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Tested for you: Innovative moisture for the hair “Hydrating Drops” from La Biosthetique

My hair could do with some moisture, as my silver strands have to be bleached regularly. The texture of the hair suffers noticeably and it feels dry. But frequent heat styling – which I avoid as much as possible for the sake of my hair – or environmental influences also cause it to dry out and become brittle. Moisture drop by drop The “Hydrating Drops” from La Biosthetique are the ideal solution for me. Drop by drop, they quench the thirst of my dehydrated hair. They consist of a combination of long and short-chain hyaluronic acids with red seaweed. It is supposed to moisturize the hair structure from the inside and repair the cuticle. In this way, the moisture remains trapped inside. As a result, the hair gains elasticity and vitality. Pure or mixed I use the drops depending on the situation. In an SOS situation when my hair needs a lot of moisture or when I have to do something quickly, I use them as a leave-in moisturizer for my daily routine. I don’t have to rinse it out and can start the day straight away. Or I apply it to towel-dried hair after washing, again without rinsing. You can also use the “Hydrating Drops” as a care booster to intensify your hair care. They are then added to the hair mask or conditioner in a mixing ratio of 3:10. Mix both well, leave to work in as usual and then rinse out. In any case, thanks to the “good droplets”, my hair is optimally moisturized, feels soft and nourished, but retains its grip. Neutral in color and odor I also like the consistency of the innovative drops. It is a colorless-transparent liquid, but not too liquid. I test it on the back of my hand: it comes out of the dispenser drop by drop without “blurring” on the skin. The drops are odorless and can be optimally distributed in the hair. And importantly, they are not unpleasantly sticky on the hands. Moisturizing drops “Structure Repair Hydrating Drops” by La Biosthetique , 30 ml, 38 euros… weiterlesen