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Tested for you: „Dermaroller“ + „Red“ of Doctor Mi!

Again and again I read and heard about the successes that can be achieved with a dermaroller, so-called microneedling, on the face: smoothing wrinkles, lines and scars, eliminating pigmentation disorders or minimizing pores. You can not only have such a treatment carried out by a beautician or a dermatologist, but you can also do it yourself at home. The only thing you need is a dermaroller. I got it from the skin care line of “Doctor Mi!”. The device has micro-fine stainless steel needles in diameter of 2.5 millimetres with antibacterial coating and ergonomic handle.

I had the device in my drawer at home for weeks, but I have to admit that I was afraid of the first time using it. I picked it up every now and then and rolled it over the back of my hand as a test. Pretty painful, so I put the dermaroller back again. Also, I wasn’t sure how exactly to use it. How hard should I press anyway? With what movements? A thousand questions went through my head.

Test needling at the dermatologist

So I decided to get a professional to show me how to use the dermaroller properly. “It is important to clean the skin thoroughly beforehand,” said Dr. Miriam Rehbein and used the salicylic acid-containing “Tone.S”, “otherwise it can lead to unsightly inflammation.” Then she picked up a new dermaroller and moved it in a star shape on my face. First the cheeks, then the forehead and finally the chin – she saved me the sensitive lip area the first time. At the same speed and pressure, she rolled 4-5 times vertically, horizontally and diagonally across each zone.

She commented positively that here and there small bleeding occurred on my face. “Due to the micro fine injuries to the skin, care products can penetrate particularly deeply into the skin layers and support its regeneration process.” Spoke it and distributed the “Red” face cream on the treated areas. This has a high content of retinol for additional skin smoothing, pore refinement and collagen regeneration. Then the dermatologist put the dermaroller on again, “to needle the product really nicely into the skin.” I found the second run less painful than the first. But afterwards my face was flushed like after a sunburn. I soon went to bed and, amazingly, the next morning my complexion was rosy and smoother.

Now I needle at home

I have now been using my dermaroller consistently once a week for the past three months. Usually in the evening so that the redness has time to regenerate overnight. The natural production of new collagen in the tissue seems to be noticeable: the pores – especially on the cheeks – are finer, the skin firmer and plumper. In the meantime, I also needle the delicate lines that appear above the upper lip. However, the needling still hurts a lot at this zone, although I’ve got used to the pain in the rest of my face. In this sensitive part of the face, success takes longer to come, probably also due to the fact that I have scruples about pushing hard enough.

Micro-needling should be avoided entirely in the case of open wounds, abrasions or inflammations, chronic infections such as herpes, skin cancer or the use of blood thinners. Lending your dermaroller to your partner or best friend is also not a good idea – even if you have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected it under hot water after each use. And one more thing: if you notice that the needles are no longer really sharp – after around 30 applications – it is time to get a new one.

Doctor Mi! „Dermaroller” , 29 Euro, „Red“ Skin-renewing face cream, 30 ml, 199 Euro


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