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Has Reliability Become Uncool?

Reliability has always been important to me. It’s just the way I was brought up – what you promise, you have to keep. Typically German, say the Italians in the country where I now live most of the year. If I promise someone that I’ll be there on a certain day at a certain time, I’m usually there a little earlier. If I don’t want to do something, I say so. If I really can’t keep an appointment for good reason, I let them know in good time. But I have the feeling that reliability is now out of fashion, a relic of outdated parenting methods and even evidence of philistinism. Simply uncool! Reliability? Not a chance! I experience it again and again and more and more often. liability is no longer in vogue. Appointments are made but not kept. Is it just me, I sometimes ask myself. Or have you experienced this too? There’s the friend who, even before Corona, always promised to visit me in the countryside for a walk with our dogs. First Corona was a good excuse, then the Pilates course came in between, the sick uncle and so on. Appointments were made and then canceled – usually on the day of the appointment – or not at all. Nevertheless, a promise was always made for the next weekend (“but then I’ll definitely come”), which was never kept. With certain people, I no longer respond to such declarations of intent. But this lack of reliability is not limited to the private sphere. Take the restaurant at Wörthsee in Upper Bavaria, for example, where I had booked a table and left my name and telephone number. When we stood in front of the door that evening, the restaurant was closed – for whatever reason. But nobody had thought it necessary to let me know. A headache or a new lover Or the other friend with whom I made a firm appointment for a dog walk at her suggestion. She canceled two hours beforehand with a headache because the weather had changed. However, she had already warned me the evening before that if it rained, she would be a wimp and wouldn’t come. I could have guessed that. Another example for a lack of reliability: A colleague had arranged to go shopping together. She simply didn’t show up on the agreed morning and, when I asked her, claimed that it hadn’t been arranged.… weiterlesen