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C&C Autor aus Hamburg Daniel Harbs ist Mediziner mit einer Privatpraxis in Hamburg. Gemeinsam mit einem Team aus Spezialisten bietet er zusätzlich ein Online-Coaching an, das für alle interessant ist, die ihren Stoffwechsel in Schwung bringen und ihr Immunsystem stärken möchten. Die Themen reichen von gesunder Ernährung über autogenes Training bis hin zu dauerhafter Gewichtsreduktion.

Osteoarthritis – These Foods Prevent Diseases

Diseases such as osteoarthritis and diabetes are not only occurring much more frequently, they are also affecting younger and younger people. Among other things, this can be attributed to an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle. Certain foods can protect the body from diseases. You can find out what these are here. He is not only an expert of osteoarthritis. Daniel Harbs is a doctor who specializes in good nutrition. He is sure that you can not only support your own body with the right diet, but even prevent diseases. He also proves this in his book “Immune, fit and healthy – without medication”. He says: “There are not only foods that can trigger diseases. Other foods, for example, have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus provide relief from osteoarthritis.“ Osteoarthritis – definition and physiological causes Our joints wear out over time: The cartilage in the joints, which cushions movements and prevents bones from rubbing against each other, declines with age, while the production of synovial fluid decreases. If the wear and tear progresses too quickly, this has painful consequences – osteoarthritis develops. Such wear and tear is associated with a limited range of motion and pain during certain movements of the joint. If this is not counteracted in time, the effectiveness of non-surgical treatment options declines until a joint prosthesis is the last option. But this can be prevented by proper nutrition and the intake of important vitamins and minerals. Relief and prevention through substances that occur naturally in the body Although the wear and tear of the joints cannot be prevented entirely, everyone can slow it down considerably by taking certain measures. It doesn’t always have to be the dreaded “drug cudgel”. Rather, natural, endogenous substances can provide relief and prevent the development of symptoms. Hyaluronic acid plays a key role in this process. It is part of the synovial fluid and is normally produced in the cartilage and synovial membrane. If production decreases, hyaluronic acid can be injected into the joint or ingested via food and dietary supplements. Medical preparations against arthrosis – what to consider In such products, hyaluronic acid is usually offered in combination with other active ingredients such as chondroitin and glucosamine, which also counteract osteoarthritis. For example, chondroitin promotes collagen synthesis and the formation of the body’s own hyaluronic acid, while glucosamine regulates inflammatory processes and prevents cartilage recession. To ensure that these substances reach the joint in the best possible way, they should be taken as sulfate compounds.… weiterlesen

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