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May A Woman Be Only Smart Or Only Sexy Or Smart And Sexy At The Same Time?

A woman like this immediately stands out when she enters the meeting room: she has long, brown hair tied back in a tight plait. She is wearing a pinstripe suit that emphasizes her feminine shapes, a white blouse and a silver brooch. Her high black shoes make her look even taller. Whispering voices can already be heard from a corner of the room, suggesting that she must be the new lawyer. Her professional appearance and the documents under her arm confirm this impression. But when she introduces herself, it becomes clear that she is the new student trainee who still has a lot to learn…

This example of a woman shows that clothing often has a major influence on first impressions. However, many women nowadays no longer dare to dress the way they want to. All too often you still hear the opinion that women can either be intelligent or sexy. Swetlana Posdnyschewa, Stylist, image maker and visual brander, explains in an exclusive guest article why now is exactly the right time to bring both characteristics to the outside world.

“Clothes make the man” – is that true?

A large German bank once started an experiment: While the experienced employees of a branch dressed in jeans and sweaters, trainees were allowed to present themselves in suits and shirts or blouses. After a week, the employees noticed that customers were more likely to turn to the trainees to clarify their financial questions. And although they had not yet completed their training and therefore did not have the knowledge, they were perceived as more competent simply because of their clothing.

This is exactly what Swetlana Posdnyshewa experiences in her daily life. When she quickly goes to the supermarket around the corner to get some fish for a delicious dinner, she is perceived and treated completely differently depending on what she is wearing. If she’s in a jogging suit because she’s run off straight after her daily chores, she gets the fish wrapped up and may at best enjoy a “Have a nice day” greeting from the cashier.

However, if she has just come from a customer appointment and is wearing appropriate clothing that harmonizes with her make-up, the staff behind the counter would even fillet the fish for her, cut it into bite-sized pieces and suggest a suitable recipe.

The environment receives exactly the signals that we send out

The perceptions that we present to the outside world and convey to others are precisely the reactions that we receive from our environment. So if a woman feels comfortable in the clothes she is wearing, she will be perceived and treated accordingly by those around her. Unfortunately, however, this rule is only one side of a well-known coin.

A deeply rooted idea in society is that women can either be sexy or intelligent, not both at the same time. So if a woman dresses confidently, she is immediately pigeonholed as not having much in her head. This misinterpretation leads to many attractive women hiding behind dull colors, boring clothes and simple hairstyles in order to be noticed for their intellect and not their looks. But why can’t both look good and be sexy at the same time? Who says a professor can’t wear high heels? Does it always have to be orthopaedically correct sneakers if a woman has a clever head?

A woman does not have to conform to any social norm

This widespread misconception, which has become established in European countries in particular, means that many women no longer show and dress the way they would like to. However, it is precisely this fear that leads to a self-perception that no longer has anything to do with their own character and is merely a social reflection that is expected by those around them.

Women should therefore start to feel comfortable with their appearance again and wear exactly what they like, what suits them and reflects their personality. It doesn’t matter what educational qualifications, profession or social status a woman has. It’s the external effect that counts. Can the look be a little unusual? Yes, please!

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