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Male-Dominated Professions: How Women Gain Respect And Recognition 

Male-dominated professions are still a challenge for many women. They encounter prejudices, gender roles and institutional barriers in many sectors. These obstacles in male-dominated professions can lead to women not feeling heard or having difficulty asserting themselves in their professional lives. However, there are ways in which they can raise their voices and position themselves successfully in male-dominated fields. Recognizing and tackling challenges Women in male-dominated professions are confronted with diverse and complex challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is the prejudice that women are less competent than men in certain positions or areas of responsibility. And if it is not competence, then it is the biological clock that announces an imminent pregnancy and thus predicts a longer absence. These prejudices can hinder professional progress and lead to them being given less responsibility. Gender roles can also lead to women being underestimated or disadvantaged in male-dominated professions. They are often perceived as being too emotional or not assertive enough, which can affect their career opportunities. In addition, institutional barriers such as a lack of childcare and the double burden of work and family can also make it difficult for women to rise to management positions. Women often encounter resistance and prejudice in male-dominated companies, which can hinder their professional development. In male-dominated professions: strengthening voice and presence In order to position themselves successfully, it is crucial that women strengthen their voice and presence. This means appearing self-confident and making themselves heard. A self-confident woman should be aware of her strengths and actively use them to assert herself in male-dominated fields. Self-confidence and assertiveness are of great importance here. However, assertiveness does not always have to be loud. Women should learn to present themselves and express their ideas and opinions clearly. However, we often shy away from taking a clear position and remain generic. It is important to learn to assert yourself in male-dominated professions and to stand up for your interests. This also includes not allowing yourself to be influenced by prejudices or gender roles and being self-confident. This also means not belittling the opposite sex in order to feel bigger. Not letting this stop you from pursuing your goals is the important lesson to learn. It’s always you vs. you. Because every challenge in life is meant to show you something. It’s something to grow from, and you should take advantage of that opportunity. Practical strategies for improvement Expert and Coach Amira Ben Achour recommends that women in male-dominated professionsuse practical strategies to improve their voice and perception.… weiterlesen