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Surprised by My Personalized Nutrition Test

I’ve been asking myself for a long time: Should I rather eat a roll or a slice of wholemeal bread in the morning? Why do I always feel so full after rice in the evening? I wanted to know more about what makes my body tick. That’s why I did a personalized nutrition test. “Million Friends” – that’s the name of the nutrition test that I completed for 14 days. Our “million friends” are the intestinal bacteria. “The relationship between our body and the very individual mixture of intestinal bacteria plays an important role in how diet influences us,” says Professor Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, who, together with Eran Segal, led an Israeli research team on the subject of how synthetic sugar substitutes change the intestinal flora, increasing the risk of diabetes. Why is stable blood sugar so important? It is well known that food causes our blood sugar to rise to a greater or lesser extent, which differs from person to person. As well as known is that an imbalance between the populations of intestinal bacteria increases the risk of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels not only prevent weight loss, but also increase the health risk. If the blood sugar level rises sharply after a meal, the excess sugar is stored as fat. If the curve then drops sharply again, hunger attacks are the result and an excessive intake of calories. Such strong fluctuations can have different effects, for example in fatigue and tiredness or a lack of concentration. You are unbalanced and put on weight quickly. A stable blood sugar is therefore desirable. It keeps you full, is healthier, makes you more balanced and more productive. Losing weight is also easier. It is therefore important to consume meals that keep blood sugar stable. And that’s something very personal. The fact that not everyone reacts in the same way to every food is due to the individual intestinal bacteria. So the microbiome is something like a fingerprint. Therefore it makes sense to know how the body metabolizes different foods. So I ordered my nutrition test online from “Million Friends” . It contains everything you need: instructions, a scale for the food, a blood sugar chip plus measuring device, a set for the stool sample, a sachet of pure grape sugar for a sugar test meal and a measuring tape.… weiterlesen