. Rather, see this fact as an advantage with enormous potential.

Just imagine how bad it would be if every employee in your company approached a certain problem in the same way. Although every task can be taken on and completed by everyone, if one employee is not capable of solving the problem, then no one will be able to – because everyone would approach the problem in the same way.

If, on the other hand, you have many employees in your company, each with their own way of thinking, then everyone will look at the problem from a different angle. Then chances are good that at least one person will be able to master the challenge in his or her own way in the end.

One for all and all for one!

A really good employee is always happy to receive praise from you or from a colleague. However, he has no inhibitions about showing his appreciation to other people for a good performance. A good working atmosphere is important to him and he is not interested in picking a fight. In addition, he also performs tasks that are not included in his job description if he has free capacity and the necessary competence.

He knows exactly when it makes sense to insist on his opinion and to assert himself, but also when it is best to withdraw and leave the field to another employee. Continuing education is a fundamental point for a good employee and very important. Top employees want to constantly develop themselves, improve their skills and offer the maximum added value for their company – of course, they are aware of their value in doing so and expect something in return, which is perfectly fine.

Thinking independently

Being a good employee does not necessarily mean that all tasks assigned to him or her are completed without comment – even if (unfortunately) many employers would like it to be that way. A really good employee questions the tasks assigned to them every now and then and also openly notes when something goes wrong. In addition, they seek direct discussion with the boss – in this case, with you – both when they are overworked and when they are underworked, in order to solve the problem and go through their daily work routine more satisfied again.


Recognizing a good employee at the first interview is not always difficult. A first, very good indication is the way of communication. If the communication is open and the applicant does not present himself or herself as if he or she were infallible, but talks about his or her own strengths and weaknesses in a balanced way, this is a good sign. In addition, exceptionally good employees are always of their own kind, they stand out because of their special way of thinking and sometimes also because of their own character.

Nevertheless, they do not look for a fight; on the contrary, they are not afraid to praise other employees for good performance and also to relieve them of one or the other task if they themselves still have capacities free. They always question their tasks and are not afraid to say directly if they feel a task is pointless or even counterproductive for the company. They also seek direct discussion in the event of excessive or insufficient demands in order to change this circumstance and to enjoy work again and be fully productive. The option of further training also plays a central role in well-being.

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