Author: Yvonne Walbrun

CultureAndCream-Autorin aus München Rimini war früher! Als Beauty- und Reisejournalistin durfte ich schon die schönsten Städte und Länder bereisen – und ich kann nicht genug davon bekommen … Von Orten, die Geschichten erzählen und Menschen, deren Gesichter Bände sprechen… Ich liebe es, mich in fremden Kulturen treiben zu lassen und Menschen in ihren Alltagssituationen zu fotografieren – ungekünstelt und hautnah. Also lasst Euch entführen und taucht ein mit mir in andere Welten.

Hong Kong – Caught between Tradition und Fake

A city that’s always good for a surprise When you think of Hong Kong, the first things that come to mind are old junks, street canyons, Dim Sum and the lively hustle and bustle of the streets. Reasons enough to pay a visit to this old Crown colony on the South China Sea. On our first morning in Hong Kong we are greeted by the most beautiful view I have ever seen. From our room in „The Kerry Hotel“ we look through the glazed façade directly on to the Bay where, along with countless junks and water taxis, a cruise ship languidly bobs on the shimmering surface of the water. The Kerry, Hong Kong’s first resort hotel, opened just a few months ago. Its infinity pool and numerous cosy places to relax make it no easy task to leave the grounds and explore the city. Sightseeing on water and land But Hong Kong has so much to offer. One of the double-decker ferries of the over 110-year old Star Ferry Line takes us through Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island on the north coast. From there we take the Peak-Tram 552 metres up to Victoria Peak. It’s no mystery why members of the colonial society chose to reside here at Tai Ping Sahn, the “mountain of great peace” – the view of the city, the other shore, the Kowloon peninsula and the island of Lantau is absolutely stunning. At least when it’s not hazy. Hong Kong’s epicentre is the Central District,  the city’s financial and business hub. The different downhill levels are connected by the mid-level escalator, or central escalator for short, a system of 20 staggered escalators and three conveyor belts. The area boasts innumerable fashion boutiques, art galleries and antique shops just waiting to be explored. The trendy Soho district south of Hollywood Road is well-known for its historic, narrow streets and elegant, trendy restaurants. If relaxation from the hectic hustle and bustle is what you seek, the Man Mo-Temple offers a quiet oasis. This Taoist temple is the oldest in Hong Kong and is dedicated to two very different deities: Man Cheong (God of literature) and Mo (God of war). The complex was built by wealthy Chinese traders in 1847, during the early years of British colonial rule. By far the most entertaining and cheapest way (about 30 cents) to explore Hong Kong Central is with one of the old Ding Dings, trams that run all the way from east to west.… weiterlesen

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