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Tested for you: “Anti-wrinkle cream Ageless” from Golden Tree

Ageless is the perfect description when it comes to what adult women want for their skin. No one wants to look like a teenager anymore, but she shouldn’t show her age in her passport either. That’s why an appropriate skin care product is so important. The years are most noticeable on the face. Typical signs are sagging, deepening wrinkles and a tired appearance.

How to achieve and maintain the Ageless state? To do this, you need to know: How elastic, firm, radiant and youthful the skin looks depends largely on two proteins that influence tissue elasticity – collagen and elastin. However, the two have a natural enemy called progerin. This unloved protein is already present in the skin in adolescence, but the proportion is still very low then. With age, more and more progerin is deposited in the cells, especially in the keratinocytes and fibroblasts. Every year of life, the progerin content increases by about three percent, so that the signs of skin aging become increasingly visible.

Progerin makes us age faster

The more progerin is produced, the faster our skin ages. French scientists came across this cause of skin aging in 2003 when they were researching Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS). This is the disease that causes affected children to age 5 to 10 times faster. But the “toxic” protein is not only overactive in this rare condition, but also accumulates in the skin cells of healthy people after every sunbath, through nicotine, stress or with increasing age.

Therefore: A lack of moisture alone, as many face creams try to combat, does not cause premature aging of the skin, but too much progerin. The solution therefore lies primarily in lowering the level of the “evil” protein. If progerin destroys collagen, the result is thinner and thinner skin. Less of the elastic fibers lead to sagging as well as drooping skin. This makes the face look tired and old.

Fighting the enemy

With Ageless, an anti-wrinkle cream has come onto the market that does not limit itself to the superficial signs of skin aging, but tackles the problem of progerin directly. Three patented ingredients are designed to lower dangerous progerin levels in the skin, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, counteract volume loss and protect the skin from harmful external factors:

Winged kelp extract Juvenessence is a clinically effective ingredient that lowers progerin levels in the skin by 79 percent. Plus a hydrolyzed biopolymer of acacia resin, patented in 2016 by a French company under the name Easyliance. The third in the group is Majestem, a clinically effective extract derived from edelweiss, which protects cells from oxidative stress and gives tissues tone and elasticity.

What can Ageless really do?

I am doing a four-week test. Apply the anti-wrinkle cream daily in the morning and evening on cleansed skin. The light texture is very pleasant. It spreads well, smells neutral and – particularly important to me – does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. With three pump strokes I get along well for face, neck and décolleté. The 50 ml pump dispenser lasts for about six weeks. But already four weeks should be enough to notice the first changes in the skin. As a positive feature of the cream, I immediately notice that the sunscreen, which I additionally apply during the day, does not peel unpleasantly, but is popular in place.

Ageless is well tolerated because the formulation avoids all ingredients that could irritate or dry out the skin. Even my mild rosacea on the cheeks does not show any unpleasant reaction. The formulation of the cream is free of any irritating substances. There are no phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, PEGs, or perfumes. Golden Tree does not test on animals and produces in the EU.

Compliments from my beautician

In my first week of use, nothing happens to my skin, but I did not expect that, because spontaneous miracles do not exist in skin care. But already in the second week I notice that the tissue tone has improved slightly. After another week, the elasticity increases especially on the cheek-chin line.

And the positive change in my appearance is not only noticeable to me. After a thorough inspection of my skin, my beautician states that it is no longer as dry as it was during my last visit, and is also softer and firmer in the cheek area. In the morning, I notice that the décolleté is also beautifully smooth and no longer shows any sleeping wrinkles. After the fourth week, fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared from my face. I will continue to use Ageless to stay “ageless”.

Ageless from Golden Tree, 50 ml, £ 49,90

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