Tested for you: Help! Spider Veins „Besenreiser Pflegebalsam“ from Allgäuer Latschenkiefer

Spider veins – what are they actually? And do they mean more than just a visual problem? These are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to spider veins. They are fine, dilated blood vessels on the legs that lie directly under the surface of the skin and shimmer through reddish to blue-violet. Usually only a few centimeters long, they can appear in the area of the upper and lower legs and also on the ankles. They owe their name to the typical ramifications, which are reminiscent of a the web of a spider.

What causes spider veins is a more or less pronounced weakness of the vein walls. This means that the blood in the veins loses flow velocity due to a functional weakness of the venous valves. As a result, it backs up in the leg veins, which wear out due to the constantly increased pressure. There are many causes for this defect: genetic predisposition, excessive sunbathing, obesity and lack of exercise. Standing or sitting for hours on end at work and hormonal fluctuations such as those that occur during pregnancy, puberty or menopause also favor the development of spider veins.

Spider veins – mostly affecting women

Spider veins are not dangerous and do not require treatment as long as they do not cause tingling, pain or tightness. They just look unattractive and are a nuisance, especially in summer, when the legs are more in the spotlight in terms of clothing. Unfortunately, women are affected more often than men. Experts assume that 80 percent of the population has to deal with it.

Who knows the problem in its family, should prevent in time with much movement, a balanced nutrition. Compression stockings/tights can also help and, if necessary, slow down progression. Also helpful are abrupt changes in temperature such as alternating showers, cold showers and treading water or Kneipp cures. This is because heat causes the vessels to dilate, while cold causes them to contract, which improves their elasticity and blood circulation.

Spider vein care

Of course, there are also plenty of skincare substances that are known to stimulate circulation in the legs, which in turn improves the visibility of those troublesome veins. These include horse chestnut and vine leaf extract, camphor, mountain pine oil, caffeine, menthol and collagen. They are contained in concentrated form in the new “Spider Vein Balm”, which I massage into my lower legs twice a day. Not only does it feel pleasantly fresh and cool on my legs, but it has another plus point. Yellowish cosmetic pigments in the balm conceal the veins quite well already after application. Color Correction is what the effect is called, because yellow neutralizes blue.

Who wants to do even more, especially when the legs feel tired and heavy: As a supplement to the balm, there is a “spider veins cold spray”. It has a stimulating compound of mountain pine oil, vine leaves and menthol, panthenol nourishes and soothes the skin. Application: From a distance of about 5 to 10 centimeters, spray the legs extensively for about five seconds and rub the spray in lightly. It is optimal to first use the cold spray and then the balm.

„Besenreiser Pflegebalsam“ from Allgäuer Latschenkiefer, 200 ml, 25,43 Euro, „Besenreiser Kältespray“, 150 ml, 12,99 Euro.

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