Tested for you: Skin-friendly UV protection “Sun Emulsion SPF 50” from Skinome

Skin-friendly UV protection is essential to keep the skin young and healthy. However, organic chemical filters in particular can do more harm than good and trigger allergies, especially in sensitive people. If they also contain fragrances and preservatives, they add to the problem.

The Swedish Beauty-Brand Skinome s committed to being “skin-friendly”, even when it comes to sun care. For more than 10 years, brand founder Dr. Johanna Gillbro, an experimental and clinical dermatologist, has been researching healthy stimulants for intact skin flora. Her microbiome-friendly active care made from freshly manufactured products is based on her own specially developed laboratory formulations.

Skin-friendly UV protection protects the microbiome

In March 2024, the Sun Emulsion SPF50+ skincare product based on the latest research will be launched. The skin-friendly UV protection is based on Skinome’s concept of fresh, microbiome-friendly and unscented skincare without unnecessary additives and preservatives so as not to disrupt the skin’s own microbiome. The emulsion is designed to reduce the risk of UV-induced signs of ageing such as wrinkles, pigmentation spots and broken veins. I was allowed to test it in advance.

“It is above all the UV filters that make the product unique. With our combination of the best and safest mineral and organic UV filters, you benefit from the advantages of both filter types, resulting in safe and secure sun protection that is also pleasant and comfortable to use,” explains Ulf Åkerström, Chief Innovation Officer at Skinome and one of Sweden’s leading sun protection experts.

Skin-friendly UV protection protects the environment

Skinome uses these innovative large molecule organic filters that are non-hormonally active while providing photostable and balanced UVA and UVB protection. The mineral filters and the latest and most advanced organic UV filters have better environmental properties to minimize the impact of the product on the environment.

I like the minimalist concept of Skinome and the clever dispenser. No fiddly opening of the tube or jar. With a single twist of the cap, the dispenser nozzle is “on” and it is just as easy to close again. The texture is extremely light for a sun cream and is beautifully matt on the skin. I use it as my only day cream because it contains sufficient moisturizing ingredients such as lecithin, urea and ceramides. As long as my skin is not yet tinted by the sun, I mix in my favorite tanning drops from Oskia London – and the sunkissed look is complete.

Like all Skinome products, the Sun Emulsion SPF 50+ is freshly produced but can be stored at normal room temperature. The skin-friendly UV protection shows the production date and expiry date on the packaging. Unopened, the product will keep for 12 months from the date of manufacture and should be used six months after opening.

“Sun Emulsion SPF 50+” by Skinome, 50 ml, 69 euros

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