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Traveling in the times of Covid

The title came to mind based on one of my favorite books by Gabriel García Márquez (“Love in the Times of Cholera“). As a journalist, my professional life so far has been shaped by traveling. I spent more time at domestic and international airports and in the air than in my editorial office. In one year Lufthansa counted 36 flights on my Miles & More account. Traveling has also always been my passion in my private life. With the exception of Antarctica, I have traveled to all seven continents many times. In February of last year I was on three Maldives islands for story research. And then came the insidious new virus – and from one day to the next everything was different. No more trips, no more press appointments. Home office instead of traveling. On days when I’m a little depressed about the current situation, I click through my photos of the most beautiful trips on the computer and travel in my head. In moments like this, it makes me especially grateful that I have already seen so much of the world. At least a little consolation. Traveling is different now When you travel so much, packing your suitcase becomes a routine. Every move is perfect. You have everything in your head that you need for the different destinations and weather conditions. Not once have I forgotten something important at home. Today is my first trip after the countless lockdowns. I’m going to visit my sister in Berlin for three days. Actually nothing earth-shattering such a six-hour drive, but I’m as excited as I used to be when I was traveling to Rajasthan for a perfume presentation just for three days, for example. I say to myself „don’t forget anything“. It feels like I’m packing a travel bag for the first time. I have to laugh at myself. Clothes in, clothes out, because I realize that I don’t need much for this trip after all. Going out and strolling is not allowed in Berlin either. So you pack very differently than before. No high heels, no fashion items. Only leisure wear, so cozy like at home. The famous quote from Karl Lagerfeld, “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life”, he would certainly revise today and create trendy joggers. Because he was very business-minded, good Karl. The new trend is called Athflow. No slack look, but comfortable and chic at the same time.… weiterlesen

Traveling and Beauty are my passion.
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