Cheeks & Co: The Pro Face Guide

Three zones are crucial for harmonious proportions in the face. Did you know that the cheeks should always come first in filler treatments?

Focus on the cheeks. Dr. Nadine Peukert, German drmatologist in Münster and expert in beauty treatments with hyaluronic acid-based fillers, explains why she always starts with the cheeks after visually dividing the face into three sections. She says, “It’s about more than just reducing a few wrinkles, but achieving a harmonious overall look.”

The middle face: up with the cheeks

“I always recommend looking at the cheek area first,” says Dr. Peukert. This is also made clear by the changing beauty trends: from Kardashian contouring to the “cold girl look” as if fresh from a winter walk – they all have rosy, plump skin and pronounced cheek contours as a highlight on the face.” Why is that? Peukert: “For me, the cheeks are the center of the face, giving it support and structure. In the upper face, they direct the focus to the eye and temple region. In the lower face, they influence the mouth zone as well as the jaw line.”

The cheek area can therefore be seen as the basis of a holistic treatment: In the first step, volume is built up or restored in the cheeks with a filler. For this purpose, the dermatologist uses a filler which is created especially for this area (Juvéderm Voluma). The filler has the necessary lifting power and strength. It does not “melt”, but holds the midface in position when the tissue is reduced by the targeted treatment to raise the special points of the zygomatic arch.

The result: the face can look more defined, the skin smoother and overall fresher. As a nice side effect, the nasolabial fold also appears less pronounced due to the tightening. „My patients are always pleasantly surprised at how even a first treatment in the midface can lead to a more harmonious overall facial impression,” says Dr. Peukert.

The lower face: define the jawline

After the cheeks, the doctor’s professional gaze moves to the lower part of the face: “The chin and jaw define the lower end of the face and, in combination with the cheeks, primarily shape its contour,” she explains. She considers a filler treatment in this area to be sensible only if volume is already present in the mid-face or has been built up and the area has been lifted as a result.

The chin and jaw area can be specifically sculpted and contoured with a filler treatment if a suitable material is used (e.g. Allergan). A jawline treatment can achieve a clear demarcation between the chin, jaw and neck and thus model an improved facial angle. The entire face appears more defined. The result is quickly visible and can last up to 18 months.

The upper face: an open look

In the last step, the expert focuses on the upper face in a holistic treatment: “Temples and outer eye area act as an optical frame. The upper face is crucial for how alert and open our gaze appears,” Peukert knows. However, with increasing age, the eye and temple area changes. It can sag and give a tired, sad impression.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can create a “lifting effect.” Peukert: “If filler material is injected at the temples, the face can take on a fuller shape in the forehead area.” This can also slightly lift the outer corners of the eyes and the end of the brows. The gaze can open up, the facial expression looks more alert.

Are wrinkles and dark circles around and under the eyes a nuisance? Special fillers can be used to reduce deep wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes or treat the under eye area. Dr. Peukert says, “In the process, I plump up the tear line while also being able to soften fine lines and reduce the grayish cast of blood vessels.”

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