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Infidelity – The End Of Every Relationship?

Infidelity. Does every relationship break up because of infidelity? When it comes to relationships, it is alarming that every third partnership is affected by infidelity. The question is: What does this statistic really mean? And more importantly, why is it so important to support women in such situations so that they can overcome the emotional trauma caused by betrayal?

An infidelity or an affair is typically perceived by women as a breach of trust, which often leads to the breakup of the relationship. It is painful to think about the fact that the partner has slept with another woman was. The search for an explanation for this breach of trust is often unsuccessful. The betrayed partner struggles with negative thoughts and often blames herself, even though the reasons for the infidelity may be far back and have nothing to do with the current situation.

Sometimes infidelity happens spontaneously and without a direct reason. “If both parties are willing and certain conditions are met, a continuation of the relationship is possible,” says Carina Jatzwauk, who specializes in coaching and mentoring couples.

How do you manage to maintain a relationship after an affair?

This is a question that every couple has to deal with in their own way. It is a topic that is often hotly debated among friends and women with family ties. The widely held opinion is that the betrayed partner should not try to maintain the relationship. The breach of trust is too serious and the pain caused by the infidelity is too great.

Nevertheless, some couples have chosen to continue their relationship after an adultery. The chances of success depend on the strength of the partnership before the incident and its duration. Short-term relationships are more prone to dissolution than those that last for several years or decades. Nevertheless, this cannot be generalized either. There are cases where long-term relationships fail due to infidelity and short partnerships persist. The question then arises: How can the relationship be maintained?

Experts can identify and propose solutions

Based on her own experience with infidelity in relationships, Carina Jatzwauk knows that an affair is not necessarily a one-way street from which a couple cannot return. If both partners are willing, an affair could even serve as a new beginning. While this may sound paradoxical to the betrayed partner, it is not uncommon for relationships to grow stronger after an affair. Of course, working through the affair is critical, and communication is key.

Consulting with an expert can be immensely helpful, as they can offer solutions and help restructure the partnership. Once the reasons for the affair are identified, small changes can be made together to improve the relationship. There are many options, but it is imperative that both partners want to continue to be together and that there are no further affairs in the future.

Although no one can guarantee their partner’s fidelity, working towards partnership stability and being open with each other can be an important step towards a new and better relationship. This approach has proven successful for many couples in the past and may be the best way forward.

Celebrity breakups

Flipping through Yellow Press magazines, one can conclude that celebrities are not exempt from human tendencies either. For example, the “Twilight” series, which starred actresses* Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, led to a romantic relationship between the two that was never confirmed. However, when Stewart was caught having more than professional relations with the director of a project she was working on while still dating Pattinson, the relationship between the two actors ended.

It is common knowledge that the late Princess Diana was in a complicated love triangle with Camilla, the current wife of King Charles III. Their marriage eventually broke up because Charles could not resist his mistress, who was also married, resulting in a bittersweet romance.

The beginning of the love affair between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, both Hollywood celebrities, has also become an interesting topic. Their connection began during the filming of the motion picture “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. However, at that time Pitt was still legally married to Jennifer Aniston. Later, he divorced Aniston, which led her

In addition to the well-known stories, there are also heartwarming tales, such as the love story of Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy, who has openly admitted to being a sex addict, has been married to Sharon Osbourne for over four decades. Although he has had relationships with many women in the past, he once shared that despite all their challenges and obstacles, he and Sharon have persevered and are still devoted to each other. “She’s still here and I’m still here, so after all our ups and downs, we’re still together,” he explained.

Rumors also circulated that Prince Philip was not always faithful to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. However, there was never any evidence or scandal to support these allegations. In contrast, the alleged affair of King Charles Gustav of Sweden caused considerable controversy and speculation, with Queen Silvia standing by him. This issue has been discussed at length in Sweden, especially among older generations who tend to view infidelity differently than younger couples. Perhaps they could serve as an example that loyalty is not the most important aspect of a relationship.

Sending his affair a bouquet of flowers

When women discover that their partner has been unfaithful, they often invest considerable effort into finding out about the affair. This includes conducting investigations and surveillance, as well as trying to find out every detail about the other person involved.

However, Carina Jatzwauk suggests an alternative approach: Instead of focusing on the infidelity, you could channel that energy into the relationship itself. Communicating with each other, engaging in discussions, and looking for solutions can lead to a better outcome than the frustration that often accompanies infidelity. From one client, Carina Jatzwauk learned the story of a woman giving a bouquet of flowers to her rival as a thank you for the affair that ultimately saved her relationship.

The importance lies in the couple and not in the thing itself

When a couple experiences infidelity, the future is solely in their hands. Although running away is an option, it is not always the best solution. Instead, an alternative approach is to communicate with each other, acknowledge the past, and work together to create a new future. Many couples have succeeded in maintaining their relationship despite such difficulties. These could serve as positive role models for those who have separated but are unhappy without their partner. Maintaining a loving relationship is a daily task, but the rewards are immeasurable and enrich life in countless ways. Carina Jatzwauk’s concept lies in equal partnership and collaborative healing.

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