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Norway – where Harmony between Architecture and Nature exists

The Juvet Hotel offers minimalism and spectacular views

The Juvet Landscape Hotel designed by architects Jensen & Skodvin is located in a nature reserve in north-western Norway where the rooms are scattered across the site to conserve the landscape. Ken Schluchtmann’s previously unseen photos tell the story of the harmony between architecture and nature.

Concept of sustainability

A hotel where the concept of sustainability goes beyond the classic criteria of reducing energy consumption and using renewable materials. The Juvet Landscape Hotel  came about as the result of a chance meeting between the architects and Knut Slinning, the owner who hails from Åndalsnes, a town in north-western Norway near the Gudbrandsjuvet gorge and its spectacular waterfall. It is located on the scenic road towards Trollstigen, another great destination for nature lovers. Together, they decided to construct a relaxing getaway that would also encourage people to get out into the breath-taking nature in these zones.

Small cabins on steel rods

It would never have been built if the architects, Jensen & Skodvin hadn‘t opted for a particular design approach to obtain building permission in this nature reserve. They started from the site topography to minimise the environmental impact of the hotel complex and at the same time embrace the added value of the backdrop.
So, instead of all being together in a single building that would have left a major footprint, they distributed the rooms in the form of small cabins on steel rods drilled into the irregular rocks of the slope. They are all scattered around an old farm, carefully restored and now home to the dining room and hotel reception areas. Right now, there are nine of these small units, each one for two people, with dark, minimal interiors and one or two fully glazed walls. All the rooms have been positioned so they enjoy spectacular views without compromising privacy, given that there are no curtains.

Protecting the environment

It took five years to complete the first part of this hotel, paying maximum attention to protecting both the natural and the cultural environment. So Jensen & Skodvin used neighbours and artisans from Valldal for all the carpentry work, with the exception of the window mounting.

Ken Schluchtmann‘s „Norway” project

The real beauty of this place is expertly rendered in the previously unpublished images by the photographer Ken Schluchtmann, who went back to Norway last summer to complete his photography project called “Architecture and Landscape in Norway”. Schluchtmann has been coming here for eight years to document the architecture and artworks popping up along the famous National Landscape Routes for a unique visual narrative that showcases the natural and architectural beauties of Norway.

Images: © Ken Schluchtmann
Words: Christiane Bürklein twitter/instagram @chrisbuerklein

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