Successfully Mastering Times Of Crisis In Business

Times of crisis! In today’s business world, entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges, including inflation, the shortage of skilled workers and digitization. These factors contribute to increasing competitive pressure in many industries. Unfortunately, this can cause entrepreneurs to doubt their own abilities and business idea and become demotivated by lasting bad news.

In times of crisis this often happens. But: “This represents a real risk,” explains awareness coach Bianca Esser. “That’s why it’s important to strengthen your own mindset and take steps to avoid being negatively affected by crises. After all, they also offer great opportunities. However, you can’t seize them if you don’t perceive them.” In this guidebook, Bianca Esser provides insights on how entrepreneurs can make the right decisions and seize opportunities to succeed in difficult times such as inflation, the shortage of skilled workers, and digitalization.

Focus consciously on positive things

Especially in times of crisis it is important for entrepreneurs to carefully select and review their sources of information, as negative headlines in the media often receive more attention than positive news. This is because crisis-driven coverage often attracts more advertising dollars. However, this focus on problems in the media can affect the mental health and attitudes of entrepreneurs. By consciously limiting their consumption of negative news, they can stop being influenced by it.

It is also of great importance to constantly check one’s own perception and interpretation of reality. Every person has unique senses that perceive reality differently. Unconscious beliefs, fears or harmful habits that still exist today can often be based on early childhood experiences. It is therefore important to look closely and consciously confront these experiences in order to gain a new perspective in times of crisis.

Practice acceptance – judge less

It can be difficult to adopt a neutral stance, especially for entrepreneurs who are used to analyzing and evaluating situations externally. In times of crisis, the focus is often on potential threats. However, it can be helpful to view these times from a neutral perspective.

The more one’s focus is placed on times of crisis and potential dangers, the stronger the worries, problems and fears that would often not even develop if the situation were viewed neutrally. By practicing acceptance, entrepreneurs can avoid many problems and see reality through different eyes. Through this perspective, they can more easily find solutions and make better decisions.

The power of thoughts

A crisis can be an opportunity for some entrepreneurs, while it leads others to ruin. But what is the reason for this? Is it actually the situation or the personal view of it that makes the difference? It is well known that individual perception plays a crucial role in achieving one’s own success.

Entrepreneurs should be aware that every situation is always neutral externally, viewed purely objectively. It is only through subjective evaluation that it is classified as “positive” or “negative”. These evaluative thoughts generate feelings in the body. A study by the University of California has shown that the body needs about 90 seconds to perceive a thought as a feeling.

When entrepreneurs recognize that their thoughts have a direct impact on the body, they can actively break a downward spiral based on fear, panic or anger. They no longer react helplessly to negative emotions or harmful conditioning from the past.

Consciously shaping your own future in the now

Thoughts generate feelings. These in turn form the basis for all human actions. It’s like looking in the mirror: If you see a grim facial expression there, you can either accept it or consciously change it into a friendly smile.

Entrepreneurs also always have a choice: If they direct their focus and thus their energy to crises, they will also experience them more intensely. Their actions based on negative thoughts represent a reason for this that should not be underestimated. If, on the other hand, their own emotions are conducive, entrepreneurs can expect good results. With their proactive attitude, they reinforce their success.

This is hardly surprising: Those who allow themselves to be paralyzed by their fear, for example, will delay important decisions or unconsciously sabotage them. This is also why a supportive attitude is so important in entrepreneurship. Without the right thoughts, the desired success remains a product of chance. Anyone who wants to survive in the market in the future must first be able to convince himself.

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