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Are you Already a Biohacker?

If our computer is hacked and the data is used by someone else, it makes you really angry. For this reason, the term hacker actually has a negative image. The biohacker has nothing to do with that. He doesn’t harm anyone because he hacks itself, so to speak. He wants to understand his own organism exactly. Makes sense, because only if you know how our system is connected and how it works can you influence certain processes in the body to your own advantage. The biohacker wants to become fitter, more concentrated and more focused, to feel better mentally and physically. The subject is self-optimization. Biohackers seek a systematic approach to their own biology in order to achieve the absolute best version of themselves. It all sounds pretty theoretical. But what it’s actually about is nothing more than the basis of our health: eating habits, lifestyle, training routine. To optimize all of this, most of us would have to leave their comfort zone. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bloch from the German Sport University in Cologne explains: “Similar to a hacker who wants to change a computer program, you try to change the body’s own program through stimuli.” To do this, he carried out an experiment with athletes whom he had a fasting cure during a high-intensity training phase. This means relative stress for the body, because it has to perform a lot but receives few calories. Bloch found that in addition to detoxification, the system is also being changed. In the majority of athletes, the metabolism was changed after the end of the course and the body processed nutrients more effectively. Biohacking for a better you In fact, there are many levers that a biohacker can turn. For active people, HIIT (high-intensity cardio interval training) could be a “biohack” because it increases your heart rate and muscle utilization. That makes you fitter and you feel better all round. With diet changes you can also set stimuli that change the system permanently. The same applies if you sleep less or more than usual. Nonetheless, Bloch points out that the term biohacking encompasses a great deal and that there is still no evidence for many things, i.e. proof of whether and what it ultimately brings about. This includes, for example, certain plant substances and dietary supplements. Whether such nootropics actually have a brain effect, i.e. increase mental performance, has not been proven yet. Grinders take biohacking to extremes Biohacking is not an invention of the digital age.… weiterlesen

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