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Tested for you: super fresh “The Body Cleanser” by Augustinus Bader

Body cleansing is the be-all and end-all for me to start the day fresh. I can’t do without a shower in the morning. Nevertheless, I am careful and use most shower gels very carefully, only using them on the “neuralgic” areas of the body. Unfortunately, many dry out the skin unpleasantly. It starts to tighten soon after drying off and you can’t reach into the cream pot quickly enough to at least compensate for the loss of moisture to some extent.

I was therefore particularly excited about Augustinus Bader’s body cleanser. One of the claims of “The Body Cleanser” is: “Gently removes impurities and dirt without stripping or drying out the skin.” Admittedly, I am also a very visual person. And the bright blue bottle with its bronze-colored tilt cap simply looks good in the bathroom and is pleasant to hold with its curves.

Gel becomes foam

I first wet my skin in the shower before applying the cleanser. As I massage it in, the light gel texture transforms into a luxurious, rich lather. The calming scent of eucalyptus fills my nose, which is not only refreshing but also relaxing. I already feel good and completely clean. I rinse the foam residue from my skin with the final shower jet. My skin feels soft and nourished and there are no signs of moisture loss.

This is what Prof. Augustinus Bader says about the new body cleanser: “Skin care doesn’t stop at the face. Our entire skin is susceptible to damage from daily stressors and ageing. With the power of our TFC8 technology, our latest formulation The Body Cleanser combines highly effective ingredients to cleanse and revitalize the skin without stripping it of moisture. It is also the ideal base for the absorption of our other nourishing body products such as The Body Cream, The Body Lotion and The Body Oil.“

And what exactly is this TCF8 complex developed by Bader and contained in all its products?

The Trigger Factor Complex TFC is a patented mixture of natural amino acids, high-quality vitamins and peptides. It is the result of over 30 years of research, innovation and clinical studies. TFC8 technology delivers key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the skin, creating and promoting an optimal environment for cell renewal.

It transforms potent base formulations into smarter, adaptive skincare capable of addressing individual concerns – such as fine lines and wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks and damage caused by external stressors. Skin is nourished and protected, leaving it conditioned for the long term. With regular use, it looks and feels healthier, firmer, stronger and more even.

Moisturizing body cleanser

In addition to the TCF8 complex and the refreshing scent of eucalyptus, the body cleanser naturally contains other goodies. These include: Coconut oil as a moisturizer and to improve skin elasticity. Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids that restore the skin barrier and provide long-term hydration.

A natural plant extract with a strong anti-irritant effect is hydrolyzed rice protein. It effectively soothes the skin, while copaiba resin with its soft, woody scent is known to calm the mind. Niaouli leaf, on the other hand, smells of sweet freshness and helps to clear the head and make breathing easier.

And the new body cleanser from the Augustinus Bader skin care line has another plus point: the packaging is made of 100% recyclable and FSC-certified cardboard. The insert and leaflet are also 100% recyclable.

“The Body Cleanser” from Augustinus Bader, 200 ml, US$ 55

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