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Tested for you: „Super C Dark Circle Brightening Eye Serum” from StriVectin

Even the presentation of the dark circle brightener against Panda bear eyes is refreshingly out of the ordinary compared to the usual white or pastel tubes in which eye creams are usually packaged. The gel serum against dark shadows is in a pink, handy pen-shaped dispenser. It promises to lighten all types of stubborn dark circles. Differences in dark circles under the eyes To do this, you need to know: Not all dark circles are the same. Dark circles under the eyes are one of the most difficult beauty problems to treat. However, they are also the most common. But how do the dark shadows under the eyes actually form? They depend on aging and lifestyle, such as stress and exhaustion, but they can also be genetic. There are several shades of color. Eye circles can look blue-purple, but they can also have a brown tint. Both forms can be counteracted with vitamin C, which not only visibly lightens the skin, but also tightens it. An enlightening idea I use the refreshing gel serum now seht more than two months. You can’t expect quick results with any product, no matter how good and promising it is. In the morning and evening, I apply a pump on the area under the eyes – more is not needed, because the texture is very productive. The gel is not only easy to spread, but leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin, especially now in summer. Always spread from the inner corner of the eye outwards and do not tug at the skin! I am very satisfied with the result. The dark shadows under the eyes are lightened, so I also need much less concealer than before. I also find that the skin has become firmer especially at the corners of the eyes and the fine lines less. Overall, the look looks more awake when I look in the mirror in the morning. What’s inside? In addition to the stabilized form of vitamin C (aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate), the gel serum contains various active plant substances. Among them guava leaf extract from the Jeju Islands in South Corea. It is combined with antioxidant-containing ferments to make vitamin C even more effective. In addition, a mixture of Arabian jasmine, hawthorn flowers and purifying flavonoids strengthens thin, delicate skin of the lower eye region and visibly brightens it. In addition to the stabilized form of vitamin C (aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate), the gel serum contains various active plant substances.… weiterlesen

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