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C&C-Autor aus Baden-Baden Alexander Srokovskyi, Geschäftsführer der ProVita Physiotherapie in Baden-Baden, bietet seinen Patienten als Experte eine ganzheitliche und wissenschaftliche Diagnostik und darüber hinaus eine Behandlung in einem familiären Umfeld.

Posture Damage Due To Home Office

Working from home offers various advantages for companies and their employees. However, the latter are increasingly complaining about joint pain and posture problems. No wonder, because all too rarely are workspaces in the home environment set up optimally. Here are seven preventive tips from a physical therapist. Posture damage contracted in the home office are reason enough to change something in one’s immediate environment. It’s often the small measures that bring real benefits, knows Alexander Srokovskyi, physiotherapist and osteopath. Above all, many postural defects can be prevented with regular breaks and a little exercise. He explains the best way to do this in the following seven den folgenden sieben Punkten. 1. set up multiple workstations First of all, it makes sense to set up not just one workstation at home, but two variants right from the start: One for sitting, the other for working while standing. Both areas should be connected in such a way that it is possible to switch effortlessly at any time. 2. exercise is good against posture damage It’s also a good idea to rest for a moment every 30 to 60 minutes or so. These breaks are important to get some exercise. At the same time, open the window to let fresh air into the home office. This benefits not only posture, but also thinking performance. 3. observe the 3 minute rule If you’re looking for more than just a little exercise, you can incorporate small work-outs into your breaks at work: Just three minutes a day is all it takes. This way, you can strengthen your body and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day’s work. 4. continuity wards off posture damage However, most changes do not succeed overnight. It takes a little time to integrate them firmly into everyday life and let them become rituals. Stick it out for 66 days. Continuity pays off, because by then things have become routine and suddenly come easily. 5. strengthen the muscles in between During a long day at the home office, the need to stretch grows. However, it would be even better to do a few exercises to strengthen the muscles. This will ensure more stability in all areas of the body in the long term and at the same time provide more mobility. 6. exercises against tense neck muscles Even in the home office, an exercise to loosen the muscles should not be missing.… weiterlesen

For more Strength and Stability: 5 Effective Exercises to Get through the Winter healthy

Especially in the cold months you should take good care of your body, because in addition to the ongoing pandemic comes the flu wave. Due to the bad weather and the current home office duty, many people suffer from lack of exercise. However, health expert Alexander Srokovskyi knows what to do. “To strengthen the body in a targeted manner, the defense system, stability and strength can be promoted through special training sessions,” he explains. In the following article, the physiotherapist and expert in pain management explains five exercises that have a positive effect on the body, especially in winter. Train your immune system properly First of all, it is important to know that a short time after starting a training exercise, there is an increase of killer cells in the body. These are important for fighting off cells that have become infected with viruses. At the same time, crucial defense cells are stimulated by the physical activity. In this way, the exercises not only help stabilize the metabolism, heart and circulation, but also boost the immune system. However, care must be taken not to over-exert the body. In principle, sporting activity has a positive effect on the organism. However, if too much training leads to exhaustion, there is a risk of temporary impairment of the body’s defenses. Between three and 72 hours, for example, there may be a higher risk of infections Pay attention to the right amount of training Whether sporting activities have a beneficial effect on the immune system, similar to a vaccination, or whether it proves to be more of a poison, depends on the amount of exercise. For example, if a run is made over hills, it takes two days for the body to regenerate. The amount of white blood cells decreases during this period, which in turn gives pathogenic viruses and bacteria an advantage. Exercise 1: How smart is the body? The first exercise is for an upright posture and should be held for one minute. To do this, the legs are placed shoulder width apart. The arms move a little away from the body, the fingers are spread and stretched. Then it goes slightly into the squatting position. The knees must not protrude above the tips of the toes. If the feeling of tipping in the back direction occurs, it is better to reduce the depth of the squat. Next, tighten the abdomen and buttocks and increase the pressure under the feet.… weiterlesen

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