Be all ears now!

This is no empty phrase to put it so simply. But meant very seriously. It’s about anti-aging for the ears. You heard or read correctly. A part of the body that we often neglect. Undeserved!

We strive lovingly to take care of our hair, face and body so that they stay attractive and young for as long as possible. But what about the ears? After all, they also age, but we usually neglect them. Not a problem at a young age. But anyone who neglects their ears for a lifetime will recognize it in the mirror at some point: the earlobes are getting longer, wrinkled, wrinkled and slack. Our daily grooming routine usually stops suddenly in front of the ears. Even the most thorough beautician rarely takes care of this slightly protruding part of the face with the facial. And if we decorate the ears with heavy pendants while styling, we don’t waste a thought on how they can withstand it all day. But that’s not all: They will be pierced by piercings and ear holes, and not just on the earlobes. For the so-called helix piercings, even the upper cartilage area is perforated. Our ears reliably wear jewelry and glasses of all kinds. They also have to accommodate headphones and sometimes hearing aids, and recently they have also been used as holders for protective face masks. The outer ear sometimes also serves as a canvas. On the catwalk and on Instagram you saw models with ear make-up. They’d traced the contours of the ears with eye shadow or simply painted the entire earlobe.

A little more attention, please!

Don’t the ears deserve a little more attention than our organs for auditory perception and sense of balance. That, too, is reason enough to give them some care. If you research the Internet, you will find a lot of products for skin and hair care. The cosmetics industry doesn’t seem to be interested in the ears. If you google for products for ear care, the search engine will find sanitary aids for internal use such as drops or cotton swabs. But an ear also needs to be looked after from the outside. If you don’t want them to go limp, include your ears in your skin care routine from now on. Simply massage a small part into the earlobes after applying cream to your face. You can also advise the beautician to treat the ears with the facial. Impurities such as blackheads also tend to accumulate in the auricle. And because it is difficult to look inside yourself, you should also ask the beautician here and let her take action if necessary. You should never forget to protect your ears from the sun. White skin cancer, the famous age-related cancer of the skin, particularly likes to appear on the ears. Cotton swabs have been a common means of cleaning the auricle since the baby days. From a medical point of view, however, they can do more harm than good. Not only that you press the ear wax deeper into the ear canal with the stick. The small, fine hairs in the ear canal are also “shaved off”, which in turn play an important role in the natural cleaning of the ear canal.Tip from Dr. Johannes Bier, doctor at Hamburg University Hospital Eppendorf: While showering, massage a little shampoo foam into the ear canal with your little finger and then rinse your ear with water. Then you don’t need cotton swabs anymore.

Yes, they grow!

Unfortunately, it’s true that ears get bigger with age. Whatever nature has in mind. Just as the nose enlarges because the cartilage grows underneath, so does the auricle. In addition, the connective tissue loses tension. As a preventive measure, do not wear heavy earrings too often because they wear out the tissue. And remove all earrings, even the smallest, before going to bed so that the pierced ears do not wear out unnecessarily. Incidentally, those whose attached earlobes were previously not necessarily considered an ideal of beauty have an advantage now. These age more slowly because the skin is tighter and not drooping. If wrinkles appear on the earlobes, you can fill them with hyaluronic acid, just like on the face, and the skin immediately looks plump again. The procedure takes ten minutes, after which you have a rejuvenated earlobe for at least six to eight months. After it is not actively moved, such as the mouth, the cushion here also only breaks down slowly. If you find your ears too big, you can have them surgically corrected like protruding ears, which is no longer a flaw today. A reduction of up to 30 percent is possible. The surgeon removes the excess skin and cartilage and forms a new ear. The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. However, a special bandage must be worn for one to two weeks to protect against infections. If this time is to pass inconspicuously, it is best to choose the cold season. Hat on!

photo: Krakenimages@shutterstock

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