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Glow for the skin – what is it actually?

Actually, you can no longer hear the word glow. Hardly any cosmetics manufacturer does not have at least one product in its range that promises glow for the skin. The beauty pages of women’s magazines outdo each other with recommendations for a “glowy” or “dewy” complexion. For men, by the way, glow is never to be mentioned; there, glow tends to be equated with oily. But what actually makes this mysterious glow of the female skin? Glow means as much as radiate or shine. The term has a positive connotation because it means softly glowing skin that looks as if an Insta-filter has been placed over it. A baby’s skin naturally possesses it. Even in youth, this rosy freshness is still present because the skin is well supplied with blood and has enough elasticity. Unfortunately, this natural glow diminishes with age, when environmental damage affects the skin and it is already thinner and less even due to wrinkles and pigment spots. It becomes visibly paler and loses its radiant appearance. What you got from nature when you were young, you need to work on it later. Perfect skin does not exist Don’t be embarrassed if your skin isn’t absolutely flawless. It only exists on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest anyway, thanks to filters and light corrections. True, social media would have us believe that hair, pimple and pore-free skin is the norm and everything else is somehow „wrong“ with it. But that’s absolute nonsense! “When people talk about ‘radiant skin,’ they usually mean an even complexion without spots – a smooth surface that reflects light in a flattering way,” confirms London dermatologist Dr. Justine Kluk. It’s a misconception that only glowing skin is healthy, and if it’s not, you’re doing something wrong. Although you eat healthy, get enough sleep, moisturize your skin, wear sunscreen, don’t smoke, and all of these can obviously be better for your body and your skin, ‘glow’ is not a reliable indicator of your health,” Dr. Kluk says. Even if someone has acne or rosacea, they may basically be a healthy person. Step by step This is not to say that you can’t improve the appearance of your skin. But you should not try to achieve everything at once, but always set yourself only one goal. Otherwise, you could overtax your skin. It’s best to keep your routine as simple as possible and approach the goal you set step by step.… weiterlesen

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