Why so Many People Fail in Online Business

An online business is still in vogue and many are jumping on this bandwagon. Even in the beauty and lifestyle sector, there are many opportunities to become self-employed. But many give up quickly after the start and their dream of the dream business shatters. This is not because they have no talent or there is no demand, because the turnover in the beauty industry is still increasing. But why do so many people fail in their online business?

No clear positioning

Especially in online business, positioning is very important. It can also take an existing business to the next level. If you search for beauty on the Internet, for example, you will be shown a number of results. The potential new customer does not know the providers or people and is overwhelmed. He cannot assess where he will find the best solution for his individual problem and where he will be best served. There are similar offers and he will only judge by the price.

One should therefore ask oneself what exactly one’s own offer stands for. Does one have a more mature target group and want to take care of wrinkle treatment? Or is the focus on relaxation to avoid burnout? Perhaps one offers vegan natural cosmetics and wants to address the vegans. In the field of beauty, there are still many service providers who offer everything.

In the outward appearance, there are no differences in the products. In the eyes of the customer, however, it is untrustworthy that the service provider is an expert in all areas. The customer is looking for a solution to his individual problem and therefore does not feel addressed. Too large an offering also costs a lot of money, because you always have to be up to date on all products and invest time in them. This will not be possible in the long run. Therefore, a convincing positioning is essential for success.

Service provider is not a brand

People who are successful in online business have done the right thing by positioning themselves as a brand. In most cases, however, the focus is not on the provider, but on the product. However, trust is only built through personal proximity.

In professional fields, people use the services of someone who has a good reputation and is therefore their own brand. It is the same in online business. People follow people and therefore buy from those who themselves had their problem and were able to solve it. Or they identify with the person in some other way. However, many people in online business lack the courage to show themselves publicly and hide behind their products. Or they don’t know how best to present themselves. Marketing, however, should be geared to the individual.

Invisible offer

It can be the best offer, if no one knows it, no one will buy it. People educate themselves in various areas and buy products, but little is invested in marketing. Anyone hoping to get enough customers just by word of mouth these days needs a lot of luck.

But you shouldn’t rely on that. If you want to effectively advertise your offer, you need the right marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must be so targeted at the customer that he or she will want to book an appointment to get to know the company. This is done with an online business through a video call. Part of the strategy is to become visible on the main social media channels. Nowadays, you can easily do this yourself and you don’t need expensive agencies for success. But it’s not enough to create a social media profile and build a website and then wait for customers. In order to get new customers permanently and to keep existing customers, marketing has to be done.

Wrong mindset

Time is not scalable because the day has the same number of hours for everyone. Product sales, on the other hand, can be increased. In sales, however, many people have the wrong mindset. You don’t want to push anything on the customer, the products are quite expensive or the customer has surely already found the right product for him. In selling, there are many excuses why you don’t do it.s nicht tut.

But the customer wants to buy when he has an understanding of what the product does for him and is a problem solver. After all, he wants to achieve the desired result. So the customer will buy where he has always bought or where his family buys. But he will not get individual products there. This is the starting point for online business. Individual products can be recommended that are geared precisely to the customer. With an explanation of how the product solves the problem, trust is built, and then the customer is also ready to buy online.

If you believe that you can’t sell or that selling is something evil, you won’t increase your sales. What is needed here is a change in mindset, that you recommend a product with a clear conscience and thereby solve a problem.

Lack of free spaces

Once the online business is up and running, more and more work is done and nothing is outsourced. However, everyone can only work at the limit for a while. After a while you are exhausted and the first symptoms of fatigue appear. Instead of reacting and outsourcing some work, the family and social contacts suffer. This can’t work in the long run and you have to choose between family and business. In order to have more time again, the business is let slide. But here the right step would have been to develop and delegate tasks. Often, however, the belief that you have to do everything yourself keeps you from taking this development step.


It is possible to become really successful in online business. There are many examples of this. Those who do not become successful often lack their own clarity. As an entrepreneur, you have to be clear about what exactly you offer, why you want to do it and what problem it solves. Without clear positioning, the customer cannot choose you. It is very important not to put the product in the foreground, but to become a brand yourself and apply the right marketing strategy. People buy from people and orient themselves to their story.

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