Tested for you: Scented candles from Lacera Berlin

I confess: I love scented candles. But I also confess that I am very, very fussy. On the one hand, of course, it’s all about the look. Apart from the exuberant designs of Fornasetti, I love simplicity. On the other hand, and most importantly, I am naturally interested in the fragrance. And the emphasis is on natural: it must not smell chemical and there should be no chemicals in it. And here I end with the candles of the Berlin start-up Lacera (Italian for wax). What makes them desirable to me are the clean, thin-walled gas containers in Technicolor colours made of borosilicate, which can be used as stylish drinking glasses after the candles have burnt down. And the fact that the candles are handmade in Berlin. Incidentally, the wax mixture is made exclusively from soy and coconut, the scented oil content (the essences of the oils used all come from Europe) is 10% and is free from animal-testing. The wick, an organic cotton-paper mixture, which burns with pleasingly low soot emissions, is made in Germany, the outer packaging is made of recyclable cardboard. “Lacera” candles are available in four fragrances: fresh, floral, fruity and spicy. My favourite in the current dark hours is “Himalaya”. This candle belongs to the fresh variety, the glass is a brilliant turquoise, which reminds of the water of the Caribbean. The scent is said to conjure up the mountain world of Tibet. But it takes me away to the sea with its notes of bergamot and eucalyptus in the top note and vetiver in the heart note. The sea – one can only dream of at the moment.

Lacera Berlin“, 200g each, 60 hours burn time, approx. 40 €

Duftkerzen, scented candles

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